Snowball analysis !. Pinball in the snow

table but a lot of fun
Written by Kamran Haider

Taking advantage of these days and despite the fact that unfortunately for winter sports lovers it does not stop snowing in our country, the Pixeljam team has wanted to delight iOS and Google Play users with a very Christmas pinball. Snowball analysis.

Pinball games have a lot of acceptance because there are not many titles that appear based on this genre and, in addition, the truth is that the overall quality of all of them is usually quite high. Pixeljam has wanted to demonstrate his ability in this type of game and gives us one specially designed to make us enjoy these days where the cold is really squeezing. His new work is called Snowball! and, at least to me, I was pleasantly surprised.

Designed for iOS and Android systems, we are facing a pinball arcade that bases much of its charm on its staging. And I do not remember a game of this type as oriented to the world of snow as it is, which allows you to stand out from other similar games and, in addition, have a lot of fun.

For less than two euros (it is not free to play) we can get this game that offers us the possibility of enjoying a single table. But far from having rather small dimensions and little life, the truth is that it enjoys a good size and multitude of recesses that, to discover them all, we must invest some time … and demonstrate our ability.

A table but a lot of fun

The design of the same is magnificent, there are many possibilities and places that can be stopped with the snowball that acts as the most important element. This snowball behaves impeccably and, although we are not facing a simulator for obvious reasons, its physics is quite successful.

The setting of the table is also sensational. This shows a multitude of elements both decorative and with which it is possible to come into contact whether they are snowmen, igloos, wagons, and others. The touch control is simply perfect and the global gameplay that the game offers us is very good. Anyone who enjoys this type of titles sure knows how to get the most out of it.

The snowball behaves impeccably in the game.

Is it the ultimate pinball game? Not at all, but neither does it pretend to be. In fact, it presents certain obvious disadvantages such as a lack of depth quite pronounced (there is only one table as we have already mentioned), but to be a title of its characteristics is not bad. Some users may blame him for not being a F2P, although others like me almost prefer it because, in this way, there are no annoying ads on the screen, artificial waiting times or other obstacles associated with this type of F2P games.

On the other hand, everything related to its artistic plot has been taken special care. It is very appealing and even relaxing to dive a few minutes into the world of snow and ice recreated to give life to the title, with appropriate sound effects and a special charm.

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This suggestive pinball game set in the snow has seemed tremendously captivating and fun. It only includes a table, but its design is so good that it has more life than it might seem at first. He is not the best representative of the genre nor does he pretend to be, but what he does guarantee is fun and charm in equal measure.

  • The winter setting is sensational
  • Excellent touch control
  • The snowball behavior is magnificent
  • The table design has convinced us
  • It lacks some depth

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