Update Derelict Gardens in House Flipper’s Initially Paid DLC, out Now

House Flipper's
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

House Flipper’s previously paid DLC is tied in with cleaning up and upgrading gardens, and it’s currently accessible on Steam. In the DLC, called Garden Flipper, you’ll first gather up trash, cut the grass and pull out weeds. You’ll at that point, have the option to lay down ways or patios, place flowerbeds and orchestrate furniture in whatever design you like—the trailer above demonstrates all manner of seats, hot tubs, sheds, and playhouses. At that point, when it’s everything completed, you offer it for a benefit and move onto the next one.

House Flipper's

Altogether, the DLC has 500 things in addition to variants, including in excess of 250 plants. Much the same as the main game, which Chris described as “like Viscera Cleanup Detail just for overly net houses”, everything happens physically in first-person, so you should get the feeling that the garden is springing up to life around you. I like the possibility of continually tinkering until everything is actually the manner in which I want it.

It won’t be for everyone, and Chris concluded that House Flipper wasn’t fun enough to support extended hours of play, however, in the event that you’re a fan of the base game at that point it looks apparent that the same formula, taken outdoors.

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The Steam surveys are for the most part positive, although a few people are encountering bugs and glitches. On the off chance that you want to give it a go, it’s $13.50/£10.25, which incorporates a 10% launch discount. Grab it here.

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