The dragons attack! Analysis of Elsweyr, new expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online

Written by Kamran Haider

Dragons Their mere presence would shake anyone, but they are the enemies to beat in the new great expansion of The Elder Scrolls. In the analysis of Elsweyr, we tell you about these epic battles, but also about the history, missions and other contents that make this MMORPG so recommendable.

A winged shadow, fleeting, puts you on alert. It’s here; It was time to fight. Not against any enemy; not against a creature that you can defeat easily. It is a dragon. A winged beast that at a stroke, with a fierce scream, can kill dozens of heroes. And it’s great, of course, because you feel like a nobody next to these deadly creatures that, at last, have unleashed chaos in the fantastic world of The Elder Scrolls Online. It has cost, yes, but after enjoying the great adventure that Elsweyr proposes there is no denying that the wait was worth it. It’s fun, exciting, addictive and at times also very spectacular. The usual tonic in an MMORPG that throughout its five years of life has managed to grow and expand to become one of the most recommended online role adventures of the moment.

Are you afraid to be late? Losing the thread of events? You can breathe easy. Bethesda and the team of Zenimax Online have been very skilled in converting all these expansions into independent chapters that you can enjoy at any time, be a veteran or a newcomer. Do you want to start with Morrowind? Go ahead, nobody will stop you. Do you prefer to enter the land of the Khajiites? Do not think for a second and start your great adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr , because you will also do it with the assurance that you will always find players with whom to form a team thanks to the One Tamriel system, which adapts the skill level of the enemies to the player’s own. So yes, from the first minute you can fight against dragons without feeling that you’ve lost anything along the way, which is great. But this is not the only strength of an MMO without quotas that also catches, and in what way, with its recreation of the exciting universe The Elder Scrolls.

Dragons, necromancers and a great world to explore in TESO

If I like something about TESO, it is the importance it has always attached to the narrative. There’s a lot of action, dungeons, battles against other players and everything you expect from an online role-playing adventure but as I told you in the analysis of The Elder Scrolls Online, its essence is that of a traditional RPG in the sense that the story it’s everything. Even the simplest of its missions are accompanied by a good storyline that helps to get fully into this great universe of fantasy. The remarkable Morrowind knew to exploit this quality to the maximum creating an exciting adventure in the plot, and something like that expected of Elsweyr that achieves it … although half.

With the dragons involved and an army of undead people, the new TESO expansion had it all to go crazy with an epic story, one that you do not forget easily, and although it is exciting and makes you enjoy big moments, the truth is that the main mission line does not fully exploit its full potential. There are too many fronts open simultaneously; too many distractions that break the rhythm of a story that wants to cover a lot at the expense of deepening little in topics that gave much more. Especially the necromancers. While I love fighting dragons, and would not trade them for anything in the world, I believe that focusing on the dark arts of these dangerous sorcerers would have contributed to creating a more interesting and surprising story. Just like the side missions.The dragons attack

The recreation of the universe The Elder Scrolls is amazing.

These are the ones that really surprise with the strength of their narrative; those who with ingenuity and a lot of humor manages to make you laugh with a huge variety of stories that help to understand and know the culture of the khajiitas. A sorcerer cat … of a hangover? It is one of so many crazy characters that you will run into during the adventure living situations as hilarious as appearing in the middle of an army of enemies because of, yes, the drunkenness of your fellow cat. Enough has the poor withstanding. And this is one of the great things not only of Elsweyr but of the rest of TESO’s expansions, which have managed to dignify and give the importance they deserve to all factions and races that populate the universe The Elder Scrolls.

