Star Control Claim Settled, Both Sides Will Collaborate on Present and Future Games

Star Control lawsuit
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Well over a year after it started, Star Control Origins studio Stardock and original Star Control creators Paul Reiche and Fred Ford have declared that they have achieved an amicable settlement in the lawful debate between them. The settlement emerged from a direct phone call from Reiche to Wardell, in which they talked finally about bees and related issues before moving on to discuss the case.

Star Control lawsuit

In an announcement released on their Dogar and Kazon site, Reiche and Ford clarified that when all was considered, “the qualification between the undoubtedly winning and losing situation was most likely going to be relatively small.” And regardless of whether they won, the lost money, time, and mental soundness would be significant.

“We’d tried court-managed settlement with no advancement and private intercession was likewise proving to be as subtle as the Questing Beast. So we chose to toss a bit of a Hail Mary pass and simply call Brad Wardell directly—something he’d really recommended more than a year earlier—yet first, we expected to discover some sort of common ground which turned out to be… bees,” they composed.

Star Control lawsuit

After making an association over bees, honey, mead, and bee stings, they got down to the current issue. “Our viewpoint was this: we don’t like fighting, however, we adore creating, so can we step way outside the box and settle our dispute through positive, imaginative activities as opposed to proceeding to beat each other up?” they composed. “Brad listened and agreed, and this turned them into the reason for the settlement.  Our lawyers are all smart, experts in the view of their client’s best interest in mind, however, it’s worth thinking that it was just when we communicated directly with one another that we made progress.”

Stardock CEO Brad Wardell said basically something very similar in a statement “We figured out what we needed in only a few hours of talking. The remainder of the time was the lawyers smithing out accurate, agonizingly precise, verbiage. That took much longer. Generally, these things claim to be agreeable yet it’s simply both sides attempting to spin things. In this case, it truly was amicable,” he composed.

“We included a section in which I’ll be working with Paul on beekeeping. He’s going to send me some meade, I’m going to send him some nectar. I don’t think the lawyers were especially enthusiastic about us consolidating a portion of this into the agreement. I completed a tutorial video on beekeeping I was going to send over, however, got stung in the video, so thought better than to really send it.”

Star Control lawsuit

The settlement agreement is private, however, both sides wanted its terms made public. The full list is posted at Dogar and Kazon, however, features include:

  • Stardock will have the right to make new Star Control games later on, while Reiche and Ford will make new Ur-Quan Masters games
  • Stardock has dropped all alien name and character trademarks, and both sides have dropped their restrictions to the other’s trademarks
  • Each side makes a deal to avoid challenge the other’s trademarks in the future
  • Ghosts of the Precursors will be renamed to something “somewhat less generic”
  • No cash changed hands

“In addition, the trademark and copyright questions were put to rest with the agreement spelling out the copyrighted IP that Reiche and Ford care about alongside the trademarks that Stardock thinks about, with each party consenting to regard these limits in their use in the future,” Stardock said.

Interestingly, the two sides have additionally agreed to cooperate on their ventures going ahead: Reiche is going to make some new alien races for Star Control: Origins, Stardock has offered to help Reiche and Ford with innovation, and Reiche is going to start working with Stardock on another Star Control game later this fall. All original Star Control games will be come back to sale on all platforms, with royalties split between the two sides similarly.

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Furthermore, there is likewise some requisite ego-stroking: Stardock recognized that Reiche and Ford are in truth the creators of Star Control (Stardock’s claim made the somewhat bizarre claim that this was not really the case) and Reiche acknowledged that he’s a major fan of Star Control: Origins and imagines that it’s very funny.

“We are actually extremely, exceptionally happy with the way everything has settled,” Reiche and Ford composed.

Stardock said that more information will be released sooner rather than later yet for now, with the issue settled, Reiche, Ford, and Wardell are apparently going to spend the remainder of E3 hanging out together. That appears a little weird to me, yet I do enjoy a happy completion.

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