We’re going to the moon! Analysis of Prey Mooncrash

Written by Kamran Haider

We wanted to visit the moon and that’s where Prey’s first content expansion takes us! What we did not expect was to find a hell like the one that recreates the videogame of Arkane and Bethesda. Survive, escape from the Typhoons !, in this new adventure of action and stealth that, as we tell you in the analysis of Prey – Mooncrash, is posed as a game of roguelike style.

Escape. There is no objective other than that. Survive the threat of the Typhoon while discovering what happened in the secret Moon base of TranStar that we wanted so much to go … and from which it now seems impossible to get away with life. I’m not exaggerating. The first major content expansion of Prey is a tough game, no matter how cruel moments, in which faults are punishable by death And the end of the game! You have read well. Posed as a roguelike style adventure, in Mooncrash the failure will take you to start the game from the beginning although, fortunately, keeping the neuro meds that you have installed in the body of the five protagonists of this new adventure of action, exploration, and stealth developed by the authors of the Dishonored series. The experience is exciting, fun and, above all, very addictive.

It may not be what most expected from this expansion, no doubt; Maybe, in general, we all crave a more traditional adventure, in line with the original game, with a new story starring Morgan Yu, but it is precisely this change of course, this surprising twist to the action of Prey, which makes this is such a special video game. Here you will find everything that made the title of Arkane Studios great , that is, freedom of action ; the possibility of solving your challenges as you wish thanks to its ample arsenal of firearms, the special abilities of the protagonist of turn and, of course, some scenarios who are once again protagonists of the work thanks to its intelligent design with multiple paths to follow. And now add to the formula new enemies, more combat tools, as well as new and terrible ways to die at the hands of the alien threat of the Typhoon.

In search of an exit

Described Prey Mooncrash as a roguelike adventure and not without reason. The main objective is to escape from the lunar base Pytheas with its five protagonists, but the task is more arduous than it might seem at first sight, because with the passing of the hours, the simulation in which we have entered will become more and more dangerous. There will be more enemies, who will be more powerful; the system will fail, it will beset us with all kinds of dangers, and we may even be short of resources. A bad combination that, in many cases, will end in the death of our protagonist. What happens then? Back to start, with another character, who can jump into action with the weapons and special equipment we buy using the money obtained previously. In this way, with each new attempt, it will be easier to face the initial compasses of an adventure that despite this peculiar endless loop in which you enter, to take you to travel the same scenarios again and again, rarely feel repetitive

It helps a lot that with each new simulation change the type of enemies you are facing, your position, and that of the precious objects you need to move forward. The structure of the levels is the same, it’s true, but as we saw in Prey – Mooncrash live, the Arkane Studios videogame still has the capacity to surprise, frighten you with new and frightening dangers. With time against us, because we can die at the hands of more dangerous monsters or, directly, be expelled from the simulation when the limit of corruption is reached, the authors of Dishonored pose here a most interesting challenge that is further enhanced by such striking novelties as altered states. You can suffer burns, broken bones, a concussion or even a wound does not stop bleeding until, in any of these cases, you get the right medicine. It is not always easy, and fighting with these adverse conditions is a real challenge.Prey Mooncrash

The return of the nut that gives this DLC to the action of Prey is surprising

Each of the five protagonists also presents its own tree of skills with very specific parameters of health and special power, which helps to face the game in a different way depending on who do you control All of them also have their own personal story, with a unique mission that will help unlock new content as we try to escape from the moon using one of the fire escape routes. The interesting thing here is that we can not repeat flight in the same game, nor resort to the resources obtained by our predecessors. If one of the survivors flees in the shuttle, his companions will have to figure out how to escape in another way, and it’s something that I love. In general, Prey – Mooncrash raises an exciting game experience that comes to demonstrate the great virtues that the original video game already hoarded, although, at this point, I have missed more weight for the story.

The expansion of Prey is developed independently of the original video game narrating its own history, with its own protagonists, with the ultimate goal of enriching the fantastic plot background of the franchise, but it really does not elaborate on it. There are details that help to solve some of the unknowns of the original, yes, but the weight of the action lies in the action itself and not so much in the story. It is not something negative per se, although it does leave a bitter aftertaste. As for the artistic section, Mooncrash keeps intact the essence of Prey, with a great art deco style that feels great. Walking on the lunar surface, or rather jumping and almost flying !, is an incredible experience that is accompanied by an interesting variety of locations even when the game space can feel somewhat small in the medium term. The best, of course, is the design of these levels, because you always find new ways to meet their challenges using the resources at your fingertips. With a good musical accompaniment and a remarkable work of dubbing into Spanish, few problems can be put to this expansion in this regard.

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Do you like Prey? Although it is not what we expected, Mooncrash is presented as a great content expansion that surprises, that entertains, and that catches thanks to its exciting action and its bet for a game style more typical of the roguelike adventures. Surviving the Moonbase Pytheas is a challenge that is worth facing, because even being different from the original video game, it is, in turn, a true reflection of the great virtues that this Arkane Studios title holds. Freedom of action and creativity in combat. What more could you want!

  • Surprise with his roguelike style and novelties such as altered states
  • It is a challenging adventure that preserves the virtues of Prey
  • Five protagonists with their own special abilities
  • The design of the lunar base and the new challenges that we find in it
  • Repeating the game may become repetitive for some users
  • It is missing some more history in the development of the game

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