Ubisoft’s sci-fi adventure Starlink: Battle for Atlas comes to PC next week

Starlink Battle For Atlas
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Keep in mind E3 2018, when Ubisoft flaunted Starlink: Battle for Atlas, a sci-fi action adventure game that resembled a cross between No Man’s Sky and The Last Starfighter? And afterward Yves Guillemot gave a model ship model to Shigeru Miyamoto for some reason, and everything looked extremely cool, yet it didn’t make a difference a lot to us since it wasn’t coming to PC? Now it will be here, one week from now.

Starlink Battle For Atlas

Starlink happens in the Atlas star framework, where players will experience different outsider races, structure alliances with them, and assemble a group of pilots with one of unique aptitudes and abilities. The framework contains seven planets, each with particular environments, hazards, and story, and players can do fight on the ground and in space with exceedingly customizable boats.

The PC variant will incorporate all recently released updates and will support multi-GPU and SLI frameworks, widescreen displays, G-Sync, and uncapped framerates. Considering allowances for performance contrasts, it will also keep running on a wide scope of hardware, says Ubisoft:

Starlink battle


Starlink: Battle for Atlas additionally supported a line of “toys-to-life” physical accessories when it turned out for consoles a year ago: Small ship models, action figures, and weapons that could be brought independently that would also open in-game equivalents. They weren’t as fruitful as Ubisoft had trusted, in any case, and it reported earlier this month that no new physical toys will be produced. New ships, pilots, and weapons will keep on including carefully, though, and “there will be a huge amount of free content to extend your games, for example, extra missions, challenges, and new activities to participate in throughout Atlas, including content that was inspired by network proposals, for example, Outlaw Racing.”

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Starlink: Battle for Atlas comes to PC on April 30, and will be accessible on Steam and Uplay.

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