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Written by Kamran Haider

One of the best Quantic Dream video games is released on PC, and in this analysis of Detroit: Become Human we will delve into the main attractions of a narrative adventure that has already enjoyed great success on PS4. What’s so special? The new David Cage surprises by the force of a story you write with your own decisions.

It is hard not to get excited about the powerful start of Detroit: Become Human . As soon as we begin, Quantic Dream’s new narrative adventure faces a terrible situation: we must rescue a girl in the hands of a deranged android who has already killed several people. Your main weapon? The research , of course, in this video game by the authors of Heavy Rain or the classic Omikron you must explore the scenarios through which you move in search of clues and details that, in the end, will allow you to continue in one direction or another. Are you going straight to the point without paying attention? Surely at the moment of truth, when that robot threatens to shoot that poor girl, you will have to deal with the worst scenario of all, the death of an innocent! But the great thing about this adventure is that even with Those judge you in any way.

You assume the consequences of your actions and move on to enjoy an exciting story, with many surprises, but above all, a story with a soul that shows the worst face of the human being in the not too distant future. And so starts one of the great successes of selling PS4 , which has now been released on PC through the Epic Games Store with some graphic improvements but of course all its essence intact. In this analysis of Detroit: Become Human we will talk about a video game that follows the Heavy Rain film style, with abundant quick time eventsto solve the vast majority of game situations. Isn’t it your thing? Unless you fall in love with its history, you will hardly enjoy a game that in no case seeks to break with the legacy of Quantic Dream. However, if you are a fan of David Cage’s work , here you will find one of those video games that is worth playing.A long way

A long way

It is curious that the three main characters of Detroit are androids , when you usually wait in this kind of science fiction stories that offer you a good counterpoint between one and another vision of the conflict. As I say, it does not happen here, and yet that does not ballast the whole thing. Connor is a robot that acts as a detective, while Kara and Markus help in little glamorous housework. The first in a dysfunctional home, and the second in the mansion of a wealthy and elderly artist. There are three ways for David Cage and his team of scriptwriters to explore different ways of seeing the dark future they pose. A year 2038 where, almost always, the villain, the cruel and the heartless is precisely the human being.

In the end, and that is something in the public domain, science fiction is about very real and very much of our world, but set in contexts, for example, futuristic. This is the case of this release, which tells us about things as hard and difficult as racism, dysfunctional homes or alcoholism and loss. All of them are treated with great elegance and with some depth. After all, the campaign can be overcome in about eight hours, with deep replayability yes And it is more than enough time to develop their main characters and, likewise, some secondary ones that, as often happens in these situations, are sometimes even more interesting than these. Some Markus, Connor and Kara will seem more complex, deep or capable of generating empathy than others, however what is indisputable is that they are all surrounded by formidable cast characters, who depend on our decisions and suffer the consequences of our actions.

The most important thing in Detroit: Become Human is the story.

For example, Lieutenant Hank Anderson , fantastically played by Clancy Brown, is a real puzzle that gives us pleasure in deciphering and that gives us some of the best moments of the entire game thanks to his particular sense of ethics and its human way of seeing things. So, if the protagonists don’t work for you, surely the secondary ones will. In this sense, all the characters have an arc well drawn by the scriptwriters of the game but in which, in addition, we can intervene with our decisions. Each chapter of the title is built like a gigantic tree full of branches to go. It is a tree dotted with action, exploration and puzzle scenes that act as a trunk, but we are choosing our path through a tangle of very different alternatives.

Perhaps in some previous David Cage game you felt that there was some “cheating” as to how some of those results were formulated. Heavy Rain, for example, sometimes took you where he wanted more than where we wanted to go. That does not happen in the game at hand, where we really are the ones who are deciding the fate of its three protagonists and, often, also of many other characters. At the end of each of these chapters, in fact, we have the option of seeing a very descriptive graph of how our path has been, and what alternatives we have set aside. You can look at it in detail in order to pass the game a second time or repeat some level where you want to try something, or you can ignore it and not know all those options.

Detroit is not in the habit of judging us , but it does give you the option of comparing yourself to what other people have done. That gigantic diagram that represents what has happened, if we wish, allows us to also see the percentages in all the nodes of how many people have inclined on each side. A form of assessment? Rather a resource to encourage curiosity , and see how different your opinion can be from other fans. And the result is a fascinating work of anthropological study that we had already seen in some other game, but never with this level of depth.

Our acts define us

Having already made it clear that the most important thing about Detroit: Become Human is history, that does not mean that there are not many things to do around it. To say that it is a film is very unfair, but to define it as a strongly interactive film would be much closer to what they are looking for (and get) to offer from this team based in Paris. It is what they have tried since their second video game, Fahrenheit, and it is a formula that I think they have managed to refine like never before on this occasion. It is not only the most round game in the plot that has been set so far, but it is also the one that has the most propped sense of rhythm and playable dynamics.

