Tetris Effect Analysis When everything is stable

Tetris Effect Analysis
Written by Kamran Haider

From the studio that has recently returned us classics such as Rez or the remastering of Lumines, now comes Tetris Effect. A unique dream experience that mixes the characteristic visual and sound style with the classic pieces. In the Tetris Effect analysis, we look for the extent to which the original experience improves and which new modes include the mix.

The reason why I spent a year absorbed by Guitar Hero when I discovered it was not only because of its attractive musical repertoire. It is difficult for me to explain it. When you advanced to the highest levels of difficulty, and the colored buttons literally rained down on your screen, a strange and addictive phenomenon was generated. I am a pretty rational person. I like to think things a lot and everything fits in my head. When the Guitar Hero notes ran so fast that your brain was unable to compute them, suddenly, by magic, your fingers went alone. And there you were, seeing how they moved and unable to understand it. You were one with the song. I had not had that feeling in a long time. Up to Tetris Effect.

The magic of this version is discovered in its Journey mode. At first, for that synesthetic connection that the game creates between music, color, and the classic pieces falling. The relaxation of its first areas soon gives rise to a meteoric compass, in which speeds that go beyond what your reflexes are capable of processing are mixed. It is in those moments when it happens. Your fingers, again, spin the pieces at a dizzying pace, desperate because you manage to fit them. Beyond level 10 speed, the game forces you to make a choice: guide yourself by your instincts or dedicate yourself to something else.

In that variant of the Shoot’em Up that is the Bullet Hell, the developers tried to curl more the curl of the genre. To fill the bullet screen, your ship was too big. It took up too much screen space. Therefore, they worked out a trick. The only vital part of the sprite was the nucleus and the rest was transparent and thus it seemed that your reflexes were almost instinctive. In Tetris, the same thing happened.

The only way to further increase the speed of what the eye was able to perceive was by creating a little trick. The piece falls like a rock, but you can spend a few seconds spinning it at the base. Tetris Effect refocuses its most challenging phases in this machine that will be enough to put your nerves to the surface. It means the difference between life and death and a complete need to pass the game that is powered more than ever thanks to the strength that the soundtrack prints in the game. In Normal difficulty mode, the speed 13 already puts you in enough tension, while Difficult or the Master Modes with superhuman speeds are for real experts.Its all in your head

It’s all in your head

The so-called “Tetris Effect” is commonly known to be the phenomenon that occurs in the avid players of this puzzle. When finishing their games, they continue to see pieces fall trying to place themselves. It is more than possible that they dream about them, completely obsessed with making them square in their heads. Tetris Effect is the maximum expression of this concept because it is powerful to match the puzzle with the music and the effects around the game matrix. You know what I’m talking about This characteristic of synchronizing the visual and sound that is the hallmark of the Tetsuya Mizuguchi games with Rez, Lumines or Child of Eden. Joining the name of the designer with that of Tetris is something that any Japanese fan has waited for all his life. The result, as you may have already realized, not only meets but also marks the player. Tetris Effect is the best Tetris experience for a player that you could try.ith Rez Lumines or Child of Eden

It encourages overcoming, not abandoning

I say for a player because the piece that does not fit in the puzzle is the online section, completely non-existent. Yes, you have a ranking table that you can compare with the rest of the world or friends, while you level up and unlock avatars, orbiting the globe in the form of holograms. The declarations of Mizuguchi do not finish convincing, alluding to that they wanted a clean experience of the conflicting online world and its abuses, especially in regard to a game of puzzles. Even more so when we do not find ways to play or with friends over the Internet or locally avoiding unknown players. Yes, new events that will appear on weekends will be added. The so-called Weekend RitualThey proposes a challenge to complete among the whole community. If the points goal is achieved, we unlock a new Avatar for our player. Even so, I think that is not enough. I understand the purity of Tetris as a positive and unipersonal experience, but I think that with a multiplayer that was always characteristic of the series, this symphony would have ended up being complete.

The Journey is accompanied by a series of tests in Effect mode. Do not underestimate these tests, much less, because you can end up throwing more hours than anything else. While some propose marathons, classic modes, and playlists to let you get carried away by relaxation and music, you can not stop playing in Concentration and Mystery modes. Tests in which we will be required to eliminate certain infected blocks or lines, for example. But Mystery is so funny that it’s the obligatory stop. Ways made to surprise you with the unpredictable, in which Tetris Effect takes to trolling the player in all the ways you can think: placing blocks, increasing the size of the pieces, inverting the controls or the screen …

Nor should underestimate the Virtual Reality mode, because although Tetris Effect can be played from start to finish without the glasses, the experience with them put together with good headphones is completely sensory. As in REZ, we go back to introduce ourselves in this digital surrealism in which the particles and effects flow in the front and behind the matrix while forming a musical score based on our actions. In fact, the result is so magical that it can become deconcentrated. In order to pass the most difficult phases of the Travel Mode, I preferred to do it without the glasses on, as the ability to abstract and let oneself be carried away by colors and melody is closer

There are rough edges. It bothers me enough that I have to bring the camera closer whenever I start or repeat a level because there are phases in which the pieces begin to fall so fast that the adjustment you have to do on the fly. Believe me, it is a real nuisance. But beyond some similar details to this, I think it is the absence of that multiplayer the real flaw of the game. It is not that there is no challenge beyond Trip, because there are ways of difficulty and the hardest still, to pass all the phases from beginning to end without continuing. I know that some superhuman will achieve it, but with passing each screen, each challenge, I have already felt satisfaction that had not surfaced for some time.Tetris Effect

It’s the best Tetris experience for a player you’ve tried

ever I’ve always had a problem with piece L. That damn tetrimino who has his counterpart inverted and who threw away all my plans because he always had to think a couple of seconds more which was the correct way to use each time. Throughout my games with Tetris, this piece has been a constant. But unlike the other versions, I’ve played all these years, in Tetris Effect I made peace with her. Not for anything special. Quite simply, the Tetris Effect encourages overcoming. Not to leave. To learn to place the right damn piece in a reflex act. I am writing this immediately after finishing the last screen and I am in a complete trance. And I do not want to wake up.

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Tetris Effect is an experience made for the delight of the senses. The audiovisual synchronization with the movements of the pieces is impeccable. But beyond this, he manages to develop one of the most challenging and well-constructed Tetris of recent years, accompanied by several ways to expand his playable life. Pity, however, of the non-inclusion of the multiplayer.

  • A unique experience, both with VR and without it
  • Effect modes have some very original and challenging
  • Travel mode is one of the best we’ve played in Tetris
  • Music. Spiky hairs
  • The absence of the multiplayer mode. Both local and online

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