Shenmue 3 is a 1-Year Epic Exclusive, Developer ‘Looking into’ Community Feedback

Shenmue 3
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Regarding the first statement on backer refunds, Deep Silver reached out to state this. “Deep Silver joined the venture long after the Kickstarter was set up and in this way isn’t in a situation to remark on the actions as we are most certainly not engaged with that side of the task.

Shenmue 3

For clearness, we’ve revised the headline and the first statement beneath. At this point, no exchange about backer refunds is occurring. Developer Ys Net is intently monitoring Kickstarter feedback. PR has connected with include that “All inquiries regarding the Kickstarter campaign should be coordinated to”

Shenmue 3 will be restrictive to the Epic Games Store on PC, upsetting some Kickstarter supporters who expected to make the showing on Steam. In a meeting today with Ys Net’s Yu Suzuki and publisher Deep Silver, we got some information about the decision to make the game an Epic exclusive, and for clearness on whether supporters would probably get Steam keys or receive refunds.

Ys Net said that cooperating with Epic was a joint choice with Deep Silver, and the developer included that “the game is made in Unreal Engine 4, and Epic has been giving incredible support. So we simply made a decision together to state that this is the best PC platform to be on.”

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We asked whether Kickstarter supporters would still have the option to get a Steam key at launch.

“What we can say, basically, is that in a year’s time, it might be accessible on another platform, yet it’s going to be with Epic for a year,” a Deep Silver PR rep let us know. “This is going to help with the development of Shenmue and guarantee it’s going to be the best Shenmue in over 10 years.”

When we asked about supporters refunds, a representative said, “I know currently they’re listening to what the Kickstarter community is saying and investigating it. They hear what people are stating, and they’re looking into it.”

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