The art made video game. GRAY Analysis

Written by Kamran Haider

Art in its pure state. There is no better way to describe this puzzle and platform adventure that is one of the most beautiful videogames we have ever seen. But as we tell you in the GIS analysis, the title of Nomada Studio also poses ingenious challenges with which to enjoy.

Our job is to inform, give opinions, make known through the use of the word, but there are times when, no matter how hard you try, you are unable to do justice to the work you are talking about, and that is exactly what happens with GRIS. It is such a beautiful video game, so incredibly unique in the artistic, that no matter how much I say, I feel I am going to fall short. That’s why, while enjoying this puzzle and platform adventure developed by the Spanish team Nomada Studio, I could not stop saving snapshots. “This they have to see,” I said to myself when I was thinking of you, the readers. “And this is incredible, I have to take another shot.” And so, until I was forced to stop doing it. It would be tragic, because this is an experience that is worth living from ignorance, knowing as little as possible, without knowing anything about its beautiful graphics section. And that is my challenge right now.

How to explain how special this game is; how to tell you about the incredible sensations that it transmits with its brilliant use of image and sound without ruining surprises, without talking more about the account. The easy thing is to describe it as a Journey in two dimensions, and we would not be wrong in that definition, but it would not be fair to just stay with it. Yes, it is an emotional game that goes straight to the heart; that touches the fiber with the use of images, with the force of music, leaving aside the traditional narrative. There are no dialogues, or texts, or illustrations or vignettes that delve into the history of GRIS. Only images Art in movement. It does not need more.

It is an experience that you must play, that you must live, that you must feel

Emociona as few games get but do not settle for that, also presenting a good and solid base of the game centered on the platforms and puzzles. Simple, yes, because there is not even danger of losing your life, but enough to pose a fun, ingenious challenge, which also rewards you masterfully with what is one of the most beautiful and captivating artistic sections of recent years. What to say. The images that accompany this article speak for themselves. The work of artist Conrad Roset is wonderful. In the aesthetic, with the great architecture of the stages, with its variety and unique style; but also in what refers to the animation, because from start to finish you will have the sensation of enjoying a traditionally animated film. And the experience is magical.The art made video game

The art that falls in love

You advance without being very clear why you do it or where you are going, but it does not matter, you just do it; you move, you keep going. It is as if something, an invisible force, pulls you; I will drag you without compassion into the unknown. You do not resist It’s more. You throw yourself at it, delighted, with blind faith knowing that what you are going to find is going to be wonderful. And it is. GRAY never ceases to amaze. Each of the places in which you enter, each of the emotions of the protagonist that represents with so many exquisiteness, poses new challenges, new sensations, which in one way or another will make you vibrate with pure emotion with the show that is drawn before your eyes.

The watercolors are pure poetry here. It is hard not to be dazzled by the beauty and style of a videogame that is magical at peak moments. The music, the images, the stylized movements of the protagonist … all the parts converge in a series of memorable scenes that you will hardly erase from your retinas. The pity is that the trip is somewhat short, you can complete it in just over three hours, and the challenges it poses are not particularly complex. “GRAY is a serene and evocative experience, free of danger, frustration and death,” reads the official description of the game, and as such must be understood, knowing that more than a video game to use, is a journey where emotions prevail over of the action or challenges of a videogame to use.

GRAY falls in love with its beautiful artistic section, it jumps at the sight but also achieves it with the ingenious design of some of its scenarios in which puzzles of the most interesting are posed. There are those who play with the changes of perspective; aquatic zones, others in which the wind is an obstacle to beat, and even phases with moving / changing platforms that require some dexterity at the controls. With the passage of the adventure, the protagonist will acquire some special abilities such as the double jump that will allow them to overcome these barriers, but the truth is that they miss some more. When things get better, when the action is more exciting, the Nomada Studio game comes to an end, leaving you with a bittersweet taste.raises is wonderful

The trip he raises is wonderful, an odyssey worthy of being lived, but sometimes it leaves you with the feeling that you could have gone a little further with a little more; with some challenges more elaborate, with more scenarios and tests that surprise. I have greatly enjoyed the experience, and I am sure that later I will want to repeat it just to amaze me again with the artistic section of GRIS, which for something is one of the most beautiful games that have ever been made. I recommend it? Yes, strongly, even though in some ways I have been somewhat disappointed.

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The music, the images, the emotions that it transmits … there is so much to admire in this video game that the one that is short, or simple in some aspects, is not an excuse to let it escape. With a great soundtrack by Berlinist and some secrets to be found in the form of “memories”, which are accessed after solving more complex puzzles, GRIS is an experience that you must play, that you must live, that you must feel. This is art in movement; this is a video game made poetry.

  • An adventure able to thrill with its beautiful artistic section
  • Your ability to surprise with new challenges
  • There are incredible scenes. Art and music are allied to perfection
  • A brief experience that leaves you wanting something more
  • The challenges it poses are not particularly complex


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