Redemption has a price. Analysis of Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

Written by Kamran Haider

A hero whose power descends every time he defeats his enemies. This is the original proposal of this challenging action adventure. We are armed with the courage to tell you in Sinner’s analysis: Sacrifice for Redemption if it deserves it or not.

Increasingly weaker, more vulnerable, and they … increasingly stronger, more fearsome. Nothing makes sense! The independent study Dark star Games changes the rules, it makes it difficult!, Presenting a video game in which the passing of the hours, and the combat experience, do not translate into a more powerful and better-prepared hero. Unlike. Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption wants to make you really go bad on your way to redemption and, as its name suggests, asks you to sacrifice something to achieve it. The what? It will depend on each of the seven brutal enemies you must defeat in this action adventure completely focused on these same battles. There is no exploration, no puzzles, no dungeons, no intermediate rivals with which to fight a duel. Only you and seven bosses, plus one final, which is not easy to beat because the price to pay for defeating them is quite high. As much as losing a good portion of health, that the defense goes down alarmingly, like the number of potions, or that your attacks cause less damage and, those of the rivals, are able to break your shield with great ease.

Far from learning new skills or enhancing those already known, Sinner punishes you by taking power with each step you take. It’s as hard as it sounds, and it is because the enemies have no compassion. A couple of punches … and you’re dead. Without half measures or second chances. Sometimes even when you are burdened with sacrifices, a simple blow makes the difference between life and death. But it is precisely this challenge, this way of posing the action, which gives the video game a differentiating aura that sets it apart from other Souls-style titles. Because yes, when you see it and play it, it’s hard not to think about the reputed saga of From Software, with a combat system very much in line with these challenging actions and role adventures. There are blockages, elusive, strong and weak blows, potions, incendiary bombs … and little else, the truth because one of the drawbacks of Sinner is that it obviates any RPG element, leaving you without the option to equip different weapons or enhance one or other attributes of the hero. It is a pity.

Redemption has a price

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption was born from a great idea and the truth is that it is a video game with great potential … sadly unused. Point out ways, at times get excited, but this fleeting joy is a mere mirage. From the outset, the design of the enemies is, mostly, little inspired. They are generic, devoid of the soul and spectacularity that you expect from a video game that focuses all your attention on these same duels, which becomes worse when you realize that their way of fighting is not at all surprising either. Yes, I like that during the fight change their way of proceeding and modify their repertoire of attacks, but it is not enough to give emotion a fight with too many chiaroscuri. In general, it is the tone that defines the game.

I have not felt especially comfortable at the controls of Adam, the young protagonist of the video game; slow and somewhat clumsy at the time of evading the blows of the enemies. In the same way, I feel that the fights are artificially prolonged with a reduced capacity of attack that contrasts with the brutality with which the enemies hit, that can kill you with a simple movement. To be clear. I do not mind the difficulty, it is precisely one of the aspects that most appeal to me in the video game, but it is one that is badly focused; the one that forces you to strike and flee because otherwise, you will run out of energy to dodge the monsters’ counterattack. And so during endless duels that at certain moments can become a real hell when the rivals bring out all their accumulated fury.

I appreciate that each battle feels like a dangerous puzzle in which, either fit the pieces of the puzzle, or you end up dead without remedy. Each enemy is a world, each incarnation of the seven deadly sins will attack you in different ways; sometimes forcing you to use the shield, others to roll on the ground, sometimes even to use the stage to your advantage, and that ability to change the rules in a second gives life to battles that are, in essence, pure strategy .Reflexes and temper

Reflexes and temper, yes, because you have to be skillful with weapons to survive, but also intelligent from the point of view of minimizing the penalties you accumulate over the hours to avoid dying at the first chance. That’s why I used to talk about Sinner as a game of many contrasts. His proposal is interesting, at times exciting, but also frustrating when you see that the hero does not react as he should, or that the impact box is badly adjusted and as a result, some of your attacks remain in nothing, or on the contrary! , those of the rival affect you when they would not have why.

The design of the combat sands moves in the same line. Some are good, others not so much, with scenarios in which references are lacking to control well where you are going since in Sinner it is very easy to fall into an abyss if you do not care. In this sense, I value positively that the scenarios, like the enemies themselves, tell a story with its simple design, without words, but the truth is that the Dark Star Games video game falls short on the plot level. A brief introductory sequence at the beginning of each battle will tell us about the enemy to beat, without going into many more details about the background of the hero and the dark fantasy world in which he finds himself. Once again he promises … but he stays in that, in a mere promise.Sacrifice for Redemption is an attractive video game with potential which has also pleasantly surprised me for the freedom of action it offers

It offers great freedom of action to choose the order in which you face the enemies

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption is an attractive video game, with potential, which has also pleasantly surprised me for the freedom of action it offers when choosing the order in which you duel with the enemies. Very much in line with the Mega Man saga you can choose one or more bosses based on your personal preferences, how you will fight with them, keeping in mind that the passing of the hours will make you more helpless. Does a rival make your life impossible? You can back down, erase some of the sacrifices contracted so far (which implies reviving that enemy), and try your luck with something more health, strength or whatever prevented you from ending it. For things like that, I regret that the project has not finished bringing up all those great ideas that define it.

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A great idea that has not been executed with the expected expertise. Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption is an interesting action game that, in the line of the Souls saga, confronts you with fearful enemies that are not easy to defeat. Its main attraction, which makes it a special title, is that by overcoming these combats your character becomes more and more helpless, reaching the point of having to deal with monsters at a clear disadvantage. With a better combat system and a more original design, its dark history could have been much more attractive.

  • Losing power when leveling up? Original in the approach of his action
  • How challenging of your battles and how it forces you to study each enemy
  • Design of something generic and irregular monsters
  • A control system not as precise as we expected
  • Good ideas but not always well executed


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