Wars are won turn by turn … also on PS4. Wargroove analysis

Written by Kamran Haider

With an exciting turn-based combat system and lots of options to extend its activities beyond the main campaign, in the Wargroove analysis for PS4 we tell you why this video game has received so many compliments on its passage through PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

A worthy spiritual successor of the remembered Nintendo Advance Wars saga, after several months of waiting we can finally enjoy the remarkable Wargroove on PS4; a medieval-themed videogame that has built a great reputation among turn-based strategy enthusiasts thanks to its exciting battles and extensive game options. You start a battle … and hours later there you will continue, playing, enjoying, planning new combat strategies in a title developed by Chucklefish that has been able to please even those who have been longing for the return of what is one of the great sagas for years Forgotten Nintendo. It has merit!

The good thing about Wargroove is that it goes beyond simple homage. Yes, in essence, it is an Advance Wars with swords, magicians, and dragons that vomit fire, but it is also a title with its own personality that knows how to surprise with intelligent design of levels and abundant additional contents. There are few differences with respect to the Nintendo classic, but these are decisive when it comes to understanding tactical battles in which commanders they play a crucial role that goes beyond the simple use of their special abilities. They are there, in the heat of battle, fighting side by side with the troops. And you can see it. They are stronger, resist damage better and also, each turn, recover part of the lost health thus becoming formidable heroes or, as you look, fearsome enemies capable of ruining even the brightest of ploy. Such is its importance that if they die in combat … the game is over. No more

Courage has a reward in WarGroove

It is tempting, yes; but also dangerous. The game depends on it! And yet, Wargroove invites you to be brave. He wants you to use commanders not only because of his strength, which of course, but also because defeating enemies is the fastest way to charge his special power, called groove , that allows him to execute tactical actions as important as healing nearby allies, create a protective shield, or deal powerful blows capable of damaging multiple enemies. Each commander has his own special ability being this the only difference between armies. It tastes little … with nuances. Although I have missed the occasional unit exclusive to each of the four factions that fight in this video game of the Starbound authors the truth is that there are more than enough tactical options to enjoy a great and exciting fight.

That we all fight with the same troops, under the same conditions, also contribute to our tactical decisions, and only they, be the ones that determine the course of the contest. Here there are no more powerful armies than others, we all start on equal terms, so there are no excuses that are worth it. Nothing is more rewarding than that. Crush the opponent using their same cards, their same resources. That is why I value so much the work done by Chucklefish. It seems simple but it is not at all. To this contributes the concept of critical blows by which Wargroove bets. These do not appear by work and divine grace, we must look for them, and for this, we must know how to position the troops well. I explain.Courage

He knows how to surprise with an intelligent design of levels and abundant additional contents

In addition to taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the troops, that is, regardless of knowing that a spearman has an advantage over the cavalry, or that magicians can do a lot of damage to the air units, it is also important to know how to trigger a critical attack. Returning to the example of the spearmen, they will hit harder if they have another booby next to them, while the infantry will show their best face if they fight alongside the commander. The conditions are as varied as these can also be linked to the place from which it is attacked or the distance from which it is struck. That’s why Wargroove is a game with many nuances. Yes, of course, at its most basic level it is enough for you to know that dogs, and almost no one, can do anything against the fearsome golems; but when you measure your strength against other players,

Cavalry, archers, magicians, dragons, catapults, dogs, spearmen… there is a wide variety of troops to choose from but, of course, to make use of them you must first pay. Wargroove bets here for a system of the conquest of cities that are those that, turn after turn, will reward us with the precious gold necessary to finance the army. Hence, fighting for these constructions is an indispensable requirement to win. They will not make it easy. The artificial intelligence of the enemies is surprisingly good. They know how and when to strike to harm, with control of the cities and the barracks from which we can summon new troops. In this sense, the buildings have a health system that regenerates turn after turn, in addition to defenses with which to repel enemy offensives.

I said it before. Wargroove may seem like a simple video game but nothing is further from reality. It presents such interesting tactical options that we can even “take away” life points from the buildings to heal the wounds of the troops … at the risk of facilitating the conquest of these structures, which will recover over time. It is not a simple decision because you have to keep in mind that the attack force of the troops is determined by their health, so the more badly injured they are, the less damage they will cause and vice versa.

