Sine Mora EX analysis. The time is gold

Sine Mora EX
Written by Kamran Haider

A shoot’em up with personality, challenging, addictive as few and that is back with news! In the analysis of Sine Mora EX, we face this spectacular side-scrolling matamarcians again, enjoying a remastering that introduces new game modes and a local cooperative that makes its intense action even more fun.

Returning to the intense battlefields of Sine Mora has proved to be a wonderful experience. Already at the time, I enjoyed as a child of the challenging shoot’em up the action of this video game inspired by great classics like Einhänder or R-Type, but reuniting with him, returning to fight against dozens of enemies and colossal bosses, has been better than what I expected. It keeps intact all the virtues that made it great, and continues to be also a title with great personality, but the best thing is that thanks to the remastering that THQ Nordic gives usOn PC, Xbox One and PS4 (soon it will also come to Nintendo Switch), the Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture game expands with new challenges and a fun cooperative multiplayer mode that are the perfect excuse to face again the great dangers that await in Sine Mora Ex .

A firing button, another intended to use a very limited secondary weapon, and a third button to take advantage of the special skills derived from temporary control. Sine Mora is enough of these three actions to create a solid and very challenging gaming experience, a real fire festival without a quarter in which either you are agile and fast dodging bullets or die in a matter of seconds … which will be the usual in bars initials of the game. However, far from discouraging you, you try again and again, you fight tirelessly until you overcome any challenge, with the best possible score, and if you dare, at the highest level of difficulty that, by the way, is a crazy challenge. War is chaos!

Control the time

If you did not know Sine Mora, in the playable this Matamarcian does not depart even an iota of the seen in many other titles of similar cut, although it has certain details that are very striking. One of the most notable is the absence of a level of health as such, which has been replaced by a time limit counter which when reaching zero will mark the end of the game. When enemies fall, time will increase; If we suffer damage it will be reduced. It’s that simple, that effective. A detail at all baladí, since Digital Reality has thus ended the frustration of the genre preventing us from dying, foolishly, because of a lost bullet or one of the devastating enemy attacks that seem impossible to dodge. Certainly dying will be very easy, but at least we have more options to escape from this tragic end.

Not surprisingly, the difficulty, which is inherent in this type of games, remains intact to the satisfaction of veterans of the genre; although the developers also offer certain facilities – with a more affordable level of difficulty – so that less experienced users can also enjoy the wild action of Sine Mora. Along the way, we will also find several power-ups with which we can increase the second counter, reload the secondary weapon, expand the bonus points, improve the potential of the main weapon or regenerate the temporary energy bar. A truly important tool, especially at the most advanced levels of difficulty – its name, Madness, says it all – as it will make things much easier for us by protecting ourselves from enemy fire; While it is true it is a very, very limited resource.Control the time

It keeps intact all the virtues that made it great, and it continues to be also a title with great personality

Thus, and although in the story mode, which can be completed at the normal difficulty level in about two hours, the temporary ability that all pilots will share those who will embody will be to slow down the action momentarily, during games in the Arcade mode we can choose among other skills such as the ability to go back in time to avoid the impact of a bullet, for example, or the option to generate a shield of energy capable of repelling all attacks. These skills, added to the special sub-weapon of each pilot – energy beams, cluster bombs, explosions generated on the ship, etc. – leave us with exciting fights in which you will always have to be vigilant to avoid receiving more damage of the necessary, and in which the confrontations against the bosses of end of phase have acquired an enormously satisfactory weight.

Gigantic robots, terrifying combat ships, imposing submarines, immense mechanical spiders … the amount and variety of bosses against which we will see the faces are shocking; as much or more as the amazing challenges they are able to pose with their original offensive systems. But this is something that you will have to check for yourself since learning from mistakes and memorizing the attack and defense patterns that follow these mechanical moles is one of the funniest aspects of Sine Mora EX. It is also important to point out the differences between one level of difficulty and another, since in the absence of a health bar, what changes are the speed of the rivals, the number of enemies that can get us in step, and the type of ammunition and attacks they will use. Thus, at the lowest level, the number and aggressiveness of the enemies will be lower, while the games in Madness can be a real hell in the face of the speed, quantity, and attacks of the opponents. So much that most of these, when they die, will also explode leaving a trail of bullets that can cause a lot of damage.

A quality that we love, because Sine Mora is open to the players who take their first steps in the genre, while at the same time it is a real challenge for the most veteran, who will see the rules to overcome some of the final clashes in the maximum difficulty In this sense, Digital Reality allows us to directly enjoy the battles against these bosses to practice, or configure the games by selecting the pilot and his equipment to complete, in Arcade mode, any of the levels already exceeded in the main campaign. The history that I love because of the importance it gives to the plot, posing a very unusual story in the genre, both for the way it is narrated and for its variety and richness of nuances among the protagonists, which are the opposite of what you would expect from a game of these characteristics. Of course, anyone who wants to simply shoot shots can go directly to the action by accelerating the brief cinematic and skipping the philosophical reflections of the protagonists, which I do not recommend, because Sine Mora is an authentic ode the largest of the genre, and this is something that also meets audiovisual level.

The design, color and variety of the scenarios is commendable,

The design, color and variety of the scenarios is commendable, with a special mention for the huge bosses, which are a real past. More now with the slight graphic improvements that this remastering treasures, which allows you to enjoy even more the depth of the scenarios and the thrilling multicolored battles in which we enter, with a native 4K resolution and 60fps in the PC and PS4 Pro versions. At the musical level, it is also a video game of those who leave their mark thanks to the soundtrack by the composer of the Silent Hill saga, Akira Yamaoka, which introduces themes that perfectly match the intense action shown on the screen. The recreation of sound effects does not detract from the rest of the sections of this game at all, which, to top it off, offers a significant amount of extras to unlock as an encyclopedia, which surprises with the enormous amount of details it has about the universe and history Sine Mora (gives rise to create all kinds of products related to the game), or new designs for combat ships.

What about the news? One of the most prominent is the local cooperative, which allows facing the action of the story mode with another user, who will pilot a drone capable of firing in all directions. A good addition though, maybe, not as fun as I expected. On the other hand, there are three new levels of challenges that are a real madness, a beastly challenge, as well as three new training modes: Race, Tanks, and Obstacles. They do not change the gaming experience much, but they do provide good fun for those who once enjoyed the action of Sine Mora.

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It does not introduce great news but enough to hook you back to the intense shoot’em up the action of a video game with a great personality of its own. Sine Mora EX is one of the best horizontal displacement matamarcians that have appeared in recent years and, therefore, is a highly recommended purchase for both new users and the most veteran. If you missed the action of the old school you are in luck: Sine Mora has come to fill that void.

  • Suitable for both new players and the oldest
  • Exciting shoot’em up action with spectacular fighting against bosses
  • Additional challenges add variety to the action
  • Good plot and great character and enemy design
  • It ends too soon. More missions are missing
  • Few new developments in this remastering

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