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This year will be the release of the epic RPG Queen’s Wish: The Conqueror on iOS

Queens Wish The Conqueror
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Studio Spiderweb Software is well known among fans of classic role-playing games. In her projects, there is no photo-realistic graphics, but there is always deep role-playing and plot. For several years in a row, developers have ported to the Avadon and Avernum series iPads, but now it’s time for a new game.

Queen’s Wish: The Conqueror – a role-playing game in the best traditions of Spiderweb, the money for which the developers raised last year on Kickstarter. In it, you will play for the child of the ruling queen. Your hero spent all his childhood in luxury and prosperity, but at some point the mother sends him to the open world, hoping that he will be able to survive and prove his right to the throne.

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“The queen thinks that you will follow her advice and join the cause of the family. But you may have other plans … “

In Queen’s Wish, you will find several very different ways to win. The release on the PC is scheduled for the third quarter of this year, and after that, the game will be released on iOS. One of the goals on Kickstarter was to transfer the project to the iPhone, which the developers never did. But this time they will make such an attempt.

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