Shooting in the Far West. Analysis of Call of Juarez: Gunslinger on Nintendo Switch

Written by Kamran Haider

Another great classic action game that suits Nintendo Switch. How has time passed? In the analysis of Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, you will see that their shootings in the wild west continue to be as fun as we remembered.

I am one of those who once missed the opportunity to play Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, so its recent premiere on Nintendo Switch has allowed me to enjoy this frantic first-person shooter set in the [b] wild west. How have the years gone by? Originally released on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2013, even today it is easy to have fun with the intense shootings proposed by this game developed by the authors of Dying Light thanks to its exciting pace of action [/ b], which does not decay for a moment. You run, shoot, kill and move on, again and again; hour after hour slaughtering outlaws and anyone who crosses your path without having a second of respite. It is a very arcade experience, of which with little they entertain a world; and it is something that helps to get fully into the action of this Call of Juarez even after so many years since its original premiere.

The Techland team is not complicated in the least when it comes to raising Gunslinger’s action. Opened fire on everyone who is put forward, there is no more! but it is precisely this commitment to action without complications that can put up so well over the years. There are not many tactics or combat strategies, it is true, because, in the end, everything revolves around shooting, firing and firing, whether using medium distance guns, shotguns for face-to-face combat or a rifle if your thing is to kill Without seeing your face. What do you have then to be so fun? His arcade soul, which will take you to participate in exciting shootings looking for impossible combos in order to get the best score at the end of the level. Killing an enemy with a shot in the head just when he was trying to flee is just one of the many options you have when it comes to scoring higher, and it is a great excuse to repeat the game over and over again.

An adaptation without great news

Neither remastering nor new content. This is the first thing you should keep in mind if you consider buying Call of Juarez: Gunslinger on Nintendo Switch. The Techland team has simply adapted its shooting game taking advantage of some of the most striking features of the hybrid console, such as the Joy-Con movement control system, without introducing new features that can attract the attention of those who their day they already enjoyed the game on other platforms. Does this mean that it is not for you? It depends, of course, because perhaps the option of taking Gunslinger wherever you go thanks to the portable mode of the console is an excuse more than enough to return to its far west.adaptation

His action is frantic at best,

as I was telling you, his action is frantic at the most, so it was very important that the game worked smoothly on Nintendo Switch. And it does. It has opted for about 30fps that except for specific moments, remain solid as a rock. In general, the graphic section of this Call of Juarez retains intact its original charm thanks to Techland’s commitment to a cell shading style that looks frankly after all these years, and which stands out above all for the variety of scenarios that the game proposes to us to explore. Some textures feel poorly detailed, yes, but the truth is that it is the most striking result of engaging in a brutal shooting in the middle of the desert.

Sometimes you can suffer more from the account to detect and point to objects in the distance, and you will even find yourself in situations where distant enemies seem more part of the stage than targets to be struck down. This can generate some frustrating moment but Call of Juarez: Gunslinger overcomes it thanks to its attractive way of telling the story because the narrative has direct effects on the action itself. Go ahead that the argument is not especially interesting, it is a mere excuse to kill! but as he does not take himself seriously … it is not something that bothers either.

A discreet story that detracts from the final set

Gunslinger’s story revolves around the figure of the outlaw Silas Greaves, who has decided to recall old battles in the company of some curious. And while you do, you live by confronting his past dozens of enemies. In one of these, the protagonist talks about how he survived an ambush of the Apache, and against them you face, until someone says: “I can hardly believe they were Indians.” Without thinking twice, the protagonist answers, “said I fought like Apaches”. And suddenly, you are in that same situation but fighting against outlaws. A good detail that leaves us with memorable game scenes, very exciting !, although as I said, with a discreet story that subtracts charm to the final set.

If the Techland game does something good, it always keeps the pace of the action high, facing chaotic shootings in which you must act quickly, and also with style if you’re looking to get a good score. The motion control system responds very well to this freneticism and helps improve accuracy at specific times, especially when you activate bullet time. Too bad that the feelings with the JoyCon sticks are not so favorable. Although you can play without problems, I lack the precision that the Pro Switch of Nintendo Switch does for example; But I understand that this is something very personal. In addition, you have the option to configure the sensitivity of the movement to adapt the targeted to your needs.

As we tell you in the analysis of Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, as you progress you will acquire experience points with which you can unlock passive improvements and new skills with which to defeat enemies. Are you done with the main campaign? Ten extra levels await you with mercenary-style arcade challenges in the Resident Evil saga in which you basically have to kill your enemies in the most stylish way imaginable in the shortest possible time. A good excuse to devote a few extra hours to a video game that has adapted well to Nintendo Switch, although over the years it has lost some of its original charms. It looks and plays well in the hybrid console, so it is still a recommended purchase for those who like me, let out the opportunity to play its original version.

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If you had no chance to play Call of Juarez: Gunslinger when it premiered in 2013, this is a good opportunity to discover this fun shooting game set in the far west. Their shootings are exciting and the action so frantic, it costs not to have fun with this video game by the authors of Dying Light. Even with its imperfections, it has been able to endure the passing of the years well.

  • Fast and direct action with the best essence arcade
  • A campaign that does not give even a second of respite
  • The movement control responds well and the laptop mode is a great incentive
  • Duels. Although the idea is good, its execution is not the most successful
  • It would have been great to introduce something new
  • The response of the sticks of the JoyCon is not entirely accurate

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