Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts analysis, is it the most accurate shot in the saga?

Sniper Ghost
Written by Kamran Haider

It is a veteran franchise and whose leaders have promised to learn from past mistakes. With the analysis of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, we tell you if your new release in the framework of sniper video games has enough substance to conquer us this time.

Sell The thing is that it sells. Despite the fact that the Sniper Ghost Warrior saga already has several deliveries behind it, many fans still wonder how it is profitable despite the fact that most episodes have rather discrete criticism. As I said at the beginning, it is a series that sells. There are not too many sniper products on the market, with honorable exceptions such as the (for my taste) top games of the Sniper Elite series, and that lack in the market could be one of the reasons for the good commercial figures of the franchise.

The fact is that this year their leaders have promised them very happy. After recognizing that they did not succeed with the approach of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, more inclined towards the open world than previous deliveries, this time they have turned into a much more linear experience. To me, however, the previous one without being a big deal seemed to be one of the most esteemed titles in the series; although I do appreciate that they have limited their ambitions a bit. Is it a better or worse game than the previous ones? In some ways, it has clearer priorities, but in others, it continues to show the same problems as its predecessors.

How is this fourth episode of the sniper game series? With this analysis of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, I will try to get you out of doubt about whether the guys at CI Games have made this final shot with this PC, PS4 and Xbox One title.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, Size Matters

In a line similar to that of some past installments of the Hitman series, in this Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, the story is minimized completely. The Polish team responsible for development knows that neither is its strong storytelling nor is it the main point of interest for an amateur who has come here to shoot shots. That is why it is true that there is some kinematics before the commissions, but in general, we speak of a mere succession of the 25 contracts that give the name to the videogame itself.

The only thing we know about our character is that it is a kind of hitman who has the obligation to undertake a series of specific objectives in a Siberia that rounds out the most accomplished and careful backdrop of the series to date. The snow-covered mantles are monothematic except for the interior scenes and some specific moments, but the alternating forests, gorges or mountains of the parts of nature with the bowels of some bases and the classic panoramas on enemy installations to sweep our distance from our distance enemies, endow it with a little more variety of situations than one would expect in the first instance.

The good thing about maps is that, without being an open world like that of the previously failed delivery, it is true that they know how to print a certain degree of freedom so that we can meet the objectives in various ways. I would not say that triggers the factor of replayability precisely, but it is good to know that when we conclude more or less 12 hours to take us to overcome the campaign of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, a second relatively different way of doing things … In some cases Up to a third.Warrior

The objectives bet on a greater diversity than in previous games

The objectives also bet on a greater diversity than in previous games. Contracts don’t just try to kill, in fact only a few do. Death is an accessory in many of the Contract objectives, and sometimes we have to repair fuses, hack terminals, plant bombs or reach a certain point of an enemy fortress to steal something or sabotage it. It should be remembered that we are not exclusively a sniper but, in reality, we are a kind of mercenary who accepts all kinds of commissions; so from that perspective this bet has some logic.

At the end of the day, everything is a mere excuse for us to explore great scenarios and live some moments of the classic tension of “me against the world” that are so much in this type of video game. All those sequences in which to hit or not a shot with our sniper rifle makes the difference between ending an adversary and being able to continue doing our job with discretion or alert the entire enemy base.

Deadly shoot

Although the first measures of the campaign are somewhat discouraging, and those who are left with the feelings of the initial missions will get an impression of the game quite different from the one that it transmits in its entirety, the truth is that the thing is improving mission to mission.

What helps most in this regard is the domain that we will acquire from our sniper rifle and the fact that its mechanics are not bad. Nothing comes out of what we expect in physics, ballistics, or gun behavior, so the game is sober and does its homework. There, the wonderful Kill Cam that has transcended so much in other brands of the competition, and that here is not so spectacular but does leave us some shocking moments.

There is more variety of weapons, of course, also with automatic, guns and the classic ones for the melee executions to the clueless enemies. And most of them are, of course, because although the game is not too inspired by the action or acrobatics scenes, the truth is that we cannot say that the adversaries help with their intelligence to solve them. Their reaction capacity is low, they have serious hearing problems and, often, they are able to alternate the best (rodeos or even climbs to take advantage of the verticality in movements before alarm signals surely encrypted), with other moments in which the same character is dumbfounded waiting for his death.

Visually the images that accompany the analysis are quite representative of what Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts offers. We talked about the best title in the series to date, but also about one that in some aspects shows the limitations of its budget, for example, in some effects, in the fire or in certain modeling. Even so, I am glad to see that the study has been able to calibrate to a greater extent where its limits are, and proposes an experience that is more focused on what they know how to do and with some quite effective moments.

What does not fail in the releases of this series, and the more they open their prisms and mappings, is what has to do with bugs and problems of all kinds. In our case, we have waited for the launch date because an important update was promised to solve problems. In this way, and with that patch day 1 implemented, the truth is that many things improve but many others have yet to be resolved, such as some enemies that appear out of nowhere in our noses and some other incidents quite visible but somewhat less relevant.

The Kill Cam leaves us some shocking moments.

In the sound, the music is somewhat repetitive and not too inspired. In this section and in some other, the game boasts the average budget it has had. However, the audio effects are not bad, and the interpretation of the voices in the original version is quite acceptable although minimal in a game so characterized by silence. On the other hand, I have encountered problems with the language, finding it impossible to change it to Spanish even though it is supported by the title. Those responsible for the game have already confirmed to me that with the patch day 1 this was solved, it has not been in my case of course, but it is reassuring to know that they are aware of the problem and are working on it.

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Still far from being a fully recommended video game, we could say that CI Games is polishing the formula of its star saga. Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts has some important successes and has managed to manage its budget and limitations much better than in previous episodes. With some more polishing and a little spark, we would talk about a better game, but there is room for optimism with subsequent deliveries if sales continue to accompany them.

  • The mapped show a certain extent and have the occasional alternative route.
  • The first hours are soporific, but the game improves at times.
  • Everything related to aiming and projectile physics is not bad at all.
  • We always appreciate a good “Kill Cam” for deaths.
  • There is nothing especially inspired or memorable in its formula.
  • The usual artificial intelligence of the Sniper Ghost Warrior saga. Keep making water.
  • To be a game that demands such precision, sometimes it is a bit awkward.
  • Some elements related to polishing still need work.

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