Totally Reliable Delivery Service Open Beta is like Goat Simulator Crossed with UPS

open beta
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

The title of Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a lie on the grounds that the delivery service being referred to isn’t really reliable at all. And not on the grounds that the guy says he rang the doorbell however obviously he didn’t because you were throughout the day, actually sitting tight for your package. No, it’s because there are such a large number of other, all the more interesting things to do, such as going for hot air balloon rides and trying to launch underpowered boats off of water-ski ramps.

open beta

In light of publisher TinyBuild’s description of the game as “controlled noodly chaos,” you presumably as of now have a pretty good idea about whether or not you need to play it. If you’re in anything besides the “hard no” camp, at that point today is your day: For the following two weeks, the TRDS open beta is free for everyone on Steam.

I horsed around with the demo for a couple of minutes and it strikes me as sort of a more objective-oriented Goat Simulator. I didn’t achieve much in my first go-round: I delivered a bundle, completely missed the due date for two others, got distracted, inclined a golf cart into a lake, and all around quickly flew a plane. Online multiplayer resembled a decent time and it was for a couple of minutes until I guess I got excessively rowdy, at which point somebody flung a racist slur at me and after kicked me off the server.

That wasn’t extraordinary, yet then I hooked up on an alternate server and got into a brief, a very stupid wrestling match with a few guys, after which went along them for a hot air balloon ride and a boat ride, the two of which finished badly. (I fell out of the balloon after a biplane collided with it, and the guy driving the boat attempted to incline it yet simply kind of bumped into the ramp instead, and we sank.)

I don’t know how it will hold up over the long-term, particularly in its as of a now janky beta state, however, that was fun. If you want to give it a turn yourself, the open beta is free for everyone until July 8.

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