I was fascinated to return to Vvardenfell after so many years, to lose myself in the ancestral lands of the High Elves in Summerset, and now also to explore with great freedom the world of Elsweyr. There is so much to see, so many places to visit, that I can only recommend you make the leap to The Elder Scrolls Online to discover the bhajia culture. Its temples, cities, the itinerant markets in the middle of the desert … look where you look you will find beautiful prints that invite you to want to move on. The place is arid, yes, but you will also find jungles, fields of crops and even oasis in the middle of nowhere. Zenimax has opted to provide more vertical scenarios, which helps create environments if possible more spectacular. All accompanied, of course, by the presence of dragons that at any moment they can take land and start a fierce fight against all those brave people who decide to join this world event, in the style of the daedric portals we face in previous episodes.

The fight against the dragons does not differ from the fight against the fearsome final bosses in the dungeons. So yes, they are very spectacular but do not expect to find anything out of the ordinary. Each of these winged creatures will have unique special abilities that will force us to change our combat strategy, either by dodging fireballs or fierce claws. The best? That regardless of how powerful you are, they are more so, so one or two hits given to send you to the other neighborhood will suffice.Elder Scrolls Online

And the dead came alive with the dragons involved, the adventure becomes more epic, since there is nothing like seeing one of these creatures throwing fire on other players. However, the undead has also earned their moment of glory with the figure of the Necromancer, a new kind of character with which it is hard not to have fun. He is so versatile that he can play the role of attacker, healer or tank, combining a variety of special abilities ranging from raising the dead, creating explosive skeletons or flaming skulls, to using the corpses of fallen enemies to heal their wounds and those of the allies … or to harm others.Necromancer

With the dragons in between, the adventure becomes even more epic

Necromancers are even able to summon a gigantic golem of flesh that can wreak havoc among the enemy ranks. Maybe I hoped to take control of more living dead simultaneously, create a small army of Diablo 2-esque skeletons, but I would be lying if I said I had not had a great time taking control of these fearsome sorcerers. However, I have enjoyed the roleplaying; of the feeling of being in control of a warrior specialized in dark art prohibited in all Tamriel. What does this mean? That to demonstrate before others your dominion over life and death is punishable, for which you will have to render an account before the justice. Even the main characters of the adventure will speak very badly of the necromancers, which can create uncomfortably and at the same time funny situations if you yourself are one of them.

For everything else The Elder Scrolls: Elsweyrit remains tremendously true to the essence not only of the original but of the vast majority of MMORPGs in the market. There are lots of missions, dungeons for groups, options as interesting as buying a house and adapting it to your liking; mounts, legendary equipment, a complete system of crafts and a powerful PvP to measure your strength against dozens of other players. I miss some more variety in the action, a more elaborate and original mission design that does not depend so much on the narrative, which in the end is what prompts us to move forward, but in general it is a video game of more fun than know how to combine the moments of exploration with the combats. In this sense, with the inclusion of necromancers,

Despite what may seem, yes, the combats are not at all simple since you can create spectacular synergies with the special abilities of other heroes, thus maximizing the attack strength or the healing powers of the heroes. They are about 30 hours of main adventure that do nothing but show that The Elder Scrolls Online is now one of the best MMO on the market. The lack of translation into Spanish can throw back more than one, especially considering that history and narrative are its main attraction, but we must not forget the incredible work of Cervantes, a group of fans who, on their own, are translating the videogame into the language of Cervantes. So soon we can also enjoy Elsweyr with the texts in Spanish. The wait, once again, will be worth it for those who yearn to lose themselves in this fantastic universe of fantasy.

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Dragons and necromancers are a good incentive to go back into the world of The Elder Scrolls Online exploring the beautiful and dangerous lands of Elsweyr. There are many adventures to live, lots of battles to fight, and the best thing is that you will do it once again enjoying a great story full of humor. Although they miss more novelties in the design of missions and the action itself, Bethesda has signed a remarkable work.

  • The fight against the dragons and the new lands of Elsweyr
  • The necromancers: it is very fun to take control of these characters
  • Secondary missions with a great and fun plot background. They are the best!
  • Little news of weight in the playable
  • The main story, while interesting, is not as exciting as we expected

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