Redeemer analysis: Enhanced Edition, brutal uncontrolled action full of gore

Written by Kamran Haider

After appearing on PC a while ago, Redeemer’s unmeasured action returns both to that format (via Steam) and to current consoles with an improved version for the occasion. Redeemer analysis: Enhanced Edition.

I love B series productions in general, both in everything related to movies and series of all kinds, as well as those that take place in the world of video games. And it is that without a doubt this video game of Sobaka and Ravenscourt, Redeemer: Enhanced Edition, can be perfectly cataloged as a manual series B title, with all that that entails. A title in which the action occupies a preferential (and almost unique) place and invites us to distribute bast without rest.

The excuse that developers have sought for us to perform this task is not that it is the most original in the world. A mercenary named Vasily is betrayed by the organization he worked for … which is dedicated to cyber weapons trafficking. After trying to “recruit” that character to become one of his humanoid soldiers, Vasily escapes the organization and is held in a well-hidden monastery. But after 20 years of peace and tranquility, his past knocks on his door, but this time he will not flee: he will seek revenge once and for all.

This narrative, which could well be part of a film by Jean-Claude Van Damme or, better yet, by Steven Seagal, is not the most absorbing in the world. I don’t even think so. It is simply an excuse to take your fists for a walk during the approximately six hours that this ode lasts to fights and action without regard.

A total festival of wild fights and gore

Redeemer goes straight to the point and does not hide his purpose at any time. First, we must end everything that moves on the screen and, when we are reaching the end of the game, we see that the thing has not changed one iota. Repetitive? Yes. Little original? As well. But it is one of those “honest” titles that show their letters from the first second so you don’t get any surprise. It’s not that it’s a great quality, but let’s say it’s not a “deceptive” game.

From a zenith perspective chopped up to the Devil, we can move forward through very linear design levels in which we have to end up with anyone who crosses our path. At first, the adversaries are human (or augmented human), but later the roster of rivals grows until they have to crush the inevitable zombies. But may the reference is just given to you, Diablo, not mislead you. We are not facing an RPG-style adventure of that nature, but rather a work that has more elements in common with more or less recent titles such as Hotline Miami or, even (and saving the distances), beat’em ups of classic cut type Double Dragon or Final Fight.wild fights

It is one of those games that let you see their cards from the first second so you don’t get any surprise.

The development is quite simple to explain, although it has more grace than it seems. To eliminate the opponents we can use the fists and legs as well as wield a wide range of weapons, some of them new for this Enhanced Edition of Redeemer. In total there are more than 50, from giant rocks to knives or shotguns, being able to equip only one of them at a time and squeeze it until it breaks or we run out of ammunition.

The fighting is well profiled and without being dazzling under any circumstances, they are entertaining. In addition, the combat system rewards the executions (in the purest Doom-style, the most recent), quite bloody by the way, since in this way we recover life for our character. But it is also possible to disarm the adversaries and even act in stealth to end them in a much simpler and more subtle way. And I warn you that from the second half of the game onwards, any opponent that we can get rid of without suffering is worth it because the level of difficulty rises like the foam from that moment.

To add a little more grace to the matter we can also improve the skills of the protagonist through a skill tree, very simple though, which allows us to learn new movements as well as improve our performance with weapons, with throwing objects that we are collecting from the sets, etc. Something more in-depth in this aspect would have been really good for the title but, I insist, it is one of those action games and combats that go straight to the point.

Little more offers us this production in the playable matter. The game formula entertains a lot while it lasts, about six hours or something else as I have told you before, but as the different episodes happen the shadow of the monotony begins to get bigger and bigger. If the linear and basic titles in your concept do not scare you and you enjoy them, surely Redeemer: Enhanced Edition will not disappoint you if you know what we are talking about: it is a medium-low profile title (and budget), with all that entails But if you expect something more from a game beyond having to move forward and end every being that arises in front of you, the best thing is that you look the other way because you are certainly not going to find it here.

Nor do I want to leave in the pipeline two modalities that add more life and additional hours of play to the basic proposal. One is the local cooperative mode (not online), being able to overcome the whole Campaign with a friend, the most recommended option to express the potential of this title. And then there is the Arena mode, an option that is necessary to unlock previously (it is enabled during the first hour or so to enter the main mode) and that invites us to dispatch hordes of enemies without stopping.

As for its technical section, the game uses Unreal Engine 4 … but do not expect to find a super production. The scenes and the modeling of the characters comply, and it is also possible to observe more or less decent lighting effects. But everything else is rather functional, from the animations of the characters to the quality of the textures. It is a graphically passable title, without more.

The sound follows a similar pattern, highlighting the correct dubbing in English (with texts in Spanish) and the varied effects, but the soundtrack goes more unnoticed than a title of these characteristics should: it lacks much more intensity.

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Fights and piecework in the old school plan are what Redeemer: Enhanced Edition offers us. Its cooperative local mode is its best asset, an option that can be enjoyed a lot, and the game system, in general, has more grace than it seems. In the medium term, it ends up becoming repetitive and lacks global depth, but within what fits it is a fairly decent title within its style and, in addition, its price is much lower than usual.

  • The combat system is well planned
  • Enough possibilities of action to end adversaries
  • The local cooperative mode to doubles is very fun
  • It ends up becoming repetitive in the medium term
  • The main Campaign falls a little short
  • In technical terms, it complies, but it does not stand out at all

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