Sea of Thieves is Being Made into a Tabletop RPG With a Sweet Boxed Release

Sea of Thieves
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Sea of Thieves is a blast—enough to make me endure the awful Xbox app on Windows 10, which should disclose to you something—and soon it will make the move from the advanced world to the physical one in the Sea of Thieves Roleplaying Game being created by Mongoose Publishing.

Sea of Thieves

The portrayal on the Mongoose website will no uncertainty sound exceptionally well-known to Sea of Thieves veterans: Players will “race different pirates to buried treasure, battle Skeleton Captains on tropical islands, handle Voyages for the Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls and Merchant Alliance, and bold Megalodons and Krakens as they ascend from the depths to thwart your enterprises. The guidelines are designed for speedy, vivid roleplaying that favors action, critical thinking and more all, fun!” it says.

“Cracking open the crate set, you will be playing in minutes with a voyage intended to show both Gamesmaster and new pirates the guidelines as they enter the Sea of Thieves out of blue and encounter the difficulties to be found there. Once this voyage is finished, the pirates will have their very own ship and be allowed to set sail and find new adventures.”

That is really a pretty spot-on description for the Sea of Thieves videogame, which swears off complex simulations and mechanics for promptly available action: Grab a quest, get on your boat, hit the high oceans, and wait for something to go astoundingly sideways. (since it will.) It works on the web, and it’s a keen way to take for the tabletop.

A digital version of the RPG is accessible in PDF format for £30 ($38) however, for my money, the £60 ($76) box set is the place it’s at. That gets you:

  • Book of Pirates: Your introduction to the Sea of Thieves, with a total Voyage that will teach you all that you need to know about pirates.
  • Lore of the Sea: A pleasant weighty tome that shows Gamesmasters the best wat to run games and create Voyages, and what fortunes and terrors anticipate pirates on the Sea of Thieves.
  • Book of Voyages: A total campaign for the Sea of Thieves that will have pirates questing for the Ashen Jewels
  • The Sea of Thieves Poster Map: A giant guide of the Sea of Thieves demonstrating every island in the game.
  • Pirate Ledgers: Six cards that show what your pirate is carrying and that they are so near becoming a Pirate Legend.
  • Legendary Dice: Eighteen Legendary Dice that will stamp you out as a Pirate Legend or scurvy hugger!
  • Supply Tokens, Weapons Cards, and Quest Cards: Everything a pirate needs to cruise a ship, fight enemies, and bring back enormous hauls of treasure!
  • Lord Guardian Sails: The box set version contains a selective download code that will open the sails of a would-be pirate king in the Sea of the Thieves video game.

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It’s not clear whether the Lord Guardian sails are just for preorders of the boxed release or if they’re incorporated with the PDF version too: The website demonstrates it’s for the physical version, however, this tweet just says “the game.” I’ve reached out to ask and will update when I get an answer. Meantime, look at certain images of the box set down below.

And the Lord Guardian sales for preordering:

Lord Guardian

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