What you have to be very clear is that if so far none of your previous games had liked you, this one will not do it either because it is faithful until the exhaustion of that formula. Detroit is better, is more varied by incorporating new playable mechanics and is more polished than the previous ones in all those aspects, but in essence it remains relatively similar. Yes, there are action scenes in his new work as there were in the previous ones, and even the odd flirtation with stealth , but they seem mere distractions to inject a point of emotion into the campaign. All are resolved with QuickTime Events or with choices to choose what our character will do next, but they never allow direct intervention. Of course, failing a combination of buttons can be critical for the progress of the adventure and will cause unexpected derivations in the story. However, in the study they have also thought of the most inexperienced people and there are two levels of difficulty , one that creates a certain challenge in this type of sequences, and another much simpler for those who are interested in enjoying the story.

Other dynamics work better than action, equally simple but much more effective. For example, exploration is a capital point of Become Human. It is the Quantic Dream game that has the most varied and large scenarios that we have seen to date, and it helps a bit to get rid of that feeling of being constrained in very short decorations that we might have in some of the previous games. Do not believe that this is a sandbox, much less, but we can move with relative freedom for mappings that sometimes comprise several streets or inside a house and also its surroundings. We can never go too far from our goals, a barrier a little rude prevents us, but it is enough to discover things that give us more information about your world or even some ways that make the story progress by unexpected ways.

It is the Quantic Dream game that has the most varied and large scenarios.

What do we have left? The third playable way Detroit uses is the puzzle. All the characters have some, but the one who lavishes the most on it is Connor since, not by chance, he is a detective. This path allows David Cage to explore some very interesting elements to make the adventure entertaining and fun, making us feel a certain capacity for discovery and even satisfaction that is very pleasant. Investigating murders is always effective in a video game, but with the fascinating tools of robots it is even more. It catches my attention, and I also consider it very effective, how some combat sequences are also constructed as puzzles. Time stops and we are offered several alternatives. In that period of time, taking a look around is something that discovers different ways of executing a certain action scene and that, if we are observant enough, It can make us optimize your results. It is a good way to combat theabsence of direct intervention.Building Detroit

Building Detroit

If we were to define the Detroit Become Human graphic section with one word, that should be the following: realism . If you have seen a lot of cinema, surely you have noticed that most conversation scenes are built with close-ups of the interlocutors. And in the video game there are many dialogues. Many! David Cage doesn’t want to make movies (or maybe he does?), But what seems clear is that he wants to capture his ideas with a very cinematic staging . That is why the plane-counter plane abounds in a choice of perspectives that Heavy Rain, launched eight years ago, might not have endured as well as its new work does.

Here the faces of the characters are simply amazing. And with the increase in PC resolution up to 4K , they are even more impressive. The scenarios also have an outstanding finish, with great lighting techniques and a work for detailed textures really good, which looks whenever you can. When we move through the sets is when we really see the characters move, and we test some animations that have been one of the traditional workhorses of the French studio.

They have often been accused that the movements of their characters are somewhat robotic. To combat it they have resorted to two measures, the first is to bet because all the protagonists are androids, which gives some sense to some somewhat rigid movements and certain chains of very “little human” actions. On the other hand, and this is more relevant, there is also a much greater and more careful work for all the fans of things we can do. A slightly strange and unnatural sensation continues to be created when it takes a few seconds to press a QuickTime Event, with the character enduring frozen until we get the combination right, but they seem minor sins next to how shocking the set is.

The graphic section of Detroit: Become Human is summed up in one word: realistic

All of this comes at a price, which are quite high system requirements for Detroit . There are several configurations so you can enjoy the game of Quantic Dream even with a lower performance equipment, but the truth is that more configuration options are missing so you can customize the graphic experience to your liking. With the update of the drivers, you can enjoy a real visual show, but as I say, it is somewhat demanding and it seems that some are suffering from performance problems. It has not been my case. In terms of soundThere is absolutely nothing to reproach the video game. To give identity to the three characters, there are three different soundtracks (each signed by a composer) and formed by several very identifying themes of the personality and circumstances of each. Otherwise, the audio effects are as fantastic as we expect from a blockbuster of this caliber, with texts and voices in Spanish with a very high degree of quality.

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Detroit: Become Human is still a 100% Quantic Dream game, so it has all the mannerisms and tics of a David Cage play and will not deter those who accuse their launches of lack of interaction. However, it is difficult to find something as powerful in its genre as what it has achieved this time. The PS4 video game, and now also of PC, is formally fascinating and has a staging worthy of a movie, but I do not think that it neglects at all an argument full of hard decisions to make, and that it approaches difficult issues with seriousness and good work.

  • A great story and really well told
  • The feeling of being in control and making decisions that affect the narrative
  • Graphically it is an amazing game. How to watch a movie
  • The sensation of exploration and some puzzles are very interesting
  • The diagrams explain, with total transparency, decisions and consequences
  • The QuickTime Events have been reduced, but still very present
  • Some more and more puzzle situations for exploration would have suited him

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