The New Soldier Update to PlanetSide 2 is the ‘Biggest Since 2016’

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Written by Faiza Iftikhar

PlanetSide 2 is getting a gigantic update on April 25th called “New Soldier”. Developers state that it is the greatest update to the game since 2016 and it includes various updates and enhancements that incorporate moving to DirectX 11 and the new Nanite Systems Operatives faction.

planetside 2

Nanite Systems Operatives will also arrive. Interestingly, another faction is being added to PlanetSide 2! These robotic fighters will fight close by the most minimal populated empire in any zone. This implies you won’t have to wait to join the activity on a functioning continent as long as it’s not totally full. For the time being, the NS Operatives framework will only be accessible to members. After the arrangement of the New Soldier, developers have plans to proceed onward on to redoing the new player instructional exercises. Meanwhile, new players will be “automatically set into Mentor squads when they sign into the game”.

planetside 2

The most noteworthy part of this update is the change to PlanetSide 2’s renderer, which has been overhauled from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11. It additionally incorporates the new Nanite Systems Operatives faction, and another alarm focused on conveying corium to rocket launch sites which will enable you to win access to the Wasp air vehicle for your group in a future update. We’ve wrapped the majority of this up with various other upgrades that you can find out about in the fix notes, which will be accessible later on.

We reported our port to DirectX 11 on our 6th Anniversary. At the time, we were trying an early form and performance tests looked encouraging. It’s been lengthy, difficult experience from that point forward, however, our full reconciliation is finished! DX11 will significantly help FPS execution on modern hardware and will give us a way for further improvements in the future. This is definitely not a visual or gameplay update, so everything should look and play equivalent to it generally has – just with better execution.

The team is pleased with this update and we never would have gotten this far without the proceeded with support of our players – we couldn’t request for a better network than the one that remains committed to Auraxis. We will be working to advance this update, and with the majority of the changes, we expect there to be a decent amount of new and returning players coming into the game… which implies that means we need the PS2 group to meet up like never before.

planetside 2

We’ll be monitoring who runs incredible Mentor squads and creates upbeat, enlightening, and positive encounters for new players. We plan on connecting with a portion f these all-stars for network spotlight features. And don’t simply try to cushion up your Mentor squad hours – this isn’t what we’ll search for!

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That about covers it until now. We trust you are all as energized as we are for tomorrow’s enormous update! Looking forward, in addition to the upgraded tutorials we referenced, we have a great deal of other exciting plans including the new Oshur mainland. I’m certain we’ll have a few changes and bug fixes to make in the wake of this update, yet it feels incredible to cast our eyes down the schedule to the stunning future for PlanetSide 2 we’re moving towards.

Thanks again, and we’re anticipating seeing you all on the war zone.

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