The cards and the role of Hand of Fate 2 come to Nintendo Switch. Analysis

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An RPG is released in Nintendo Switch where the destination is written … in a deck of cards! With more options and a better finish than the original video game, in the analysis of Hand of Fate 2, we spread our luck on the game board to tell you why you should not miss this title of Defiant Development.

Whimsical goddess Fortuna. Sometimes you smile and sometimes … other results irritating. I repeat the same words that in his day I dedicated to the analysis of Hand of Fate 2 because, in this role adventure, which now premieres in Nintendo Switch, our destiny is inside a deck of cards that offers great rewards, yes, but also many and terrible punishments. Everything depends on luck, on cruel chance, but also on the decisions we make during the game; of the actions that we undertake in a video game that clearly improves the contents of the original title. “All the elements of the game have improved, even those that at first seem familiar”, tells us right after the start of the great Dungeon Master that enlivens the games with scorn and wit that scares, that excites, And he does not lack reason!

Sometimes clearly, others with greater subtlety, there are many new features that introduce this RPG if compared to the title with which we were surprised by the independent study Defiant Development years ago. There are more options, more events with which to enjoy a role-playing adventure that knows how to surprise, that always keeps an ace up its sleeve. It is not a revolution, rather the logical evolution of a game that it costs to classify in a specific genre; and it is without a doubt its greatest virtue. Although the formula does not vary, although in essence we are facing more of the same, the sequel to Hand of Fate manages to catch you without remedying you by challenging “one more match” because always, always, you expect to enjoy new adventures in a fantasy world that is worth visiting, because in it everything is possible and in the end, although the goddess Fortuna has a great influence on the future of the game, it is our decisions that mark the course of the trip. That’s why you can enjoy the gaming experience offered by a Hand of Fate 2 that premieres on Nintendo Switch with a full version that brings the DLC Far Lands and Strangers, which expands the action of this RPG with new challenges and a comrade additional, Hubie the orphan, who will be dedicated to annoying the enemies.

Letters, dice, and swords!

Imagine a D & D game in which your weapons are a handful of cards with various special abilities; with resources for survival, gold, allies or spells capable of altering the course of a battle … and yet you do not have direct access to them. You depend on luck, on whimsical randomness, because your destiny is in the hands of a Dungeon Master who is the one who guides your steps through the board. Help the innocent, confront by force a group of thugs who try to steal your money, explore a dark forest in search of treasures, enjoy a good jug of beer in the tavern … what will you do? Which road will you choose? Hand of Fate 2 is a game of decisions, of choosing and trusting luck, because in many cases everything depends on it; of a good roll of dice, or of getting the right card at the right moment. The good news is that in this sequel there are more tests focused on the skill and, therefore, you feel that your actions have more weight in the action.swords

It is a tremendously funny experience that also surprises for its great plot background

No longer only when it comes to combat, with fights very Batman style: Arkham; also in the decision-making itself, which confronts us with tests that require a certain mental acuity, reflexes, to successfully overcome. Hand of Fate 2 also introduces the figure of the allies, four characters with their own abilities and bonuses that will provide help during fights, with magical shields or brutal attack movements, but also on the board, providing advantages with a high strategic value. Again, decisions. With which of them will you stay? Will you use one of your skills at the cost of losing your tactical advantages for several turns? It’s what I like most about this video game; how much the story can change depending on the path we choose.

It matters the type of weapons you carry, because there are enemies who defend themselves better than some of them; but also the talismans or special events that you decide to insert into the deck, since one of these cards, at the right time, can save you from starvation, heal your wounds, or grant you a good sum of money to solve some problems without getting your hands dirty. As if it were a roguelike adventure, in Hand of Fate 2 you never know what the future will bring and that fear of the unknown, what will happen next, encourages you to play again and again. It is exciting! A tremendously funny experience that also surprises with its great plot background. Or rather, by a magnificent narrator who will play with our emotions in such a way that we will feel he is a real person, an old friend, with the power to take us out of our boxes with his mocking comments. He will laugh at us, with style, with a certain elegance, but he will … and he will annoy us. In a good way, of course, and it’s worthy of admiration.

The allusion to facts of the first video game – not available in Nintendo Switch-; the one that reminds you of your decisions, that defines you as a sanctimonious or someone inclement. With an amazing naturalness, this Dungeon Master immerses you in the dark fantasy universe of Hand of Fate and manages, in its own way, not to leave it. Not even when the conditions of the game are fearsome, either because your health is low, or because there is a brutal shortage of food. In this sense, the adventure is divided into several independent chapters with intertwined stories that pose disparate challenges to each other. Do any of you resist? You can move on to another chapter and follow the journey as if nothing to obtain, as a reward, new cards with which to face the challenges of the cards with which to face

As a negative note, the fight is again below expectations. Improvement with respect to the original, it feels more fluid and the camera does not hinder the action, but it lacks a greater variety of enemies and more complex fights. The dependence of chance can also play tricks on us at specific moments of the adventure because there are some challenges that feel cruel and unjust in excess. I was saying before that now there are more alternatives, more options and more challenges based on skill, but losing everything because of a bad dice roll … well, sometimes it can be frustrating. In spite of everything, the action of Hand of Fate 2 is so funny, and the video game looks so good in the visual, that no matter how many obstacles you find along the way, you will always want to try it one more time.

HoF 2 marries perfectly with the portable concept of Nintendo Switch

I do not want to forget precisely the graphics section since the design of the cards is really good. There is a wide variety of them and all have a more than satisfactory finish. The details on the board also contribute to creating a great game environment that is enlivened by good soundtrack and, of course, the imposing voice of the Dungeon Master, who will become our faithful companion of adventures. And this last one will sound like always, the typical message we launched when a video game debuts on Nintendo Switch, but given the style of play that Hand of Fate 2 bets on, this is another one of those titles that marry perfectly with The portable concept of the hybrid console. It is a pleasure to be able to take an RPG of these characteristics wherever you go.

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Hand of Fate 2 is a great role-playing adventure that surprises with the variety of challenges it poses and the freedom of action it grants. Your decisions set the path in a fantasy world that you do not want to escape from. With a great staging, a good narrative and a magnificent Dungeon Master entertaining the game, Hand of Fate 2 is a video game that is worth trying.

  • The Dungeon Master and how it interacts with the player
  • More variety of letters, special events, challenges
  • Although the chance is still very present, there are more tests based on the ability
  • The battles. They are fun, but you need more variety of enemies
  • Some challenges, because of randomness, can still be somewhat frustrating
  • Times of load something elevated

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