The International 2019 Battle Pass is Currently Available

international battle pass
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

The Dota 2 International 2019 doesn’t get in progress until August, yet The International Battle Pass, which grants proprietors access to selective content, features, and rewards, is accessible for buy today. The “standard” Battle Pass can be had for $10, while larger amount passes—with more rewards—are additionally accessible at discounted prices.

international battle pass

This year’s pass incorporates Wrath of Mo’rokai custom game mode, a Jungle Expedition, and unlockable “Guardians of the Lost Path” custom towers that “will never be tradable or available on the marketplace”—you either open them with the Battle Pass, or you miss out a great opportunity.

New consumables, similar to the Trusty Shovel, the Snake Balloon, and the poop-flinging Silly Monkey will help you along the way, another Coach’s Challenge will test your ability to control lower-MMR players through matches, and new Party Finder will enable you to discover fun people to play Dota 2 with, without screwing around with your Steam Friends list. (Avoid Player, which does definitely the opposite, is additionally in there.) There’s another avatar banner, a High Five action, MVP voting, another Versus screen, and more—it’s an extremely extensive rundown.

Returning features—since that’s only the new stuff—incorporate the ability to twofold down MMR prizes (or misfortunes) once every week, Immortal things recycling, wagering, ranked roles, in-game tipping, trivia, predictions, the Daily Hero Challenge, and a huge number of rewards that expansion with Battle Pass levels.

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The purpose of all this, besides from loading up Dota 2 fans with stuff, is to siphon up The International prize pool: 25% of Battle Pass deals are added to the pool, which is as of now pushing $2.7 million. The enormous show this year runs August 20-25.

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