Snack World Analysis of Dungeon in Dungeon – Gold Edition. The creators of Ni no Kuni dare with a very casual RPG

Snack World
Written by Kamran Haider

In Nintendo Switch we already have a good RPG catalog, but the most casual or accessible experiences in this regard do not abound. That is precisely the space that comes to cover Snack-World with an ideal approach for all ages and types of users, whether you are a rookie or a veteran. We present your approach in our analysis of Snack World: Dungeon in Dungeon.

The Level-5 company has always taken children inside. Account Akihiro Hino, CEO of the company, who as a child hallucinated with his Game & Watch, with the feeling of having a world in the palm of his hand. I can not stop thinking about this fixation with the little ones while playing Snack-World, because it is a game specially focused on introducing all kinds of users in the wonderful genre of RPGs.

But don’t get me wrong, because that does not mean that Snack World: Dungeon in Dungeon Gold Edition has no interest for you, the other players. We are facing a dungeon crawler, and as such it has the characteristics that make this style of play so unique. There are random design phases, generated automatically. Also, that invincible enemy that comes to increase your anxiety when you’ve spent too much time in an area, encouraging you to lighten the pace. In addition, it has its difficulty … and then on top, it is not too short. Surprising that behind his sweet face hides a certain depth in terms of progression, acquisition of skills and equipment.

It is designed for the little ones, following the line of sagas like Yokai Watch and Inazuma Eleven, but that does not mean that the oldest ones are excluded. Remember a little what Pixar does with his animated films. On the outside, they seem tender (and they are), but on the inside, they have that adult child that in the end, we are all. Level-5 recaptures said the feeling in a friendly game, suitable for all audiences, but at the same time interesting, with a strong sense of humor. Unfortunately, it suffers from a strong repetition in its approach and a weak plot, very important factors in a good RPG, but as an alternative to more serious exponents such as Octopath Traveler or Xenoblade Chronicles 2 You can fill in an important space in the Nintendo Switch catalog.

An RPG for everyone

The Snack World scheme is very simple and reminds of the playable structure of games like Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. We have a town with a store of consumables, weapons, clothing … as well as other buildings that add color to the proposal such as an inn, a cafe or a fortune teller. There are several accessory tasks available if we talk to the locals, although the real magic is in the history missions, divided by chapters.

From the town, we go to the missions through a menu and loading screens quite fleeting. I liked this especially. It is an immediate game, without waiting, and you can even get through conversations quickly if the following frames are not your thing. You won’t miss much either. In fact, the story has seemed to be one of the least convincing points of the game: not to take too much time, because it is not worth it either, a hero must face an evil villain who plans to resurrect a beast capable of reducing the kingdom to ashes from Tutti Frutti.

In this respect, the tone followed is much more important than the story itself. The fact that our main character has amnesia, a cliché of RPGs, is parodied, and then there is a huge amount of references to the genre. As shown, there are mentions of the Dragon Quest slimes, although there are many details, and you will notice more or less depending on your culture as players. That is why I felt a little more interested in the world of Snack-World and its characters, beyond a somewhat monotonous game scheme, with little original objectives and that vary little throughout the campaign.

The levels consist of labyrinthine dungeons that can have one or more plants: a classic dungeon crawler. Usually, the task is to find keys or switches that open the door to the next sub-level, until reaching a final boss. As simple as you read it, there isn’t much else. Actually, the fun part comes with real-time fighting, which without being overly elaborated, requires that we keep changing weapons continuously (due to the “cool down”). Interesting bet, because it forces us to be using different weapons, as well as their associated skills, which go from melee to ranged attack.

What has not convinced me is that I managed to overcome several levels going to the race, avoiding the enemies and looking for the exit of each level until reaching the boss. I have come to play phases with a difficulty a dozen levels higher than mine … and I came out gracefully with a note. On the one hand, it is positive for the most novice players, but most veterans will generate a sense of imbalance. Even so, the game can be challenging at times, and although it is somewhat short within the genre ( about 20-25 hours ), it is appropriate given the characteristics of the adventure.fighting

The fun part comes with real-time fighting.

