WRC analysis 6. Mud competition

Written by Kamran Haider

What would be of many people without such perfect machines called cars? As Bigben Interactive brings us his particular vision of the world of rallies with WRC 6, a video game that arrives with the official FIA license of the World Championship of the specialty. We start your analysis.

Year after year we enjoy some annual deliveries linked to the world of speed. And although the one that receives the most attention for obvious reasons in our territory is Formula 1 of Codemasters, the truth is that there are others that are also left to love, as is the case of WRC. Bigben Interactive presents its new edition for this year, the sixth in this case, a version that unfortunately and even being quite entertaining does not reach the quality that some players (like me) expected.

It may be that when you read this, you have been a little disappointed, and it is understandable. And the fact of being able to dream about a simulator as exquisite as DiRT Rally but with the added grace of having the official WRC FIA license is something as inevitable as it is great … but unfortunately, that is something that will simply remain That, a dream.

For starters, WRC 6 offers us a not particularly large number of game modes, something that has particularly caught my attention. Only the interesting career mode stands out, the star game mode (at least in its individual aspect) presented by WRC 6, which allows us to create our pilot to carve us a future in this exciting world of rallies. This modality is quite extensive and allows us to dispute a large number of different events, not very imaginative but well recreated, providing the highest levels of fun to this speed proposal. Of course, do not expect anything or similar to what was enjoyed in games like Formula 1 2016 in the same way because you will be disappointed.

I also liked the local multiplayer mode to split-screen doubles, an option that is usually not very common unfortunately in the times in this type of work. And then there is the online mode, which this time hosts competitions for a maximum of 8 players at the same time, a more complete and better-finished option than the one we experienced in last year’s version. Without being anything from the other world, it complies.Mud competition

Go, Go, Go!

But then come the problems. When we get into one of the official cars to dispute the event that we want, we see that the highlight of everything is how the sensation of speed is achieved, being the only outstanding note of very irregular gameplay.

For starters, I was surprised how little customizable cars are, which hardly allow us to change anything. It is true that I do not care a bit because I do not usually devote much time to these options, but in such a game it seems important that sufficient configuration options are granted because there are many players who do take advantage of them.

The monitoring is not to beat. Yes, it is true that cars are more or less well controlled and obey our orders, but their behavior in the race is weighed down by several factors. Initially, the differences between each other in the middle of the race are not too pronounced, something that does happen with other similar games. Nor have I noticed much change when contesting tests on different surfaces (dirt, asphalt, etc.), something particularly strange. But even weirder is physics that the vehicles possess, which feels a bit neglected since there are also no noticeable differences when we crash into a tiny stone located on the road or against a huge tree since the reaction of our car is usually the same: stop completely.

It is strange not to notice large differences when competing on different surfaces such as dirt, asphalt, etc.

Obviously WRC 6 is not a pure simulator, rather the opposite, so we did not expect the ultimate rally experience. But despite its rather arcade side, certain playable aspects should have been polished a little more.

And something similar happens with its technical section. Graphically it is a driving video game full of problems of all kinds, some outstanding. There are lots of them, from the lack of vertical synchronization to the inconsistent and quite fragile frame rate per second that, in some cases (such as while competing in the Australian rally, for example) has reminded me of what happened with the version from SEGA Rally 2 for Dreamcast (what times, by the way).

Nor does the previous section fix the sound. And it is that although the effort is always appreciated by the developers to double the titles to our language, in my opinion, both the voice of the commentator and, above all, that of the co-pilot is very improvable. The effects fulfill but without too many pretensions and the soundtrack … I don’t remember her, really.

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The saga of bigben Interactive rally simulators suffers a new accident with this sixth installment. And it is that without being a bad game (in fact it is entertaining) can not compete with the great representatives of the genre either globally or in this same category in particular (read DiRT Rally). Its interesting career mode, as well as online modes and multiplayer to split-screen doubles, cannot hide its multiple playable and technical defects, which prevent it from obtaining a higher valuation.

  • The sensation of speed is very achieved from any perspective
  • Career mode is not bad and is very extensive
  • The online facet has been quite optimized in relation to what was experienced in the last installment
  • Technically too lazy
  • The game modes lack enough variety
  • The physics of cars is incredibly weak

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