UPDATED! City of Heroes Private Server Shut Down & ‘On a Direct Course for Legal Action’

city of Heroes
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

This is a story in advancement so keep tuned to the similar bat time and the similar bat channel. Appreciative gratitude to Asm0deus for posting the Discord updates in the present thread.

Update #1: Innocuous/Glory to ArachnosToday at 4:42 PM Things may not be as nuclearly screwed as I was lead to be given. If it’s not too much trouble hold tight. I am not posting a GFM, it may not be required.

Update #2: Innocuous/Glory to ArachnosToday at 5:08 PM

We are drafting a general update.
1.) We do not as of now have the server binaries at the present time. We do not physically have them.
2. We are not surrendering, each and every one of us is taking a gander at the results and directions to go to.
3. The expectation is not lost. Truly. Coderbus, quiet down. People in the network, calm down. We are attempting to make sense of a solution as well as get some spatial awareness of what is happening.
4. The past plan of forming an LLC may not need to be shaped. So, once again, please calm down. This is a panic spiral and we are trying to gather ourselves.”

Update #3: “There is going to be some positive news soon. Wait for me to compose a coherent statement.

Update #4: As of now, we are running on the supposition that there is no DMCA. We have a drive that we are right now verifying on if it’s the server binaries. This way things are, it has everything.

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Original Story: 

The City of Heroes private server that sprung up before the end of last week after the source code for the “secret CoH” server was openly released has been closed down. In a note replicated to the CoH Reddit, the team behind the server said that it had “to be closed down uncertainly” and that the team is “on an immediate course for legal action”. As a result, the site and server are gone “to ensure the people engaged in this project, their families, and their futures”.

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