Square Enix Wants to Break the Boundaries Between Final Fantasy 14 Datacenters

Square Enix
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

The developers of Final Fantasy 14 are taking a shot at patching up their server innovation so all players will most likely play with one another, paying little respect to which servers and datacenters they use.

In a meeting with Twinfinite at Gamescom, Final Fantasy 14 chief and maker Naoki Yoshida said Square Enix’s long haul objective for the game is to separate the intelligent and physical boundaries that exist between player populaces, permitting free development crosswise over worldwide servers.

At the present time, he clarified, players can move between the universes of, state, Crystal, Aether, and Primal inside the equivalent data center, using the recently presented World Visit framework. Notwithstanding, it’s unrealistic to visit universes facilitated at different datacenters, and Yoshida said the arrangement is to change that.

Square Enix

This would require “something amazingly incredible, similar to the Hydaelyn Kick,” he said.

That ability is most likely a significant ways off, however it’s energizing in any case.

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