The strategic genius of Civilization VI comes to Nintendo Switch. Analysis

Civilization VI
Written by Kamran Haider

One more turn … and keep playing! At home or wherever thanks to the portable mode of Nintendo Switch you can enjoy the great saga Civilization wherever you go. Promising? In the analysis of Civilization VI, we talk about one of the best strategy video games of the moment. Ready to conquer the world?

For years it has been one of the most repeated phrases by PC fans. “One more turn and I finish”. They rarely did it. As I mentioned in the analysis of Civilization VI , “is the big lie we tell ourselves not to feel bad after hours in front of the computer,” and now it’s worse !, because the video game has adapted brilliantly to the circuits of Nintendo Switch, allowing you to tell this same lie to your relatives, partner, friends or whoever, wherever you go, thanks to the portable mode of the hybrid console. It is a vice!; but the good, the one that motivates you to return to the game over and over again. There is always something new to do in this veteran saga of strategy by turns developed by the team of Firaxis Games, authors also of the last X-COM.

You may be tired, you find yourself playing in untimely hours, but there you go, happy, to yours, managing your empire with a variety of actions that would surprise anyone. It’s fun in a way that is hard to explain with words. You begin the journey, the great mission of becoming the leader of the nation that will dominate the world, and immediately, you feel the urgent need to tell someone. To relate your great deeds, your masterful moves, how you deceived the Romans or won the friendship of the United States. And you never get tired of it. You always want more. You need more stories to tell because this is an endless game. A title that almost magically is impossible to get out of your head. It does not have a great argument or lack that does, because it is your actions that define the story. It is you who creates that great adventure, that epic historical tale that you can not disengage from.

Passion for the turns … in portable mode

There is so much to do, so many things to consider, that I understand that more than one feels fear at the mere idea of ​​guiding the steps of an entire nation. Do not worry. Civil 6 on Nintendo Switch does homework twice. Like the original PC, it is an easy-to-play video game that works the impossible to create a friendly gaming experience without losing the strategic depth of the Civilization series.; and it is also a game that works perfectly on the console, either using traditional controls or through the use of the touch screen in portable mode. It is difficult to adopt a bit, more if you are used to the mouse and keyboard, but in a matter of minutes, you will feel very comfortable moving troops across the board while, of course, you build, investigate, trade and even forge impossible alliances with other nations.

Turn by turn, step by step, you will discover how addictive the game of Firaxis and 2K Games can be. You can use brute force, build a great army, and shoot down empires with a clean cannon; or strengthen diplomacy and trade, expand your influence throughout the world, and achieve success without using weapons. Espionage? Religion? In the end, everything is worth it. And the best thing is that Civilization 6 adapts perfectly to your style thanks to the Eureka Moments, which propitiate a strong impulse in the investigation of new technologies and political principles. Do you enjoy the sea? You will receive new boats and options to explore the waters more effectively. Is the war going better? The development of new weapons will arrive faster, thus achieving that The rhythm of the action is more dynamic and agile than ever. But how do we expand our empire?Nintendo Switch

You always want more. You need more stories to tell, because this is a game without end

Unlike other episodes of the franchise, there is much more strategy, more decisions to make before building this or that building since physical space is a precious asset that we can not waste lightly. The constructions that before were erected in the interior of the cities, including the great marvels, leave the walls to look for a place in the adjoining squares. And not. It is not a mere aesthetic question. Depending on the orography of the place, and the resources that we find around us, you can build one or other buildings that, in many cases, are within the so-called districts; special neighborhoods that grant bonuses dedicated to culture, leisure, war or religion among others. Do you want to pyramids? You will only have them if there is a desert around you. Are you interested in building an aqueduct? If there is not a river next to the city, forget it; it can not.24 civilizations

Civilization VI gives off a special charm also in its version for Nintendo Switch

With 24 civilizations to choose from, all with buildings, units and unique features, Civil 6 guarantees dozens, hundreds of hours of pure entertainment ! because with each game you learn new ways of facing your strategic action. There is much more to consider, as I said in his original analysis, but here I prefer to tell you about the sensations with Nintendo Switch; how this veteran franchise adapts to the circuits of the hybrid console, and the truth is that the work done by Aspyr is fantastic. The loading times they are somewhat dilated, as well as the wait between shifts and turns when the game is advanced, but it is incredible to be able to enjoy a Civilization with all of the law in a console … which is also portable! On the television, with control, the control feels comfortable, but also if you bet on using the touch screen, where the game looks great. I confess that I was worried about the size of the letters, that it would cost to manage the empire in a screen of those dimensions, but soon the game in erases that fear.

Yes, the online multiplayer has been lost along the way, which is a real shame, but strategy fans can continue to challenge their friends thanks to the multiplayer in local network for four people, each user using their own console to enjoy it in a big way, that few titles are as fun as this one. Fun and beautiful, because its artistic design is worthy of praise. Each faction leader is represented with an exquisite taste, betting on a style reminiscent of Pixar’s animated films. The game board, the buildings, the wonders of the world, the troops … Civilization VI gives off a special charm also in its version for Nintendo Switch, where it works in a fluid way. This colorful and colorful graphics section is accompanied by a great Spanish dubbing and a great soundtrack, which you will end up humming with how good it is.

Too bad that the opportunity was not used to release the game in a more complete version that also includes the Rise & Fall expansion, available on PC since the beginning of this year. What comes to the hybrid console is an updated version of the original that includes some improvements in its operation, as well as several packs of additional content with new nations such as Poland, Australia, Macedonia or Persia. Enough to keep you glued to the console for many, many hours. And it is incredible. If not long ago we had fun with Diablo III: Eternal Collection, now is another of the great sagas of PC which fits perfectly on Nintendo Switch, showing that in this small console everything is possible. So … ready to play another turn?

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Civilization VI is one of the best turn-based videogames of recent years, so it’s amazing to be able to enjoy a work of these characteristics and magnitude in Nintendo Switch. There is so much to do, and it’s so much fun, that you’ll spend hours forging great empires wherever you go. And this, speaking of a saga as emblematic and respected as Civilization, is incredible.

  • Civilization VI in console, and with portable mode! It is a dream come true
  • Very easy to play but at the same time difficult to master. There is a lot of strategic depth
  • More than 20 civilizations with their own unique characteristics
  • Although it is multiplayer in a local network, the online is missing
  • Times of load something elevated


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