Wattam analysis, a world of extravagant ideas, characters and fantasies

Written by Kamran Haider

Finally the new work of Keita Takahashi, the creator of Katamari Damacy, lands. A production that once again surprises with its crazy and original approach. Wattam analysis.

In a time when it is difficult to find new proposals that try to cover new genres or, at least, try to breathe ideas that are innovative, finding games like Wattam is a blessing. Designed by the father of that production so (in my opinion) undervalued as extraordinary called Katamari Damacy, the great Keita Takahashi, in this adventure we will discover a new world of tremendously extravagant ideas, characters, and fantasies.

In this way, the first thing I would like to make clear is that we are not facing a mass or mass-market title, of those capable of attracting thousands of users of different tastes or preferences. Unlike. What this new IP offers us is everything but that, being a niche game that is possibly going to be considered as a cult by a select group of players. Will you be within that group? Surely that depends on how to open your mind is to new ideas.

The plot behind this creative madness is merely functional and, without a doubt, it is the least worked and surprising aspect that this whole work shows. In a fantasy world made up of several small islands, the so-called mayor who acts as the main protagonist (and the first type we control) must recover his friends. And, incidentally, you also have to get the world to recover its color since it is mired in a gray and lifeless tone.

Wattam, an incredible and hilarious world

Fortunately, a very cheerful, carefree, fun and quite absorbent game formula has been integrated into this little inspired narrative once you dive into it. Of course, I insist that it will not satisfy any type of user because of its many peculiarities.

Experimentation is one of the main tasks that it is necessary to carry out throughout the game, being often the way to solve the different “missions” or situations that this work poses. As our main goal is to make friends, we must interact and approach any new object that we see on stage. And because? Because any stone, seed, branch, flower, rock and other elements in principle insignificant, surely become our colleagues in a matter of minutes. That is because these inanimate objects almost always happen to have eyes, mouth, and extremities shortly after we do something in particular. Like what? Well, that depends on each situation, which in many cases becomes a kind of small puzzle or even minigame.

It shows a lot the hand of the great Keita Takahashi, father of KataWattam incredible and hilarious worldmari Damacy

Use our tears to make a tree sprout from the ground, make a kind of huddle around an object so that it comes to life and other actions so particular and punctual are usually the key to “unlock” a new friend for the mayor. Precisely here is one of the main values ​​that Wattam presents, how organic the interactions between different characters and objects are, being able to perform a good number of actions in a very simple way. Hold hands, climb, explode objects, swallow characters to undergo transformations, put some characters on top of others and other actions are carried out in a very fluid and natural way, not to mention how easy it is to make all these movements and activities.

The control system is as simple as you can imagine and, in fact, seems to have been designed almost for children (or for novice players). In addition, it is one of those titles in which we do not propose any challenge that is capable of ending us since the progression is as simple as what we have told you: everything is based on experimenting, taking a concrete action to find one or more new friends and continue exploring the scenarios. That is why the level of difficulty is really low and, except for the occasional puzzle that sometimes it is possible to take a little longer to find its solution, we are facing a very relaxed production in this sense that can be overcome in about five hours or even less. But due to its characteristics, it is a play that can be replayed … or, almost better, “redistributable”, since many users will surely like to return again and again to the world so colorful, cheerful and hilarious that this adventure proposes.

Far from being faced with ambitious and technically overwhelming production, we are facing a game that seems to be taken from PS2… and the simplest ones, too. Everything that can be seen in the game, from the characters to the stage and even the textures or lighting is as simple, basic and simple as you can imagine. And, on top of it, from time to time certain performance problems occur (at least in the PS4 version) such as decreases in the rate of animation frames, for example. However, despite that, Wattam is a title that attracts a lot of attention for its extravagant and fun artistic line. It is impossible not to sketch a smile watching the fools of the protagonists who come together in this adventure, including even zurullos of different colors endowed with their own life. What other game have you seen anything like that?

A very curious and particular graphic plot that has been seasoned, of course, by a house brand soundtrack. Do you remember the main theme of Katamari Damacy? Yes, the one who was chasing you even at night and who wouldn’t let you sleep because it was impossible to get him out of your mind. Well, the soundtrack that accompanies us throughout the adventure is of the same style, although it is true that it does not become as catchy as the one I just mentioned (almost better). A curious soundtrack that has been accompanied by a handful of sound effects that have seemed too scarce.

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The new production of the creator of Katamari Damacy does not disappoint and becomes one of the most original, curious and extravagant works of how many have appeared so far this year. And considering that we are at Christmas and in a season in which we have been able to enjoy countless titles, this reaches more merit if possible. Wattam is an adventure that doesn’t look too much like anything we’ve tried lately and that encourages the player to experiment and interact with a series of the weirdest and most hilarious characters. A unique and very funny title that, of course, will not be the convenience of all types of users for its aesthetic and playable extravagance.

  • Its gameplay is very original
  • The cooperative mode for two players is very good
  • The possibility of being able to control more than 100 characters
  • Distill sympathy and life through all its pores
  • Certain performance issues, especially slowdowns
  • The main story gives about 4 or 5 hours

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