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Secret World Legend
Written by Kamran Haider

Deserved second chance for one of the most unique MMORPG in recent years. The Secret World returns to action, this time as free-to-play so that online role fans who had no chance to enjoy it no longer have excuses! With a great mission design, spectacular in the plot and with many game possibilities, in The Secret World Legends analysis we tell you about all its novelties.

He received great compliments; for its great staging and imposing narrative, yes, but also for its originality, for its gloomy atmosphere, mission design or the great freedom of action it offered when facing its challenges. And yet The Secret World did not taste the honey of success. There he stayed, five years ago, with a small but faithful group of fans without attracting the attention of the general public. It was his downfall … but not his end, as the authors of Age of Conan and The Longest Journey have decided to breathe renewed air into this ambitious MMORPG not only betting on the free-to-play business model, but also changing some of the most important game mechanics of the play, with the firm purpose of giving a second chance to a unique online role-playing adventure at many levels.

“This is our best, our best play, and greatest effort, to ensure that the Secret World universe can live and, hopefully, become even bigger and better than it was,” said the head of Funcom, and it is certainly difficult not to get carried away by optimism. There are over a hundred hours of adventures to discover in this video game, all of them available without paying a cent! We have the original content base plus its expansions, and the best thing is that the authors of the successful Conan Exiles do not settle for just that. The intention is to expand the game with new stories, areas to visit, more battlefields to fight in and, ultimately, more adventures endowed with a dark plot background. It was what made the original so special and nothing changes five years later; This is still a unique video game, with a great personality, which catches with the force of its history and fantastic staging. Didn’t you know him? You no longer have excuses. Secret World Legends has arrived not to leave in a long time.

A world of darkness

Imagine a nightmare world ruled from the shadows by three secret societies, the Illuminati , Dragons and Templars , who have joined forces temporarily to face the worst possible threat: an army of monstrous creatures rising from some of the horror stories that have plagued us the most over the centuries, with special predominance of HP Lovecraft, the famous writer of Providence, from whom much material related to his cosmic horrors has been taken advantage of. And it’s great! Because once you enter the world of Secret World you don’t want to leave it in any way. Zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mummies … nothing is missing in this dark universe that leads us to fight, alone or in the company of other players, in a variety of locations set in the present time. One of the distinctive features of the game compared to other MMOs. It’s not the only one.

In its day the design of missions of The Secret World was surprising and it continues to be five years later, due to the strong narrative load that precedes most of these, but especially, for the so-called research missions , which will take us to make real crazy things such as following clues through the Internet, deciphering manuscripts translating them from Arabic to Hebrew, or finding the coordinates of an objective thanks to a message in morse to cite just a few of these. Without clues or information on what to do and where to go, Funcom is committed to the ARG concept(Alternate Reality Game), taking the action of your game out of the computer screens. It is a fun and intelligent as it sounds, and it is really exciting to solve some of these tasks, as they are absolutely great. Not everything is like that in Secret World Legends, because there are also quite typical secondary tasks that detract from the final set. The more it resembles a traditional graphic adventure, a role-playing game of a lifetime, the Funcom game reaches an amazing level of excellence, but its MMO facet is not always up to of darkness

Surprised by the quality of its narrative and great atmosphere

For a greater number of fans to enjoy the experience, the authors of the Age of Conan have chosen to simplify some of the capital aspects of the original, such as its curious system of skill progression, which now presents a more traditional style. At the beginning of the game, you choose a predetermined class, with its specific weapons and its unique characteristics, and then, to your liking, you customize it by taking skills from other fields to create a hero that suits your style. There is still a lot of freedom, as in the original, although it is now easier to balance your power and find perfect combinations to battle enemies. Even sometimes it is difficult to understand the synergies between the skills a bit, but the good work of Funcom is noticed when simplifying the experience without losing all the depth that the original treasured. It’s not the only change. Also, the combat system has undergone a profound renovation, with a clear commitment to dynamism.

