Silence analysis. A lot of art, little challenge

Written by Kamran Haider

We wanted to get caught in the magic of Silence, the fantasy world we saw born in the great The Whispered World; and although the trip proposed by the new graphic adventure of Daedalic Entertainment is exciting and captivating, the video game does not end up meeting high expectations. Silence seeks to be innovative, more cinematic, but at the cost of losing some of the hallmarks of the genre. Analysis.

Before embarking on the trip proposed by Silence, the long-awaited sequel to the great The Whispered World, the following question should be asked. What are you looking for in a graphic adventure? If your answer is convoluted puzzles, dialogues and much, much exploration … the new Daedalic Entertainment may not end up like you. All these elements are there, present, but not with the expected prominence. The concept of modern adventure by which the Germans bet has more to do with the narrative, with giving the video game a more cinematic character, at the cost of simplifying, sometimes too much, the playable challenges.

For you to understand me. Silence is more like The Walking Dead, or any other Telltale Games adventure, than The Whispered World itself. That is not a bad thing by itself, although obviously there will be those who feel disappointed in this situation. What happens? Even putting all the attention in the argument, in telling a great story, the game does not finish surprising either as its predecessor did. It has great moments; situations with which it is difficult not to get excited about the illusion of one who, he knows, is enjoying an unforgettable trip. But it is not so much and although it points ways, and has potential, it leaves you with the feeling that something is missing; That he doesn’t finish offering everything he promises.

Sweet fantasy

The trip could not start better. Protected from the bombs inside an air raid shelter, Noah and his little sister Renie discover a path that goes straight to Silence, that strange world between life and death that we once traveled in the skin of Sadwick’s saddle; but to their misfortune, there is also a war that they cannot escape from. Sounds too typical, it really is, but when you look through the eyes of a girl, with that sweet innocence with which you see and understand things, the experience is very different, more human, unique.

There have been times when it was impossible for me not to smile; get excited with the tenderness with which Renie acts throughout the adventure. He is a fantastic character, well developed, whom you want to help with all your strength. Every time I saw her interact with the caterpillar Spot, one of the most endearing characters in the original, I felt like a child again; I wanted to go there, wherever they were, to play with them, to join their eternal hugs. And it is amazing. It is a difficult feeling to explain. Too bad they are the only two really interesting characters. Because yes, the story of Noah, which we also control, is very good, has crumb; but those changes in character that he constantly suffers sometimes make him an abhorrent type.Sweet fantasy

The puzzles have an almost anecdotal role in the game.

The rest? The truth is that I am disappointed. There are very few characters to interact with and they certainly have such a secondary role that they sometimes disappear and that’s it; never heard of them again. At times I had the feeling that entire parts of the game have been cut. That some of the rebels you come across had a much bigger role than they finally show. And it’s a shame because these are also interesting characters that you want to know more about. Nothing of that. Daedalic has pulled the fast track; a direct, linear adventure that does not give much room for exploration or research.

There are exciting dialogues, well written, that make you enjoy history. There are even decisions! Moments when it is time to opt for one option or another with interesting consequences. Specifically, a scene comes to mind that … I can’t believe I did what I did! But it happens as with the rest of Silence. There are good ideas, potential, but you tiptoe over almost all of them. The puzzles without going any further, have an almost anecdotal role in the game. They are usually too simple; to pick something up and use it immediately in the same scenario. Except for the puzzles in which Spot intervenes, which can take on the most disparate and fun forms, the rest are mostly tests that do not require more effort than clicking on an element of the stage, dragging the mouse, and that’s it.

It makes me very sad because when Silence takes the form of a more traditional adventure and challenges you with more ingenious puzzles, you find that great graphic adventure for which you had sighed for so many years. And the big problem is that not even in the argument meets expectations. Its history has magical moments, situations that give the heart a pinch, but it does not finish filling. You complete the trip and you know that you liked it … although you also feel that something is missing. Not only more hours of play, than in more than five hours you can finish it, but also more dialogues, more characters, more unforgettable moments. There is quality, a lot of mastery in the way of telling the story, but also mistakes that we did not expect in the title of these characteristics.

And the pain is immense when you have before you what can be one of the most beautiful video games of recent years. I don’t know what to say. Look at the images that accompany the text. It is a wonder! On an artistic level, few titles offer such a degree of genius. The stages, the characters, the lighting … it almost seems that we are facing a traditionally animated film, the good ones, those of before, even with camera movements that help you immerse yourself fully in the action. And what about the soundtrack. Impeccable. Music is another great protagonist in this adventure that has a good dubbing in English and texts in Spanish.

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Returning to the world of Silence to live new adventures in the company of Sadwick and Spot is a fascinating experience, almost magical, but unfortunately, not up to The Whispered World. The commitment to a more linear and almost puzzle-free action development detracts from a video game that, even in the plot, finishes bringing out its full potential. There is a lot of charm and good ideas in the emotional journey that Noah and Renie embark on, but along the way, Daedalic Entertainment has dropped indispensable pieces for any adventurer.

  • Superb artistic section. It’s like being inside an animated movie
  • Renie and Spot. The innocence and sweetness they give off is fantastic
  • Few puzzles and too easy to solve
  • The argument. There are good background ideas but it doesn’t end up exploiting them
  • The adventure ends too soon

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