Rainbow Six Siege’s Next Patch Reworks its Most Powerful Sniper

Rainbow Six Siege’s
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

As Rainbow Six Siege starts its change from the burnt skies of Australia to Operation Phantom Sight, Ubisoft has shared its most recent Designer Notes for device revamps coming sooner rather than later. Most prominently, Glaz’s powerful thermal scope will before long be modified to nerf his entrance fragging power.

Rainbow Six Siege’s


Glaz will recently have to stand totally still to benefit from his thermal scope that features enemies through the smoke. Moving his feet will dynamically diminish the splendid yellow highlight until it kills totally, represented by the yellow scores on the side of the scope in the gif below.

Rainbow Six Siege’s

Ubi at first designed Glaz as a long-range sniper, however, quickly discovered that he was rarely used these lines by players. To energize this, they included the thermal scope, yet this just made the problem worse. The scope “made Glaz disappointing to play against and turned into a very strong close-range operator,” Ubi wrote today.

Deployable Shields

Ubi still isn’t prepared to send the new deployable shield design appeared at the Year 4 reveal, yet it did share an intriguing update to the new structure. The black mirror cuts shown back in February have been changed to be normal bulletproof glass. The expectation is to give defenders a superior reason to use the deployable shield by permitting safe vision through it. The catch is that the assailant on the opposite side can see through it also.

Rainbow Six Siege’s

The two-way glass feels like a sensible compromise. Whatever left as a single way, it would act as a mini Mira window and give the safeguard way too enormous of an advantage. presently, it’ll take sharp timing for a protector to peek up from a shield while an enemy can see them through it. No word on a discharge date, yet Ubi said the new deployable shield will convey “when they are ready.”

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Other changes

  • The Desert Eagle can now be able to furnish with a muzzle brake or a suppressor. This is by all counts in preparation for new assailant Nøkk, who is seen using the Desert Eagle in her reveal.
  • Smoke’s FMG-9 has now the choice to be equipped with Mozzie’s special holographic sight, clearly called the Vortex scope.
  • Out of consistency, Finka’s stim lift will ease the loud ringing noise brought about by explosions.
  • Ubi is as yet investigating into Maverick’s blow torch and whether it’s excessively quiet or its audio is bugged.

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