World to the West analysis. Puzzles, action, heroes and … monsters

World to the West
Written by Kamran Haider

The authors of the remarkable Teslagrad change their record, leave the 2D !, to immerse ourselves in a fun puzzle adventure and exploration very much in line with the classic The Legend of Zelda. Test your ingenuity, and solve its many puzzles, using the special skills of four adventurers wanting to conquer your heart. World of the West analysis.

They did so well with the remarkable Teslagrad that theirs would have been to embark, immediately, in the development of a sequel that offered a “more and better”; but in Rain Games, they have decided to be brave and cut for the healthy, bet on something completely original … although within their same fictional universe. This is how World of the West was born, a fun puzzle and exploration adventure that proposes us to solve a wide variety of puzzles using the special abilities of four heroes because of the whims of destiny, they must work as a team to be victorious in their company. It’s great! With its more and less, the videogame knows how to catch you in its networks surprising you with increasingly complex and ingenious challenges. It rarely reaches that point of genius seen in other titles of the style and, sometimes, something more originality is lacking, more momentum when it comes to delving into the fun game mechanics for which it bets; but something has this independent work that once you start the trip you don’t want to abandon it until its end.

The color and colorfulness of the scenarios you move through help a lot, although these are not always especially beautiful. Unlike Teslagrad, which took full advantage of 2D graphics, this three-dimensional adventure combines environments of great beauty with others that are, so to speak, too simple, too typical, which detracts from the exploration, yearning to go in search of new challenges framed within that great interconnected world in which the action takes place. You have fun, you enjoy the experience, but there is something that does not quite work well; Although the adventurous spirit never disappears, the desire to move forward, sometimes you feel somewhat frustrated, exhausted, having to explore the same scenario with several of the protagonists who, by the way, are not the fastest in the place. That walk, walking from here to there while you go in search of new challenges, sometimes becomes the worst enemy of a video game that despite this, fulfills what it promises.

Puzzles and action … fun guaranteed!

Four heroes, each with their own special abilities, forced to cooperate tirelessly to overcome the many obstacles that await their path. It’s nothing new, it’s true, but World of the West manages to make the experience feel fresh, somewhat original, posing very different challenges that take advantage of the unique characteristics of the protagonists. It is something that I appreciate very much. Naturally, without forcing things, almost immediately you will see yourself combining the abilities of one and the other to overcome some puzzles that sometimes, yes, can be somewhat cumbersome, but that in general leave you with that indescribable feeling of personal satisfaction for having solved the puzzle.

Lumina , the testament, with the power of teleportation; Knaus , the orphan, who can dig the earth to overcome obstacles without being detected; the forced Clonington , who with his fists has the necessary strength to tear down doors and indeed, to any enemy that crosses his path; or the hypnotist Teri, which in addition to reaching distant areas thanks to its scarf, can also take control of any creature that is on your trip to take advantage of them. There are big differences between them, you see, and this is just the beginning! Well, little by little, dungeon after dungeon, the heroes will learn new skills that will give them the opportunity to explore the scenarios from a different perspective. In this sense the level design is not bad, I like it, because it gives off a certain aroma to the classic The Legend of Zelda or even the adventures of Metroidvania style, without being a clone lacking inspiration thanks, precisely, to the different abilities of the heroes.Puzzles

It’s great to see how the protagonists end up cooperating to survive.

It’s great to see how in one way or another the protagonists end up cooperating to survive the dangers of a dungeon or find the hidden treasure in ancient ruins. A key that opens a door that is only accessed after dynamiting a wall of stones, guarded by wild animals thirsty for blood. As if it were a chain of favors in World of the West, it’s time to alternate control between one and other heroes to solve, step by step, the obstacles that arise along the way. Sounds fantastic, right? And in a way it is, because there is a lot of ingenuity in these tests, challenges that motivate you to find the solution; but also frustration derived from the not very close protagonist change system. I explain. Here you take control of each adventurer individually, which is logical, but when you need the services of another you cannot change the action immediately; you must go to some magical totems, save points that also act as teleportation, to select another protagonist.

At first it may not bother you much but when you kick a whole dungeon to change characters and then you have to retrace your steps to solve the puzzle in question, the situation becomes tedious. For more inri, teleports only work with the heroes who have visited them, that is, it is not worth activating with activating it and that’s it. Each adventurer, if he wants to use it, must go to the area and activate the totem in question. That is why I used to talk about how embarrassing the exploration can become; It is not bad, but it is not something so extraordinary as to endure so many unnecessary comings and goings. Not to mention the moments when you get lost, and you don’t know where to go or what to do, because then the frustration can be even greater. It’s a shame. I really like how the puzzles have been focused, story that tells the video game, able to sneak a smile with its dialogues translated into Spanish. At this point, it is important to note that you do not need to have enjoyed the original to understand the argument, as this is going in another direction, in a different time, although you are a Teslagrad fan, surely you enjoy some winks and the presence of old acquaintances.

In World of the West, I have also missed a better combat system, as this is not particularly accurate nor very complex. The battles against the bosses go a little out of the norm and pose more exciting challenges but in general, given the weight that is sometimes given to the action, this is not one of the strengths of the video game. He points out ways, he has fantastic details, but he lacks that spark of genius that was seen more frequently in the previous study work.

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The new puzzle adventure and exploration of the creators of Teslagrad has everything to become a great video game but has lacked some more inspiration in their puzzles, and a better way to take us through their great fantasy world, to reach the level Quality of the biggest. There is a lot of charm in the way that the skills of its four protagonists are combined, and also in the story that World of the West tells, two elements that help you enjoy a quality adventure with your own personality.

  • Good design of puzzles, which are also very varied among themselves
  • The spatial skills of the four protagonists and how they are combined
  • A great world to explore that hides great secrets
  • It is not an especially original game; not too difficult
  • The exploration sometimes becomes tedious

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