Forget about setting targets and launching attacks cyclically. In Legends you can’t stand still for a second; you must avoid the enemy’s rush, but also take into account the particularities of your weapons and magical skills to get the most out of them. Funcom has endowed each character class with different game mechanics so that fighting, whether with shotguns, swords, spells or machine guns, is a completely different experience. By using magic, for example, we can increase the power of spells by overheating our body but, of course, without going over, because then we will suffer the consequences. Other skills, by accumulating energy, unleash the magic of the chaos around us, enhancing the abilities of the allies or diminishing the power of the enemies. As we can also combine two different skill sets, the combat possibilities are quite high, although battles are not always as exciting and fun as you might expect. It is noted that in some aspects this review of Secret World is anchored to the past, and some attraction remains.

If at any time we get tired of always using the same fighting style, we can use the game currency to buy new skill sets and reconfigure the hero, which is great for adapting again and again to changing game situations. How far can you enjoy Secret World: Legendswithout paying a single cent? Funcom has done its homework well leaving only cosmetic elements, and the typical items to progress faster, as the only resource to buy with real money. The rest of the contents of the videogame can be acquired while enjoying the action, without burdens or barriers, this time with a progression of the more traditional hero, since the skill levels, 50, for both the protagonist and the enemies have also been introduced. A clear and direct way to show how prepared you are to face the challenges of the game.

It is noted that in some aspects this review of Secret World is anchored to the past.

What I liked least is the distribution of loot and its own operation. Unlike the original, in Legends chests rarely fall with equipment for our characters: talismans, weapons, amulets … they are still here, but now you receive a kind of boosts that serve to improve the team, being able to combine weapons and others to enhance their attributes. I like the idea, but I prefer a more traditional system, the original one, with a constant and direct update of your equipment. What about the blessed loot chests? At the end of some of the bosses located in the dungeons for groups appear chests that can only be opened with one of the ten keys that are offered to the players on a daily basis; Do you think that is not enough? Using the game’s own currency, the Favor Marks, you can get more keys. And the real money? This gives access to gold bullion, with which to buy aesthetic objects, unlock new disciplines, extra character slots, etc. The interesting thing is that in the market that has been established within the game itself, you can exchange the game’s own currency for this bullion.

It is not so good that the Kabbalahs , the guilds of players, are an exclusive option of those who pay a subscription, with which they also receive other benefits such as free teleportation, experience bonus, or special keys to use in the dimension of Agartha, which is the path we must take to visit the different regions that shape this role-playing adventure. A video game that shows the years in the visual, despite the improvements that Funcom has implemented in its graphics engine. The facial animations and the movements of the characters are now more colorful than before but do not expect to be surprised by the colorful graphics and the spectacular special effects. The design of enemies, scenarios, combat skills … there is a lot of quality in this work by the Age of Conan authors, and that is something that does not change over the years that pass. The big question now is to discover how the project evolves; what new content it offers, how exciting are the new adventures in which we embark, and the capacity of those responsible for always keeping the player community active. In their day they recognized that the final stretch of the game was not up to par; Now it remains to be seen if they manage to refine the entire part of Tokyo and expand, from there, the experience.

Too bad that, like the original, Secret World Legends has been released without translation into Spanish, because those who do not perform well with English are going to lose the main attraction of the game, which is its great argument. Even so, and despite the years, this still works worth trying. More now that you can do it for free.

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He deserved a second chance and Funcom has managed to give it to him. Secret World Legends is a unique MMORPG, with a great personality, that surprises with the quality of its narrative and great atmosphere. Its renewed combat system, although not perfect, makes battles feel more dynamic and exciting, while the new way of developing our hero’s skills, with a more traditional approach, makes it easier for new users to enter the experience. You can see the years, visually and in some of his game mechanics, but he also continues to be surprised by the design of his missions and the epic of some of his great battles.

  • Spectacular narrative and great staging
  • Well adapted to the free-to-play model, without abusing micropayments
  • It is a friendlier game but does not lose its depth or freedom of action
  • Loot sharing and limiting missions you can accumulate
  • Some game mechanics are noticed over the years

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