Shakedown analysis: Hawaii, madness and debauchery in a 16 bit version of Hawaii … and GTA!

Written by Kamran Haider

VBlank (that is, Brian Provinciano basically) returns with more desmadre sandbox, emotion and excessive fun in one of the most anticipated independent proposals of the entire season. Shakedown analysis: Hawaii.

Those that we enjoyed with Retro City Rampage (in any of the thousand versions that appeared), we really discovered one of the wildest, absorbing and frenetic indies proposals of the last times. A title that created school and that, after many years of waiting, finally landed the desired spiritual sequel to such production. Shakedown: Hawaii is the return of the most irresistible and crazy 2D sandbox action of the independent scene, a game that stands out above all for its more estimable quality: the fun that comes from the first minute of play. A production destined to all the current formats (including PS Vita and, of course, also Nintendo 3DS) … except for Xbox One for reasons that you can read in this news.

There are three main protagonists of this work, although the most important of all and the one I liked the most is a somewhat chary CEO and come unless he has numerous businesses in Hawaii but, unfortunately, has become obsolete. Video clubs and other commercial activities anchored to the past have ended up bowing to the arrival of new times and modern technology, so it has no choice but to face this situation. And how do you intend to reverse all this? Well, doing all kinds of skullduggery and other illegal actions, and that includes extorting the owners of the stores to requalify land to build houses and other constructions.

As I’ve told you, this old curmudgeon is not the only character we can control, since next to him is his own son, a failed punk who gets into a kind of band to go pulling and get fast money and, on the other hand, a kind of easy trigger freelance specialized in “solving” problems.

Follow closely the established in Retro City Rampage, but improving the formula

Precisely in this point, the trio of protagonists, is where I find one of the few buts that can be put to this production together with the lack of translation of the texts into our language(although this last defect seems to be corrected within a time) and, also, the presence of some bugs nothing serious or numerous. Unfortunately and despite the fact that they all have their own background and personal situations, almost none of these characters have been studied in depth, except for the “principal”, the aforementioned boss. Without also giving the feeling of being “sticky”, the other two types do not finish completely, although it is true that the missions that must materialize both are just as entertaining as the rest.Shakedown Hawaii freedom 2D sandbox

Shakedown Hawaii, freedom 2D sandbox

The proposal held by this work follows closely what was established in the already mentioned Retro City Rampage, although the formula has been perfected (so to speak) slightly and, in addition, certain adjustments and improvements have been made.

So, from the outset, the size of the map is about three times longer than that enjoyed in the original work, a city that also enjoys a lot of life. As soon as we notice the funds, it is possible to see a lot of tourists taking selfies and taking pictures of the scenarios, criminals wandering around certain neighborhoods, beats at the ready, cars and vans running constantly from one point to another in the city …

But the most important of all is that this location hosts more than 125 main missions that we can carry out, objectives that are also entrusted to us on the fly without the greatest “suspicion” and without having to act as messengers or “swallow” talks kilometer less insipid that, many times, end up tiring the player. If there is something that, as happens to many other users, I do not support certain sandboxes it is precisely the “stuffing”, that is, the fact of unnecessarily prolonging the main campaign of a title of this style, something that does not It happens in Shakedown Hawaii. Quite the opposite, the pace at which the game runs is fast-paced, very dynamic, and only if we wish we can carry out many other secondary tasks that are also within our reach, such as participating in frantic Arcade missions (which can be enjoyed later from the main menu), participate in various minigames … or perform shakedowns.blackmail or extortion

The blackmail or extortion that gives the name to this adventure gives a lot of play, being able to enter and frighten hundreds of poor victims who will have no choice but to accept our conditions … even for the bad! And as we do, we can also take control of the city opening and running all kinds of premises, from garages to coffee shops and real estate businesses that, as a whole, are reporting fresh money that we can use and invest in other businesses. A simple formula in its conception but that I can guarantee that it gives an incredible wealth to the development … if we so wish, I reiterate, something that should happen in any sandbox.

But this great video game led by Brian Provincianohas many more features and game elements, such as the ability to drive a large number of vehicles … among which are motorboats. Similarly, we can take a truly impressive arsenal, from rifles to flamethrowers or rifles, weapons that we can use to get through the multiple shootings and moments of action proposed by this adventure. And as if that were not enough and despite this time I have found much fewer references to other games, movies and other similar productions that integrated into Retro City Rampage, the fine sense of humor is still present as well as certain winks to classics of our industry and that linked to the cinema in general.This great torrent of GTA entertainment but in 2D has been accompanied by a graphic work that, personally

His soundtrack chiptune plan is wonderful

This great torrent of GTA entertainment but in 2D has been accompanied by a graphic work that, personally, I loved. If the previous production of VBlank stood out for having an aspect of clear reminiscences 8 biters really estimable, this time the studio opted for 16-bit aesthetics. And it is fair to say that they have reached some very remarkable levels of quality and detail, highlighting the animations of the characters as well as the design of all scenarios, being possible to enter most of the houses and venues that meet in the city, something that can not boast the vast majority of the titles of its same category.this graphic proposal is really magnificent the sound section is not going to lag behind

And if this graphic proposal is really magnificent, the sound section is not going to lag behind. Matt Creamer(who has already proved his worth in Retro City Rampage and who recently delighted us with a fantastic work in the entertaining 2D Venture Kid platforms ) has developed a soundtrack in wonderful chiptune plan, which gives us several themes of those that do not You can stop humming when you disconnect the console. The sound effects sound a bit more “cut-and-roll”, more 8 than 16 bit in my opinion, but they do not detract either.

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If Retro City Rampage is a very remarkable title, this spiritual continuation improves in all this work of VBlank. Its style of 16-bit style is excellent, the soundtrack cannot be better, the game dynamics is incredibly addictive and direct and the amount of content it offers is impressive. Yes, the protagonist trio has been somewhat wasted and, more importantly, the title presents certain bugs somewhat annoying but not at all dissuasive (and that surely will be corrected gradually). But, leaving this aside, Shakedown Hawaii is one of the best indie games of the season: it’s fun concentrated in a few megabytes.

  • It is a very dynamic game and goes to the point: zero paddings, very short loading times …
  • A lot of content and very entertaining missions to carry out
  • The aesthetics in the purest style 16 bit is very successful
  • It is a very enjoyable and highly redeemable title
  • The three different characters is a feature somewhat wasted
  • Although it is not small, the mapping sometimes remains somewhat limited

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