Star Trek Online to Feature a Junior Officer Weekend with a 50% Bonus to Commendation XP

Star Trek Online
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Over the course of the forthcoming end of the week, Star Trek Online will be featuring a Junior Officer Weekend that will see players procure +50% Commendation XP by finishing Duty Officer assignments. In addition, players can claim a free Purple quality obligation officer “with one of kind active roster power“. This is only accessible to Captains who have not yet claimed an obligation officer in prior occasions.

Star Trek Online

To those junior officers who work eagerly in cramped Jefferies Tubes, die namelessly on away missions, or give the endless streams of reports and investigation important for a starship to work– this occasion is devoted to you!

This is not accessible on the off chance that you already claimed it the last time we ran the occasion.

Duty officer packs** opened amid the event will each have a FREE extra Green quality or better duty officer inside. This just applies to C-Store bought packs, not to those granted during rank-up, from enrollment assignments or mini-packs. Likewise, it applies just to packs opened during the event, regardless of whether they are purchased before the event.

**The packs incorporated in this offer are: Delta Alliance Duty Officer Pack, Gamma Quadrant Duty Officer Cadre, Reinforcements Duty Officer Pack, Fleet Support Duty Officer Pack, Romulan Survivor Duty Officer Pack, Fleet Support Duty Officer Pack, Klingon Empire Duty Officer Pack and Federation Duty Officer Pack.

The Academy particle examining events are currently part of the Junior Officer Appreciation Event! Visit Starfleet Academy or Klingon Academy amid the event and address to Professor Meyer or Commander B’Tama. Pick a cadet to prepare, at that point participate in scanning particles about the foundation grounds. As you output and capture particles you’ll prepare the cadet, and in return, your faction will release another random Duty Officer to you. The more particles you filter, the better the nature of the officer you can claim!

  • Scan a minimum of 5 traces to be rewarded a Common Duty Officer
  • Scan a minimum of 25 traces to be rewarded an Uncommon Duty Officer
  • Scan a minimum of 50 traces to be rewarded a Rare Duty Officer
  • Scan a minimum of 75 traces to be rewarded a Very Rare Duty Officer

Keep in mind, extra save list duty officer slots (in additions of 25 and 100) are accessible from the in-game C-Store, for up to a limit of 500 hold roster spaces.

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Have a fabulous time, and do whatever it takes not to send such a large number of duty officers to Sickbay!


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