The great Undertale brings his magic to Nintendo Switch. Analysis

Nintendo Switch
Written by Kamran Haider

Nintendo Switch receives an atypical RPG, with a unique style ! which surprises for its imaginative staging, its exciting combats, and delirious history. Did not you play it in your day? If this is your case, in the analysis of Undertale we give you a few reasons so you do not doubt it, so you can do with this videogame!

It has taken longer than desired but like so many other indie phenomena, the excellent Undertale has ended up premiering on Nintendo Switch. Bravo! Because it is a genuine work; a video game with a unique style that is hard to resist. Yes, it is very special and, yes, you may be one of those who do not finish seeing the grace of this role adventure with retro aesthetics , but the truth is that there are few works like this one; There are few games that end up falling in love with the way this tobyfox title does . My partner Alejandro Pascual was quite clear about it when it was released years ago on PC. “You can not explain an image or a video or a friend, or this same analysis.” Understanding Undertale is an act of faith. “One that is difficult to talk about for fear of telling too much, to gut more of the account, to discover that which makes it so special.

Again I resort to the original text. “Trying to explain it is like dissecting a corpse to find the soul because Undertale is not the sum of its parts, there is something intrinsic about it, between its absurd aspect, its meaningless dialogues and its histrionic situations that connect with each one of us at different levels. ” It is not the only thing that makes it unique. It has the essence of the Nintendo classics, a dark, same but at the same time different from the one we know, and also presents an aesthetic and characters that remember the best Tim Burton. To the filmmaker, or to the best Shigesato Itoi, in the series Earthbound, of which this video game drinks a lot with great success. One of many reasons why it is exciting to enjoy a game of these characteristics in the Nintendo hybrid console, which adapts without new features while retaining intact the essence and charm of the original.

The art of surprising

Undertale is what happens when a designer gets out of the norm and manages to disinfect himself of all the vices that the videogame industry has taken for so long. Yes, there are elements of RPG, pure arcade, minigames, history with moral decisions, but nothing is resolved as we are used to. Maybe that’s his magic. The argument? It’s the story of the fall down the rabbit hole. To the underworld where the monsters live, exiled by a man in an ancestral war. We, in the skin of a child to be baptized, will have to find a way to escape from this place. Classic, right? You will not need much time to realize that nothing is what it seems and that the inclusion of clichés and recognizable elements are only there to be of surprising

Undertale adapts to Switch while keeping intact the essence and charm of the original.

This is demonstrated, for example, by the combat system, which in addition to the classic options of fighting or using an object is added to interact with enemies, so that we can forgive them and not end them. However, if we do not, we will not get EXP, and we already know how important this is in a role-playing game, right? They, however, will attack, but not in a combat of statistics, but in one where we will see our heart (our life) and almost as if a shoot’em up of the branch of the bullet hell was involved, we will have to dodge their attacks and, sometimes, even, his tears. Because, as I said before, nothing is what it seems in the world of Undertale.

What the title achieves impeccably is to fight against the habits of an RPG as if that were its main objective. The constant routine of fighting and watching a few numbers is replaced by this almost-minigame mechanics, always different, always fun that you will not see practically repeated throughout the adventure, even less in final bosses that are the icing on the originality and pure fun. This premise is repeated in the exploration, always with puzzles different, without daring more than in its final part, probably the least inspired of all, to get bored with a mechanic that you have already overcome. Therefore, Undertale seeks at all the constant surprise of the player that should be to be in a completely strange world, populated by even stranger monsters and with a couple of skeletons as secondary, Sans and Papyrus, which give off a special charisma.puzzles

It’s a shame not to be able to talk and go deeper into the issues that Undertale wants to address or how it does it. You can only mention in passing the surprises that he keeps and the ways he has to break the fourth wall to points that rival against the most consecrated examples that you remember in a show of visceral programming. In fact, sometimes it has so much tension to force the last surprise, twist the gag to the unsuspected, that this could be the most repetitive that has the title.Undertale

What the title achieves impeccably is to fight against the habits of an RPG

But as we say, the surprises never end, and if you come from the generation of games like The Stanley Parable and the entire experimental branch, UndertaleIt can be the best work of the year in that aspect, because it also does not forget to have fun with mechanics and not only with the narrative, to the point that any external information that you read about it and is not in the game, is almost a spoiler in itself. And that’s why I can not say anything else unless you jump into the rabbit hole or you do not. Choose what you choose, do not prejudge it because as you have read (or not) throughout this analysis, what matters least of all is its graphics aspect; Those images that make you frown and think of a little worked title. But it is that, until that, it has its meaning.

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Undertale can be considered a rarity, but one of those that occur when the way of making video games is so uniform and so constructed that only by taking the opposite way is it possible to surprise. But Toby Fox’s work is not just an anecdote. It is perfectly raised and hides something that connects directly and indirectly with anyone who has spent too much time with a command in their hands.

  • A tremendously original video game
  • The way he has to run from repetition
  • It does not break. Bust the fourth wall
  • The final stretch may not be up to the rest

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