Rocket League’s Current Competitive Season will end in August

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You have barely a month to win those Grand Champ rewards—or dream of doing that—before Rocket League’s current competitive season ends on August 27. On that day, we’ll get an update and season 12 will start.

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Furthermore, “the gap between Rocket Pass 2 and Rocket Pass 3 was excessively long,” composed Psyonix in its new guide, so Rocket Pass 3 is being stretched out to the finish of this season. There won’t be any new difficulties, however you can continue opening those question marks until the beginning of Rocket Pass 4, which will match with the beginning of the new focused season on August 27.

There’s no other big news in the present update, only a couple of notes and updates. High unique range sound is coming, the guaranteed (and truly necessary) improved stock administration apparatuses should be done before the year’s end, “computerized, booked competitions” will be presented as a major aspect of a move up to the competitions system, and the Haunted Hallows occasion is returning this fall.

We’re likewise informed that in the following Rocket Pass, week by week difficulties won’t terminate. New difficulties will be included each week, however you’ll have until the finish of the go to finish them.

One cute update is that two details are being added to every single game mode: high-five and low-five. You’ll record a high-five by slamming into a partner mid-air in the wake of scoring, and a low-five by doing likewise while on the ground. Bands is additionally getting a wash detail for objectives that don’t contact the edge. Probably those will accompany the season 12 update, however no course of events was given.

Psyonix likewise indicated that we can get a sneak look at Rocket Pass 4’s included vehicle by scouring the Radical Summer trailer above. Much obliged to you to a couple YouTube analysts who called attention to that, at 21 seconds into the video, the butt of a vehicle is obvious. It’s not a lot of a bother, however it’s there on the off chance that you need a look.

The first Rocket League guide post and the first form of this article expressed that season 12 would begin August 28, however it will really begin August 27.


  • New Stats

Two new details are being added to every single game mode: “High Five” and “Low Five.” Pull off a High Five by hitting your colleague in midair in the wake of scoring. Low Five is something very similar, yet on field level. Also, Hoops is getting its own new detail called “Wash.” As the name recommends, Swish is accomplished by scoring without the ball contacting the edge.

  • Return of Haunted Hallows

We’re in the arranging phases of our third portion of Haunted Hallows, which is coming this fall. We realize that following Radical Summer is something special, yet we’re concocting some mischievous new substance!

  • New and improved tournaments

One of the objectives in 2019 is to patch up Rocket League’s Tournament framework. Consider it Tournaments 2.0. This would incorporate having robotized, booked competitions in-game that players could join. Pay special mind to more data on the patched up Tournaments system in future.

  • Regarding the last Roadmap

Content that was discussed in May’s Roadmap incorporating the Party-Up System, Inventory Management, and quality-of-life improvements to the player-to-player exchanging system are still being development. The goal is to reveal this functionality later in 2019.

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