The Most Up to Date Arma 3 Battle is Set in the Cold War

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There was some confusion the previous fall when gaming site CentrumHer revealed that Arma 4 is being developed. It emerged from the fact that Arma 4, supposedly, is not being developed by any stretch of the imagination. What was really happening, PR manager Korneel van ‘t Land clarified, was an “Arma 3 Creator Bootcamp” for potential third-party Arma 3 DLC makers. Bohemia Interactive has “concrete plans for a lot of support for Arma 3 through a blend of official new content and ideally third-party DLC content, in any event, the coming year,” van ‘t Land said, and this was an approach to get those creators up to speed.

Arma Creator

The first of those Arma 3 Creator DLC releases, by developer Vertexmacht, is presently accessible, and it’s an exacting blast from the past: Global Mobilization – Cold War Germany comes back to the 1980s with West and East German forces squaring off on a monstrous map in northern Germany. The DLC incorporates 42 vehicles and variants, 21 weapons and variants, 17 multiplayer scenarios, and a singleplayer crusade with ten missions.

“With Creator DLC, for example, Global Mobilization – Cold War Germany, Bohemia Interactive plans to give increasingly original quality content to Arma 3 players, create an open door for outside ability to win a financial reward, while additionally making it possible to put more into the Arma series‘ long-term future,” Bohemia said. Details on the program, if you’re keen in trying your hand at substance creation or simply curious what it’s about, are accessible on the Arma 3 Creator DLC page, and in this update from prior in April.

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The Cold War Germany DLC is the most recent case of Bohemia’s longstanding pledge to modders and to Arma being a stage for other people’s work. Towards the end of 2013, the company’s “Make Arma Not War” competition awarded €500,000 to makers. One of the champs? A then-unknown PlayerUnknown.

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Arma 3: Global Mobilization – Cold War Germany goes for $23/£17/€20 on Steam or through the Bohemia Store, and is accessible for 10% off those costs until May 6. The base cost of Arma 3 has been for all time reduced too, to $30/£24/€28, and previously released DLC has likewise been discounted.

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