The combat intensifies, will you survive? Analysis of The Surge 2

combat intensifies
Written by Kamran Haider

Change the scenario, new enemies emerge, but something does not change: you will die again and again. As challenging as the original game, in the analysis of The Surge 2, you will see that the Deck13 team has done their homework with a better role title that will make you suffer from their challenging battles.

Something funny happens with Souls-style games. Anyone who sees you enjoys them might think that you hate them with all your strength but just the opposite happens. After all, that string of insults, curses, and grimaces of hiding lies an inexplicable sense of pleasure that leads you to continue playing no matter how much the action becomes more and more challenging. “I can with everything!”, You tell yourself just before you die; but far from fleeing, you move on. So again and again, fighting and dying; overcoming the demonic challenges you face. You scream with rage, you jump with joy, and with your voice already broken you celebrate a victory for which you have fought with nails and teeth. Just what awaits you in The Surge 2, a remarkable adventure of action and role that improves what was seen in its original delivery thanks to a more refined combat system, with more options, but above all to a better design of scenarios that, this time, invites exploration.

Far from the dark facilities of CREO, with a whole city ​​to explore, the fight has become even more fierce and spectacular in the new game of Deck 13. The essence is the same as if nothing had changed! And yet the sensations are somewhat different. The fighting is more intense, more frantic, without losing that strategic point that characterizes this bloody futuristic universe. You will have to keep looking for weak points; hit on the head, torso or any limb that is unprotected, but you will have to do it at full speed by reacting to the fearsome onslaught. An oversight and you’re dead, the same old philosophy, but now with options as interesting directional blocks that will allow you to execute a devastating counterattack or the new dodges, that will lead you to live epic moments when, in the last second, before an imposing enemy, you jump over that huge sword that would have surely reaped your life.

Hit, cut and evolve

Although the improvement of the combat system is a key point to understand the evolution of The Surge 2, it is the change of scenery that will really make you enjoy even more the brutal action of this video game developed by the authors of Lords of the Fallen. There is more freedom when exploring a battlefield that surprises both by the variety of locations and by the intelligent design of its levels, very Metroidvania style. They are larger spaces, generally open, with lots of shortcuts and alternative paths that will help you catch many of the enemies in the rear.

Forget about throwing yourself in the face, crazy, with your gun held high. The most normal thing is that in the distance, in an inaccessible area, an enemy with a precision rifle awaits you; or that on the roofs of the buildings there are mechanical beasts waiting for the right moment to fall on you and, of course, kill you in seconds. That is why exploring is essential to escape from some of the most dangerous places in Jericho City. You can forcefully assault a checkpoint protected by automatic turrets and several mercenaries armed to the teeth, or look for an alternative route to escape behind enemy lines with some stealth ending your rivals one by one. It’s up to you.

Surprise both for the variety of locations, and for the intelligent design of their levels.

Each battle demands that you be precise in your movements; that you act with some planning to know who and where to hit while avoiding the fierce attacks of enemies that will charge like wild animals, cornered and attacking mercilessly. That is why the tension and fear of defeat do not disappear at any time, in front of any enemy!, Which helps to get even more into the bloody action of The Surge 2. Their fighting is slow, strategic, very much in line from the ” hit and run ” pattern to which the Dark Souls series from From Software has accustomed us; but in turn they are also intense and frantic, with elusive and blockages that you must execute at the right time, in the right direction, to have real effect.evolve

It is one of the things I like most about The Surge series. Here it is not worth hitting without toning or is. You must decide where you hit and, now also, the direction in which you do it to maximize the damage or cause different reactions in the enemies. Give them hard on the legs and you will get them to lose their balance, or mash the head to interrupt their next action. And although theirs is to attack the unprotected areas, if you want to evolve and improve your equipment you will have to do just the opposite: cut off those parts of the body from which you need raw materials. A curious way to increase the hardness of some combats that are as fun as exciting, although in the medium term they end up becoming somewhat mechanical due to the lack of a larger repertoire of enemies. There are few variations in the fight, which reduces some charm to some battles that gave for much more.

