Total War Players are Baffled by the Strategies Used in Game of Thrones’ Battle of Winterfell

Battle of Winterfell
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

A weekend ago, Game of Thrones fans were blessed to receive its most climactic battle yet: The Battle of Winterfell. Called The Long Night, the episode saw a small armed force of men fight a winner-take-all battle against the Night King and his military of the dead. It was supposed to be a cathartic and sensational end to one of the series’ longest-running story arcs, however, for members of the Total War subreddit, that minute was destroyed by the laughably stupid strategies employed by the Winterfell defenders.

Battle of Winterfell

After the episode aired, several Total War fans congregated in a reddit thread to play “armchair general” and evaluate the episode’s crazy use of medieval tactics. In the interim, Total War YouTubers begin pumping out recordings using games like Total War: Warhammer 2 (which helpfully has a whole group of undead) to replay the occasions of the episode. In any case, while their own methodologies differ incredibly, there’s one thing they can concur on: The strategies used in The Battle of Winterfell were past moronic.

In the video above, YouTuber ‘milkandcookiesTW’ offers an excellent breakdown of the considerable number of problems in the episode. Effectively the most despised moment for Total War fans occurred before the battle itself even started. After the sorceress Melissadre touches off the weapons of the Dothraki cavalry, they stupidly charge headfirst into an undead armed force that feels no dread, is tremendously large, and totally concealed by the dark of night.

What the heck was that cavalry charge?” Understands one of the remarks in the thread. “You’re confronting a fragile enemy without any missiles, no lances and no cavalry of their own so you simply choose to Leeroy Jenkins your solitary mounted guys. Alexander the Great is coming in his grave.”

That is only the start, however. Others rush to call attention to point out how dumb it is to put your big guns beyond the confines of the walls, where they can rapidly be overwhelmed and destroyed. Similarly, the vast majority of the Winterfell armed force is likewise put beyond the safety of a flaming palisade that at last ends up catching a decent number of them.  And, as one Redditor brings up even the walls of Winterfell were scarcely defended, everything except allowing the undead to rapidly swarm and take them.

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Even the Night King’s very own techniques have glaring holes in it: “For what reason in night king attacking the palace from one side only? For what reason doesn’t he flank the defenders? For what reason does he wait to resurrect the fallen?” asks Redditor Emberwake.

Obviously, these inquiries don’t compare to a lot greater one’s Game of Thrones fans are left with after that episode and the current week’s episode broadcast. Yet, clearly, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow need to pick some better officers or their case to the Iron Throne isn’t going to mean much.

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