The Outer Worlds will have Two Main Endings, In Addition a Slideshow of Different Consequences

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Written by Faiza Iftikhar

One of the first inquiries asked of new story-driven and decision -based RPGs is “yet do your decisions make a difference?” It sounds like they will in The Outer Worlds, however in the equivalent slideshow style of Fallout: New Vegas. “There are two essential paths at the end: regardless of whether you agreed with Phineas or The Board,” said co-director Leonard Boyarsky in an interview. “After that you get an entire series of slides that talk about the aftereffects of your actions and the outcomes of the choices you made all through the whole game.”

Outer Worlds

In the same interview, Boyarsky said that he hasn’t totaled up all the potential mixes yet that “they talk about the various people that you experienced, the various areas that you entered, how you tackled certain quests and what that implies for the future of the colony.”

What is The Outer Worlds’ release date?

At E3 2019, Obsidian reported that The Outer Worlds will release October 25, 2019.

E3 2019’s trailer for The Outer Worlds

To feature the possibility that you’ll have the option to play as any sort of character you want, the trailer poses the question: will you be a hero, a villain, or a complete psychopath?

Here’s a 20 minute gameplay demo from the E3 Coliseum

Will The Outer Worlds be sold on Steam?

Not at launch. Back in March, Epic Games declared that The Outer Worlds would be an Epic Games Store restrictive for the standard period of one year. It will likewise be playable through the Microsoft Store on PC, however.

Is it an open world? 

The Outer Worlds is not generally a giant sandbox. You can’t uninhibitedly roam around the planets—you’ll be investigating an area of every one at any time, however you’ll have the option to to go around them at your own pace, and they’ll all have plenty of sidequests to discover. You can travel directly between certain areas without coming back to your home base, a spaceship, but they’ll be split up by a loading screen.

open world

You’ll come back to similar areas throughout the game, and they may have changed relying upon your past actions.

You can complete quests in multiple ways 

In typical Obsidian fashion, you’ll have the option to tackle each journey in lots of different ways. In most, you’ll have the option to battle, sneak or talk your way to the end. Main quests have numerous means to them, enabling you to switch your approach on the fly.

complete quests in multiple ways

If you need to be a smooth talker, it won’t simply be as simple as picking the right stats and perks: you’ll frequently need to locate a specific item in the world, or gather some knowledge about the person you’re trying to talk your way around.

Can you romance companions? 

Not a chance.The developers considered it, however, decided against it.

Will The Outer World have mods?

Possibly. Obsidian are available to the thought, however it partly relies upon Epic Games, in light of the fact that The Outer Worlds uses Unreal Engine 4. The team is set to have “further talks” with Epic later on, they told us. They aren’t intending to release a modkit at launch.

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