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The parents of the great Maniac Mansion rejoin their paths to create another great graphic adventure that is pure nostalgia! Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick surprise us once again with an intelligent, fun video game, with ingenious puzzles, dialogues for memories and much, much mystery. After passing through PC and Xbox One, in the analysis of Thimbleweed Park in its version for PS4, we tell you why you should not miss this title.

I lived with the illusion of a child the launch of Thimbleweed Park on PC and Xbox One and it could not be otherwise! The creators of the great Maniac Mansion together, again, giving life to a graphic adventure designed in the image and likeness of those great classics who fell in love in the 80s and 90s. The game is pure nostalgia, a wonderful ode to a genre that it has gone through difficult times but that nevertheless, like the heroes that usually carry out these adventures, it has never thrown the arms to earth; He has always fought to keep his memory alive. And it is appreciated, go if it is appreciated, seeing the results obtained with this title that now lands on PS4. It is an exciting, great and fun graphic adventure of point & click style that knows how to take advantage of this feeling of nostalgia with exquisite taste, without falling into the easy, always looking for a way to surprise fans with more ingenious and crazy challenges if fits.

It matters little that you are veterans, that you know by heart the crazy adventures of Guybrush Threepwood and other heroes of the long-awaited LucasArts; or that this is almost your first foray into the genre, that the click on commands such as “Use”, “Look”, “Give” or “Push” sounds like archaic, something of other times. The new of Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick has the amazing ability to please each other in a great way, being a classic! But at the same time also novel; With humor! yes, but also with a lot of intrigues, suspense and, above all, puzzles and dialogues with infinite charm. This game is pure love; An ode not only to a genre by many but to a whole generation of fans, who will find in it one of those little treasures that are not easily forgotten.

Sweet and fun back to the past

The Year of 1987. A murder has been committed in the small town of Thimbleweed Park and two federal agents have gone to investigate the event. Point! I will not tell you anything more than an argument that despite its apparent lack of originality is the opposite !; an imaginative story, masterfully written, with script twists that leave you with your mouth open and much, much ingenuity in the way you raise your riddles. When you think you’ve seen everything … ZAS !, Ron Gilbert and his team surprise you with new challenges; unknowns that will make you smile simply and simply because they are great, because you do not expect them and in one way or another, they manage to immerse you more if possible in the ins and outs of a crime that will take you more than 15 hours to solve.

I am sincere. It is hard for me not to go into details, to stay out of it, but at the end of the day, you will thank me. Every step you take in Thimbleweed Park is an experience… I don’t know, magical? Amazing, that never ceases to amaze thanks to the crazy stories of the inhabitants of this small and mysterious town. His dialogues are written with exquisite taste; They are intelligent and fun, but also deep and brave, even when they are jokes! That there are lots of them. I did not expect less from the creators of Maniac Mansion, who have taken advantage of nostalgia not only to make us smile with jokes and comments related, for example, with the eternal dispute between fans of LucasArts and those of Sierra; also, and this is more important, the puzzles They benefit from it.Sweet

You have to live this adventure to understand all the magic and charm that it gives off.

They are classics, go if they are, but at the same time they feel original, unique, and somehow, also special. Yes, I know! exploring scenarios, talking with quirky characters and accumulating tons of objects in the inventory is nothing new, it is the holy grail of graphic adventures, but Thimbleweed Park, without getting out of these basic rules, knows how to surprise you with a series of challenges that are, at times, devilishly convoluted … although always logical. It is something that I appreciate very much. The tracks are there, scattered around the scenes, hidden in the dialogues, but they are there! And finding them is an incredible sensation. I have shouted with joy after solving some of the most difficult puzzles, to then smile like a fool uncovering myself before the creative genius of a team of veterans who deserve all possible praise.

His work is brilliant at a level that is difficult to describe with words. You have to live this adventure to understand all the magic and charm it gives off, but I do tell you something; he manages to make you return to the past, to the best time of LucasArts, and I believe that there is nothing more valuable for a lover of graphic adventures than this; to feel again the emotions that transmitted games like Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion and other classics of the time. Even the five protagonists we incarnate in this video game give off that charisma unparalleled that makes you take love. Its history, it’s past, its dialogues, the tics, its phobias, its sarcastic comments, its hobbies … everything in them is lovely! And what I like most is how their stories intermingle; As everything ends up making sense.

It is also important to combine the skills of these adventurers to solve some of the most complex puzzles in Thimbleweed Park. It is not that they have special skills per se, but unique knowledge that guarantees them to make use of very specific objects. The feds with the tools to extract fingerprints, for example, or Delores and technology, because it is a video game developer. How many jokes are made at the expense of this trade! Ron Gilbert and his team have no compassion and, always in an ingenious, and very intelligent way, describe the details of a profession in which they have proven to be simply great.

The only thing that has taken me a bit out of history is precisely how the protagonists relate to each other. Ransome the Clown hates the feds and makes him see in each of his lines of dialogue, but in the middle of the game, you can exchange with him any item in your inventory as if such a thing. I understand that it is difficult to give coherence to everything, that in this case the playable premium over the plot, but the truth is that this detail could have been solved in another way. An example. Federals cannot enter the circus without a court order, just as no one, except Delores, can visit inside the family mansion where they live.

I cannot finish this analysis without also extolling the work that has been done at the artistic level. Thimbleweed Park, with that wonderful retro air, is an endearing, super-beautiful video game that surprises with the quirky character design and beautiful stage design. There is variety, and also great attention to detail. Every place you get lost, and there are many, is full of winks to the past of Ron Gilbert and his team, to the eighties and the video game industry itself. I even think it’s great the way in which the fans who once financed the video game on Kickstarterthey have a presence in the adventure, either with hidden stories in a bookstore, as with funny voice messages that you can listen if you call them. The soundtrack is cool, it accompanies the action perfectly, and English dubbing is simply fantastic. Do not worry! The video game is brilliantly translated into Spanish.

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There are so many great things to discover, so many good stories to live in Thimbleweed Park, that no fan of graphic adventures should miss this video game. It is a humble, small work, which nevertheless is called to make history. The quality of his argument, the ingeniousness of his puzzles, the charisma of his protagonists, how well he plays with nostalgia, his fun staging … everything in him is a love song to the genre of graphic adventures! It is fun, exciting, surprising and, in these times, also unique. There’s no excuse what worths. It is a must. A masterpiece.

  • A graphic adventure reminiscent of the best LucasArts works
  • Ingenious dialogues, a surprising argument, and characters with charisma
  • Great puzzle design: challenging but always logical
  • Its retro aesthetic has an irresistible charm
  • The relationship between the protagonists; it is not always resolved in the best way

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