As was the case with the original, The Surge 2 has also fallen somewhat short in terms of final bosses. Not many. And although these fights are pure emotion, because they include some phases that force you to completely change the way you fight, in the end, you are left wanting more clashes of the style. To make matters worse, being few, it hurts that many of the final enemies and sub-bosses are precisely common enemies of larger size, or with extra abilities. I do not say that it is not fun, it is and much !, but obviously I expected something different. I love that before rivals able to lay you down at once, the game forces you to face them, face to face, to block and counterattack … and dodge and attack and also use that blessed drone that on more than one occasion will save your life thanks to its multiple uses, including firearms and distraction measures. But that is precisely why I lack more clashes of style.

As was the case with the original, The Surge 2 has also fallen somewhat short in terms of final bosses.

There is a lot of epic in the fighting, with incredible movements such as landslides that you can use to circumvent threats and hit an enemy. With arms, legs, and heads flying here and there, The Surge 2 is also strong in regards to hero customization. Although there are only three parameters to be enhanced with experience points, here known as scrap metal, this does not prevent you from creating the warrior that best suits your playing style. In the end, we talk about being more or less fast, of hitting with greater or lesser forcefulness, but it is enough for you to feel comfortable with the protagonist of the action and it is appreciated. It would have been great to have more options, to be able to use a greater variety of combat styles, but in general, the sensations are quite good. Partly also thanks to the implants, which you can change at all times, and give you access to certain special skills, such as cures or power and defense shots. It is up to you and what you are looking for.

It is noted that the team of Deck 13 has taken good note of the criticisms that the original game received, now facing a better video game in every way. The difficulty has been balanced in such a way that you will not suffer moments of frustration, especially because of the wise distribution of those medical centers that you will use to rest and level up; not forgetting that Jericho City is a more interesting and fun place to explore than CREO’s facilities. You will move through urban districts, forested areas, dark research centers, and even a port area, and in all these regions you will find something that catches your eye; details that will encourage you to want to move on. In this sense, the storyIt is not one of the most spectacular, but the story translated into Spanish is followed with interest and this contributes to the fact that you are now surrounded by other people with whom to chat, trade and even solve their problems with a certain ability to choose. Also, the universe that surrounds The Surge is frankly interesting, because in this chapter you find even the typical sects of technology-loving fans. They never fail!

It is quite effective in representing the crudest action

Visually speaking The Surge 2 also shows a better face than the original game, although it is not a game that stands out for the spectacular graphics. The scenarios are more colorful, bigger, while the enemies have good modeling … which unfortunately is repeated in excess. So much, that sometimes you will find yourself fighting against several identical rivals. This is not a surprising title that will leave you speechless, as it presents some scenarios not very grateful, but at least it is quite effective in its way of representing the crudest action. The same could be said of its sound section. Meet simply, immersing yourself in the dark and bloody sci-fi universe that the team responsible for Lords of the Fallen has recreated with such a good tino. It also has a curious asynchronous multiplayer that, on the one hand, it allows to warn -or cheat- other players through the use of graffiti, and on the other hand to hide banners to earn extra credits as long as they remain hidden from the rest of the players. As a climax, once you have overcome the adventure, you can bet on the New Game + mode to face tougher challenges with the team and level reached in the adventure.

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It is hard not to have fun with the exciting battles in which The Surge immerses you; a remarkable action and role-playing game that improves what was seen in the original delivery. He still lacks some more fluency in combat and better designs of enemies and scenarios to achieve excellence, but step by step, following his own path, Deck 13 has created a great alternative to the main referents of the action and role.

  • The exciting combat system, slow but at the same time frantic
  • Jericho City is a well-designed scenario whose paths converge intelligently
  • The mechanics of cutting off the limbs of enemies to obtain raw materials
  • Challenging and spectacular fights against final bosses …
  • … although they are not many and in some cases, they are recycled enemies
  • It lacks a greater variety of rivals against which to fight
  • It’s a good fiction universe but history lacks strength and originality

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