The Nilfgaardian Armor in Netflix’s The Witcher Series is Disturbingly Wrinkly

Nilfgaardian armor
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

With the arrival of Netflix’s The Witcher series gradually yet surely approaching, leaked footage of what is purportedly actors wearing Nilfgaardian armor has shown on the Redanian Intelligence YouTube channel. The video doesn’t reveal anything about the story or amazement appearance appearances—it’s essentially just actors messing around off-camera—however, the armor is truly something to see.

Nilfgaardian armor

Remarks on YouTube and Resetera are not by any means positive about the armor’s appearance. One described it as “handcrafted hockey gear,” while another compared it to “generic Mordor,” and another one said the actors wearing it resemble “Power Ranger mooks.” One especially silver-tongued observer described the soldiers as resembling “ballsacks with swords,” which, alright, yeah, that’s reasonable.

In any case, cooler heads called attention to that what you find in these clips is almost certainly not what you’ll see on film: Between after creation effects and the natural changes fashioned by the camera, what you find in the Netflix series presumably isn’t going to look quite like this.

Even so, the armor is intriguing to see since it’s so totally different from Nilfgaardian armor in The Witcher games, especially The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, in which the powerful Empire of Nilfgaard attacks the Northern Kingdoms. The color is right—Nilfgaardians are conversationally known as the Black Ones—and the badge fits, yet generally, otherwise it’s not even remotely comparable.

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It’s conceivable that this armor is being worn by some group of the Nilfgaardian military that we haven’t keep running into yet, or that the weird structure is expected to facilitate some weird, after creation CGI effect, in spite of the fact that I don’t think that appears to be all respects likely. Whatever it ends up being (and yes, it’s additionally possible that they’ll simply look cheap and awful), I imagine that we’ll get an appropriate look at them decently soon: The Witcher on Netflix is relied upon to make a big appearance late this year, and there will most likely be no small amount of pre-release promotion leading into it.

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