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Rayman Legends
Written by Kamran Haider

Rayman Legends is one of the best platforms we have received in many years, there is no doubt about that. The passage of time also shows that the years go by very well, in this case with an edition for Nintendo Switch that makes it shine again.

The arrival of Rayman Legends on Nintendo Switch is good news, even though its novelties are minor. The videogame proved its extraordinary value three years ago with an exemplary platform, loaded with levels, a lot of variety, exquisite control, countless secrets, and a really hypnotic artistic section.

Rayman Legends: The Definitive Edition does not mean an important contribution to the game that appeared in 2013, but it does deserve the name of “definitive” because it means the best platform to enjoy the game. It is possible to combine touch functionality with the traditional operation, but it is also that the 6.2-inch screen in portable mode is large enough to allow you to contemplate the wonderful graphics in all their splendor.

Obviously, it is not launched for those who will try it on another console, but it does mean a great opportunity for new users. Moreover, we dare to say that it is a must if you like the gender of the platforms. Within this discipline, fill in an important gap, based on playability that gives a minimum of 10-15 hours of play. Perhaps Ubisoft Montpellier could have taken the opportunity to perform a revitalization work, with more options, but we cannot complain about the result, because as an adaptation it is sensational.

Plataformera legend

At the time of its appearance, we said about Rayman Legends that it was the best work of designer Michel Anceland his team in many years. We value the fact that it meant a continuation focused on improving aspects such as duration and difficulty. With respect to Rayman Origins, the title added a better platform, with musical stages and very imaginative final bosses. The scores were around 90 in Metacritic, and sales – although shy at the beginning – currently exceed 3 million units.

Given the circumstances, it was obvious that Ubisoft’s intention would be to bet on this new machine. Not for mere commercial interest, but because the artistic and playable style fits the Nintendo philosophy perfectly. In addition, what we see is not an adaptation made in any way, but is perfectly controlled, whether we use the Switch Pro Controller or the Joy-Con in portable mode. We did the test of returning to the PS4 / One version and we even noticed a better response in the console of the Great N.Plataformera legend

It is especially suitable for users who have not yet tried the original game.

In short, it is an absolute joy to play Rayman Legends on Nintendo Switch, either through the TV (1080p) or in portable mode (720p). In both cases, it is still spectacular, but what is most surprising is to see it directly on the console screen. We have highlighted it on occasion, but it should be remembered that Switch perfectly handles the color and contrast theme. Since we are faced with such an extremely beautiful video game, the magnification of the result is tremendous.

What we don’t like so much is that the news is minimal. They are limited to a couple of options. The first is that thanks to the touch screen and gyros, the gameplay is fully integrated so that it is the richest experience of all. The second is that the modality of soccer pachanga (Kung Soccer) adds the option of organizing tournaments.

But everything else was already. It is not something that spoils everything, because the contents are of great quality, although it is true that there is a lack of news. But what has been said … The main adventure is long and varied. We still have a selection of levels from the previous title (“Back to Origins” mode) which is great. Then there are the daily online challenges, which will make you crazy with users from all over the world. And of course, we have collectibles and the incentive of completing the levels with all the trophies. There is a game for a while, especially if you want to complete it one hundred percent.

For all this, Rayman Legends Definitive Edition is certainly the final edition, although it must be said that for the minimum. That is why we insist that it is especially suitable for Nintendo Switch users who have not yet tried the original video game. For them, it is the best option, especially if they are lovers of the Plataformero genre.

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The news is not that Rayman Legends is the definitive edition since it contributes rather little with respect to previous versions of the game. Rather, the important thing is that it comes to Nintendo Switch to the delight of those who have not yet played it. For them, this is a “must-have” platform that we can strongly recommend. Long, challenging, funny, varied … And now with the possibility of playing it both on the screen of the room and on a trip by public transport. If you didn’t have it, it’s the best option.

  • Arrival to Nintendo Switch of a talented, beautiful and quality platform
  • Excellent audiovisual result in both TV mode and portable mode
  • Great command response and excellent integration of Switch controls
  • The new elements are scarce and quite inconsequential.

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