Rock of Ages II analysis. Tower Monty Python Defense

Rock of Ages II
Written by Kamran Haider

Lovers of the original and hard-to-catalog proposals can now take a look at the new production of the ACE Team for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. A title that combines several genres with remarkable results, such as Rock of Ages II. Analysis.

About six years ago ACE Team delighted us with a very cool proposal that was called Rock of Ages, a title that made Xbox 360 users enjoy first and, weeks later, also PS3 and PC players. The team that already made itself known many years ago with the most interesting Zeno Clash has wanted to give a second chance to its curious and hilarious saga of … tower defense, skill, maybe strategy? It is a proposal that is difficult to classify but, as soon as you try it, you are immediately seduced by its sympathy and originality.

In the purest Monty Python style, the title presents a very striking aesthetic and a sense of humor that remind us a lot of what this group of comedians of British origin held. The argument is not less, being necessary to recover the globe that Atlas has lost … and to recover it, we must use some giant rocks. An absurd plot that allows us to have contact in the craziest and “forced” ways that can come to mind (with all the intentions of the world) with real and fictional historical figures of all kinds and was, from King Ricardo Lionheart to others like Medusa, Adam and Eve or Van Gogh. Comical surrealism of the best quality.

A narrative madness that is unraveling along with a multitude of levels that make up the Campaign mode, the main one, although the title also presents us with multiplayer modes that I will talk about later. But the first thing is to focus on what the title offers in the playable matter, which is certainly not small and, by no means, traditional.

Super Monkey Ball meets Tower Defense

Do you remember the Sega Super Monkey Ball saga (which, by the way, I start to miss a lot? Well, the gameplay that shapes this Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder combines the fun game mechanics proposed by AiAi and his friends with the best tower defense tradition, and how do you combine this? Does it work? Perfectly, as your predecessor already demonstrated.

The game mechanics follow an invariable pattern that is divided into two different styles that alternate. Our goal is to destroy the fortress or castle of the rival while protecting ours, which is located at the end of a small stage that usually has a peculiar design and somewhat intricate (but not too much). And the way to destroy this fortification is through a giant rock, which we must guide along that path so that it ends up hitting the entrance gate. Gameplay that is a clear nod to the aforementioned Super Monkey Ball series since we have to drive the ball through the entire route avoiding obstacles and traps to try to cause the greatest damage with each impact.Super Monkey Ball

Tower Defense, skill, maybe strategy? It is a game that is difficult to classify.

Towers or catapults are combined with fans, cows, lions and other elements that slow down, hinder or modify the path of giant rocks. A tower defense concept that adapts perfectly to the action and adds a special interest to each game as well as a strategic touch. That is because depending on what we consider appropriate, it is possible to draw up a specific strategy to follow. Do we avoid all possible obstacles and try to reduce the resistance of the rival castle or do we try to destroy all we can so that in the subsequent turns we find less resistance? How and where do we place each trap? No doubt the tactic has a lot of weight in this game, which seems to be a success.

In addition to this and to add even more fun and possibilities to the matter, we don’t always have to use the same type of rock. As we progress it is possible to acquire new rolling boulders, all of them equipped with some special features such as jumping, having a greater than normal weight, etc. Another way to add more grace to a very engaging game mechanic already in itself and, we repeat, tremendously original if you have not played the first part.

Campaign mode, which by the way is also suitable for one or two players, is seasoned by other complementary multiplayer modalities that are also striking. The first is War Game, which allows us to face another opponent at home or 2 against 2 online. Then there is Obstacle Course, a really attractive modality that allows us to settle our differences in unbridled rolling races. The Challenges of Time invites us to overcome the records shown in the leaderboard for each level and, not least, to join this strong customization options, being able to paint and provide our rocks with really ridiculous aspects as well as choose the flag of our army and other options.

A fairly complete offer that results in a title as different as appealing and well done and that includes its graphic section. It is not that it is the game that more and better squeezes the Unreal Engine 4, for nothing, but it certainly represents an obvious leap in quality in relation to what is shown by the first part of this title. And as for the effects, the dialogues in English (with Spanish subtitles) monopolize a part of the prominence, although the soundtrack is also notable and the effects shine during each game.

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It may not be a title suitable for everyone because of its approach, but no doubt the fun is more than assured in every corner that hides this great ACE Team title. A game where the skill joins the strategy and tower defense style so fashionable nowadays to offer us an absorbing game scheme. And all under the protection of a unique visual section and a sensational sense of humor.

  • Absorbent game system, very fun
  • Great sense of humor and very particular aesthetic
  • Diversity of game modes
  • The customization options are quite striking
  • With the passage of time loses some freshness
  • Small polishing problems

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