Another aspect that does not convince is the little variety between missions, although it is something that honors the dungeon crawler genre, which tends to repeat approaches. On the contrary that the variety of enemies, overwhelming, with attractive final bosses. But, without a doubt, the most interesting thing about Snack-World is its progression system, really friendly. In addition, it has some details that you do not expect, such as allowing you to aesthetically equip an armor, but actually be enjoying the attributes of any other.

There is the possibility of manufacturing weapons and improving it through the many materials you find. It is commendable that terms such as looting and crafting are so relevant in a game of this style. Our character is completely customizable (created from scratch with an editor in which, no kidding, you could practically create any character in the Professor Layton series ). You have points of strength, defense, magic power and statistics of resistance to materials such as fire, wind, ice, earth, light … And the best thing is that the role depth is not at odds with accessibility.

Precisely, if you are looking for something immediate, in which to start managing your character from the first minutes, here is a good proposal. You don’t have to worry about managing too complex actions. For example, your teammates (some change with each chapter) are managed by an AI that has proven competent. They are not the best attacking, but on more than one occasion they have come to help me effectively when I had been killed. Another aspect is that our protagonist can promote up to 7 traits (beauty, strength, intelligence …), and each of them gives access to a series of benefits. That said, complexity is not missing.

The game is also intended to be enjoyed in the company, up to a maximum of four players. Supports online and local gaming, but not in the same console. This means that each player requires a console and a copy of the game … a disappointment on my part, since Snack-World lent itself to being played with friends or family in the same console. Even so, the options are surprising again, with the possibility of exchanging predefined messages (hello, thank you, sorry …), as well as icons and gestures.

Another aspect that does not convince is the little variety existing between missions.

It is a game more worked than it seems, and with only entering the menus you will realize it. There are dozens of internal achievements, a bestiary, a complete guide, music, and video gallery, as well as the opportunity to exchange in-game objects locally or online. Everything is presented, I insist, in a wonderful way. The interface is one of the most successful fields of this videogame, something to which a specially cared for Spanish location contributes. And I want to emphasize the word “locate” because it is not a translation without more. The same place is noted in each line of text, with jokes everywhere, as well as the occasional reference to popular culture.

Visually the game is lovely, with a character design Level-5 brand. Simple designs, but at the same time colorful and friendly. In some plots, we miss some work, but we certainly talk about a competent product, also in the sound … Mostly positive melodies accompany us on our journey, although without highlighting too much. In fact, sometimes they become a bit of a machacon, and that in the end, they are not bad at all.

For all this, it is so nice to play Snack-World. Virtually all the ingredients surrounding the gameplay are outstanding, although then the game at its core is not so powerful. Level-5 has not found the key when it comes to generating addiction, or at least when it comes to raising interesting missions, which was one of the keys for this launch to emerge. Still, I don’t want you to get an inaccurate idea. It is a good game, not up to the best of the genre, but a good introduction for new players, as well as a parodic and relaxed way to enjoy an RPG for veterans.

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An RPG for the whole family, enjoyable by the smallest of the house, but also interesting for the most veteran. This is the best summary we can do of Snack World: Dungeon in Dungeon, an interesting dungeon crawler RPG that bets on a simple gameplay, but not lacking in possibilities. Its complexity is camouflaged under a friendly appearance and with a lot of sense of humor, in a role-playing game whose biggest flaw is that something repetitive is done, which favors that it does not finish reaching a better position within the genre. Still, a good bet for Nintendo Switches owners if they like the approach applied by Level-5 developers this time.

  • An RPG for all audiences, whether you are a veteran or a newcomer
  • Good sense of humor, with fun references to the RPG genre
  • Excellent location in Spanish, with details everywhere
  • Very clear and careful game interface, ideal not to get lost
  • The gameplay can become quite repetitive
  • It lacks cooperative game in the same console

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