This Slay the Spire Mod Transforms You into Sailor Moon and it Rules

Slay the Spire
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

When I was a child, Sailor Moon was my jam. Do you know what’s additionally my jam? This too cool Sailor Moon-themed Slay the Spire mod that includes her as a playable character, alongside 75 new cards and 20 new relics. This isn’t only a one-dimensional reskin: Creators Aelie and KumaGorath have made some completely new mechanics to learn, as well. It’s all extremely noteworthy.

Slay the Spire

In spite of the fact that I’m a long way from a Slay the Spire pro, I’ve taken this mod for a run and was astounded by how comprehensive it is. The modders made a completely animated Sailor Moon avatar, and well over portion of her cards have remarkable animations when cast.Be that as it may, what’s truly cool is the manner by which Sailor Moon plays compared to Slay the Spire’s main cast.

Unlike normal Slay the Spire characters that have a couple of center highlights (like Defect’s orbs), Sailor Moon has a lot of various keywords and mechanics you need to monitor. Her most basic stat is Magic, which expands the harm dealt by Magical cards up to a specific point of confinement. In order to max your Magic stat, however, you’ll need to intermittently play Transformation cards which expands your Magic Capacity.


One little touch I like a ton is Teamwork cards, which have combo impacts when played in the wake of using certain cards. All of these are themed like the other Sailor Scouts, and when using one they’ll incidentally join you on the battlefield to cast their spell.

It’s a lot to take in and, like with any new StS character, I’m attempting to connect the dots on the best way to best draft new cards and make a feasible build. I’m not sure how very much adjusted the majority of this is, yet I’m having fun just tinkering around with the all the bright, colorful spells and envisioning poor Sailor Moon having to run a perpetual gauntlet of card-based revulsions.

You can download the mod from the Steam Workshop (make sure to download the other required mods, too).

Slay the Spire

The Senshi

The Senshi is a character based off the popular anime. She uses magic and assurance to fight.
This mod contains 75 new cards, 20 new relics, new mechanics and all new workmanship and movements


The Senshi has a few new mechanics:

  • Magic: This will expand the harm of Magical cards.
  • Transformation: Transforming will expand your Magic Capacity
  • Determination: This will alter your Magic each turn.
  • Teamwork: These cards will have an extra impact if they are played straightforwardly after a card tagged “Sailor Moon”


The Senshi has sprite based illustrations and over 2/3 of the cards have one of a kind activitys that happen when they play.

Assist cards will gather their pictured character to execute their assault with sound and vfx inspired by the anime.


This mod was not made for business purposes.
Sailor Moon is possessed by Naoko Takeuchi and Toei Animation

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