Two Point Hospital analysis. The best cure against boredom … now on consoles!

Two Point Hospital
Written by Kamran Haider

Build and manage a hospital while facing the craziest diseases in this fun strategy video game inspired by the mythical Theme Hospital. Do you remember him dearly? In the analysis of Two Point Hospital you will discover that this is a worthy successor, and also adapts well to consoles!

Since the day it was announced, I have done nothing but imagine how much fun it would be to enjoy the fantastic Two Point Hospital on Nintendo Switch, wherever I go !, and now that I have it installed on the console I can not be happier with This production of Sega. The game adapts perfectly to the circuits of the machine allowing you to build and manage your own hospital with great comfort thanks to a control system that responds well and accurately to all your needs. I think this was a fear shared by all, because it is not always easy to achieve it when we talk about a strategy video game like this, in which you do not stop building, decorating and managing a thousand and one different details while you cure the craziest and funny diseases you can imagine. Just like in the mythical Bullfrog Theme Hospital !, Which is inspired to shape a magnificent spiritual successor.

As I told you in the analysis of Two Point Hospital on PC, the hours fly once you start the game … and you keep playing because nothing is more fun and exciting than testing new medical treatments, inaugurating a new priests room, or put an end to a terrible epidemic that causes people to become monochromatic. Things that happen! Because in this fun management game anything can happen: From ghosts that torment patients, to people with a saucepan on their heads, those who believe Freddy Mercury and go around tormenting the ears of others, or those whose head is a light bulb. And the best thing about Two Point Hospital is that it always knows how to surprise with some crazy challenge that will test your skills by managing health crises. Didn’t you play it on PC? Do not miss the opportunity to play it now on Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

The best medicine against boredom

Two Point Hospital plays the trick of nostalgia very well. Did you play the memorable Theme Hospital? Then you will smile like a child recalling his action! But if this is the first time you face a game with these characteristics, you will enjoy it in the same way! That fun can be this title of Sega, which has adapted frankly well to consoles. Obviously, keyboard and mouse control is faster and more precise, but the Two Point Studios team has done their homework by renewing the user interface so that the only challenges you face are the ones that the hospital management poses, and not those derived from a bad control system. And it will be because of challenges.

Two Point Hospital retains all the charm of the original PC game in its passage toconsoles

Earthquakes that constantly spoil the medical equipment, heat waves that cause patients to go to the hospital with worse mood than usual, or health emergencies that you can only resolve with some vaccines … of which of course you will not have enough. As I said, Two Point Hospital knows how to surprise again and again with new challenges that force us to think quickly managing resources well of which you have. But not everything here is money. Yes, of course, the better equipment you have, the better results you will get; But it’s no use having the best technology if the hospital is then a real maze. People will get lost! Or it will take too long to reach your destination, which could well be the bathroom, leaving you with a nice gift in the hallway.medicine against boredom

Enjoying Two Point Hospital again, this time on consoles has caused the same effect as when I first played it on PC. You start and do not stop! which says a lot in favor of a game that offers plenty of content so you always have a good excuse to move forward, reaching the highest score in the various hospitals that you put under your hand. The pity is that they miss more special missions, those that turn everything upside down and force you to think differently than usual. Doctors without training? A barrage of epidemics? Manage a public hospital? These are exciting challenges, and that is the reason why in the end you want more. That does not mean that you are not going to have fun with normal missions.

Designing your own hospital is in itself a most rewarding experience, so it was important that the control responded in a great way. And it does! In a matter of minutes, you will feel comfortable creating from scratch the many medical rooms to which the game gives access, being able to even copy and paste entire blocks so that the construction of the hospital is anything but a problem. Two Point Hospital in consoles is committed to dividing the design and management options into three tabs – rooms, objects, and personnel – through which you will move freely, without having to enter into convoluted menus. Even time management feels very comfortable since you just have to press the sticks to pause the action or accelerate the pace of the game.

We have performed the analysis by playing on Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch, and in both cases, Two Point Hospital works perfectly. Only in the moments in which the game is saved automatically, it hits an important whiplash, but in general, it is seen and played in a fantastic way keeping intact all the charm of the original PC game. ¿ Laptop Mode Switch? A joy, which in my case is a great point in his favor. Too bad the game is not compatible with cross-save since it would have been great to be able to continue our PC games, just as Divinity Original Sin 2 allows the cross-save between Switch and Steam. Another point in favor of this version of consoles is that it comes with the Bigfoot and Pebberley Island DLCs, which means that you have more diseases and construction options at your fingertips than in the base game.

If your thing is to design and manage the hospital without worrying about overcoming missions, you’ll be glad to know that at the end of March the Sandbox Mode is released for free in addition to The Superbug Initiative mode, which proposes us to collaborate with other fans to investigate and obtain special rewards. Any excuse is good to continue enjoying the action of Two Point Hospital, a game that in the line of animated series like Wallace & Gromit, stands out for its colorful character design and its quirky animations. It’s so fun! The hours will fly by, and there’s no better praise for a game with these characteristics.

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A great spiritual successor of the legendary Theme Hospital that adapts perfectly to consoles. With a lot of sense of humor and lots of options to manage our crazy health center, Two Point Hospital is a strategy video game that will please both veterans and those who take their first steps in the genre, being easy to play, scale your difficulty intelligently until it becomes a real challenge even for the most experienced users.

  • Its renewed user interface adapts perfectly to the use of remote controls on consoles
  • Lots of rooms and objects to discover; Their sense of humor
  • The ability to surprise with new challenges, such as the public hospital …
  • … although more special levels are missing that break the routine

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