The extra protection offered by mountains and forests, the combined attacks by land, sea, and air, the special abilities of the commanders or the presence of war fog in some scenarios are just another example of the great tactical potential that is hidden behind this colorful strategy game. In this sense, I loved the design of many levels of the story mode because, with subtle changes here and there, they manage to surprise with most interesting challenges. Others, on the other hand, are more generic and limit themselves to launching us into combat in order to end the opposing commander and nothing else.Arcade Mode

Additional contents! Much to discover

There are conquest missions, yes, but also resistance battles; Epic skirmishes against dozens of enemies in the worst imaginable conditions, without resources, with limited troops, and it is these fights that make you value the strategic depth of the game even more. More than history, which is nothing of the other world, what motivates you to move forward is to discover what new challenges await; with what crazy challenges will test our military ingenuity. And while this is not a difficult game in excess, it will make us suffer on more than one occasion fighting relentless enemies. Too hard? Maybe very easy? You can regulate the degree of challenge to adapt the action to your liking. There are also secondary missions with objectives – in some cases – quite original that serve to unlock new content. It is another of its virtues.

Wargroove may seem like a simple video game but nothing is further from reality.In addition to the story mode you can enjoy an interesting Arcade Mode that, in the style of fighting games, proposes us to defeat several armies taking advantage of the skills of a commander. With three characters for each faction, these missions serve to delve deeper into the origins of the protagonists of the adventure. However, I keep the Puzzle Mode, as this is a challenge capable of despairing the most painted. Your mission? Ending the enemy in a single turn. No more It is not easy, I warn you, but witty and fun. If all this knows you little, you can also enjoy Multiplayer for up to four people locally or over the Internet, with no cross-game option that is available on Xbox One, PC and Switch. It will not be for lack of desire since Chucklefish has fought hard for the crossplay.

If all these options know you little, if you still want more, there you have the Content Editor to create your own game scenarios or, if you are ambitious, build a campaign with your own kinematics. And since fans can share their creations over the Internet, Wargroove promises hours and hours of pure entertainment. So with so many contents, it is hard not to get excited about a video game that has everything to please veterans who long for the return of the Advance Wars saga and also attract a whole new generation of players thanks to its fun strategic action.

It is true that a somewhat more elaborate story is missing since it shines especially in the final stretch of the adventure when the missions are also much harder and more complex; in addition to the occasional difference between the four armies that have risen in arms. It would also have been great if it was faster and more intuitive to determine the range of action of the enemies too, without wasting much time, properly position the troops. You must do it individually without option even to “freeze” the image to work on the board seeing the safe areas.

Its retro style is reminiscent of the best episodes of Nintendo’s Famicom Wars saga.

It’s hard to say goodbye to this analysis without mentioning the great artistic section that the videogame holds. With a retro-style once again reminiscent of the best episodes of Nintendo’s Famicom Wars saga, Wargroove surprises by the color of its scenarios and the good design of the troops and commanders we are targeting. With four factions well-differentiated in aesthetics, I am left with the funny attack animations, being that of the dog César one of the best for the placidity with which he embarks on the fight. Since, with the passing of the hours, contemplating these attack sequences can be exhausting, the game allows you to skip them after a few seconds. It is not the best option of all but it helps to boost the games. As for the sound, the game of Chucklefish presents a good soundtrack that perfectly enlivens the battles, with abundant and fun conversations between the protagonists, translated into Spanish.

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It is not that long-awaited Advance Wars that Nintendo fans claim, but Wargroove is presented as the best alternative to liven up the wait. Fun, challenging and very addictive, the Chucklefish video game goes beyond being a simple tribute presenting a high quality work that stands out for its intelligent mission design, its exciting action and the huge variety of additional content that accompanies its story mode. If you like turn-based strategy you should not miss this video game.

  • Commanders and their importance on the battlefield.
  • Abundant tactical options that help create more exciting battles
  • Good mission design. Puzzle Mode is great.
  • The content editor. There is a game for a while!
  • Some exclusive units are missing for each faction
  • The user interface could be more worked
  • No crossplay; option that is available on Switch, PC and Xbox One

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