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Untitled Goose Game
Written by Kamran Haider

You are a goose and you have a whole town to terrorize with your misdeeds. Grazyna, steal objects and sow chaos. In this analysis of Untitled Goose Game, you will see why this goose is putting up so much mess wherever it goes.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a goose or goose up close. These animals are scary. In my town, my grandmother gave me bread to feed the ducks. It was great, as soon as they arrived they all came running and swirling around you with their classic onomatopoeia: “cuac”. They are very grateful and somewhat scary animals; until the goose arrived. Then the one who ran was you. The geese do not pay attention to reasons, or you let go of the bread or were chased by the whole river after a “honk” behind your back, white wings fluttering your rebuff and some insane eyes.

House House would have had to pursue several geese because they have perfectly captured the feeling. Better yet, they have managed to make the player express himself through the way of being of these terrifying birds of prey. And it is not easy to give control to the player and capture the chaotic movements and random appetites of the animal. There is the key to the game: get from the first scene you want to drive all the inhabitants of the town crazy. Even if you are not the kind of person who likes to create chaos in video games, it is impossible not to be tempted by the number of misdeeds you can do in Untitled Goose Game.

If you run out of ideas, you have a list of tasks to overcome each “level.” In the first of all, the one who encourages us to drive the gardener crazy, we begin to understand that even this game belongs to a genre, which could be halfway between the puzzle and stealth. Stealth that sometimes resembles Hitman, for the ability to go unnoticed naturally. After all, we are a goose, a seemingly harmless being when the bipolarity of these animals does not come into play. The people of the town, as long as you don’t get too close to them or their businesses, will ignore you. And that is your goose superpower: being underestimated.

Untitled Goose Game demonstrates how underestimated the video game comic is

Stealing objects and throwing them into the water, making a child go wrong with glasses, going out on TV, getting someone to spit out tea … Untitled Goose Game missions are precisely his genius. They all present a challenge and a small puzzle for our goose. Because altering the order of the people is easy, but the difficult thing is to achieve concrete results. More than once I have been considering strategies with which to fulfill my evil objectives. Even the misdeeds must be planned and that is the trick of House House. The study has created a series of behavior patterns that we can take advantage of in our favor in order to make the characters move from side to side and catch them off guard. It is impossible not to release a smile every time you run the solution to a puzzle. The scares that humans take make almost, almost feel sorry for them. We even remember that we are a goose without feelings.Honk


Untitled Goose Game is not a long game. Just four zones and a tutorial show everything our protagonist can do, which is nothing more than squawking and picking things up. We can also spread the wings or lower the head to spend something more unnoticed or pick up objects from the ground, but as you can imagine, it is a game with simple mechanics that do not seek to complicate the player’s life at any time.

With the control in your hands, it is true that you can lose that magic of the multiple videos and memes that you will have seen on the network because everything does not always come out at the first or in the funniest way possible and sometimes even frustrates if We are cornered. The game bases its difficulty more and more on avoiding being detected in our pranks, either so as not to be expelled from a prohibited area or not to return stolen objects with our beak. And yes, sometimes it can even be a heavy task to have to perform the same actions over and over again until they leave.

I think that’s why the short duration of the Untitled Goose Game works well. It shows its benefits in small and controlled areas, knowing that anything more complex would make the experience too heavy or boring. Even so, I miss some other areas that continued to squeeze the ingenuity of the developers. If you want more, yes, when you finish your adventure you have a series of extra tasks with which to continue terrorizing the population. Some require speed and others of longer journeys, which although they do not feel as well silver as the original, serve to keep you … well, doing the goose out there.

Untitled Goose Game demonstrates how understated the videogame visual is and how an idea, however simple and ordinary it may seem, can lead to an attractive and natural game system. I would not be surprised to see a second adventure in the future that expands the adventures of the goose – perhaps sowing panic in the city – but it will be difficult to emulate the feelings of the first time and how much fun it is to run behind the impotent human with fear and the bewilderment reflected in his eyes. Now I understand the goose of my town.

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Untitled Goose Game is one of those great little ideas executed with elegance. It catches you with its humor, for how easy it is to be seduced by the chaos that a loose goose can generate, but also for its challenges, which are always ingenious and interesting. Although it transcends only a few hours to a goose, those that last are well invested.

  • Simple but ingenious puzzles
  • The humor that distills when sowing the chaos among the inhabitants
  • The slight melodies emphasize the comic and absurdity of their scenes
  • Some tasks and how to accomplish them can become heavy or frustrating.
  • I miss some area that expands the ingenuity of its developers

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