Wreckfest analysis, destruction and chaos in racing with good mechanics and physics

Written by Kamran Haider

After its successful launch on computers after its early access version, all the destruction and chaos of Wreckfest’s races and Derbys reach consoles. A solid version that lands on both Xbox One and PS4 where to discover the heir of games such as Destruction Derby or FlatOut.

Wreckfest has been a real breath of fresh air in the world of driving, usually covered by attractive speed arcades, specialized games in a discipline such as a rally or Formula 1 and, of course, the most demanding simulators. But with his PC version, Wreckfest managed to return us to other times where destruction prevailed and crazy races merged with coliseums in which our only goal was destruction. The console version has successfully managed to convey the good feelings we had on the computer. The tests we have done on Xbox One X denote a very well-optimized version, Although it sacrifices the frame rate at 30 frames per second, it maintains a clear 4K resolution to enjoy the show and chaos in all its glory.

In addition, with the arrival of the game to the console, all the downloadable contents that were available to date have been included, so a good handful of vehicles, cosmetic elements, and circuits that expand the already good race have been added that He had the title so far. PC users will not be left behind, because together with the release of these versions of Xbox and PS4, such content will be available for free for the original version. The games that we have been able to play feel as they are in the original version, correctly transferring all its features, although we have noticed very marked loading times when entering the race and the multiplayer mode does not work as smoothly as we do. I would have liked it, with too much lag in the games. However, the team is aware of these problems and they have ensured that the game’s performance patch will improve in these aspects with the release day patch.

Conversion to consoles is fine.

There is a kind of speech out there that driving games are not what they used to be. It is a custom that is being taken lately and that comes from the hegemony of the simulator above the arcade, but the more I hear this sentence, interestingly, the more different racing games I am discovering. This year is the least remarkable. From ambitious proposals like the recent The Crew 2 and Onrush to more radical ones like the one offered by this Wreckfest. Of course, that of Bugbear is not so new, if we take into account that it has been adjusting the nuts since 2014. The result, however, is fresh, nostalgic and more than attractive.

In my first hour of play with Wreckfest, I didn’t think the same. It’s great that there are companies that want to give us back the experiences we had years ago. In this case, the games that marked an era like the legendary Destruction Derby or later the FlatOut, saga unknown to many players, even common in the genre of driving. However, I had my doubts that such a proposal could captivate the most modern audiences. Even the classics that had played the classic PS1, Saturn and PC had strong arguments for finding such an experience too poor today. But Bugbear has managed to combine the greatness of this game, that is, the clash of scrap metal and bodywork , with a structure formed by championships which manages to interest from the first of them, formed by well-planned careers, a challenging progression system and a handful of physicists that make up an experience that, although it is not simulation, much less arcade. I do not forget the multiplayer, the true soul of this game where all its benefits work perfectly.full speed scrap

Wreckfest, full speed scrap

Let’s start with the physical ones because they make up a good part of the experience offered by this Wreckfest. They can be retouched enough so that a large sector is satisfied, but the important thing is that they work very well in terms of grip and wheel suspension. We will notice and take advantage of the gravel or asphalt surface in mixed races and we will put the car ready for a driving style that tends more to understeer or oversteer with satisfactory results. If you want to make good times and marks, you have to adjust the adjustment before each circuit, at least the gears and wheels, to adapt to the layout of the circuit and the number of curves that the route has, but as much as it is not very fond of spending too much time in this type of menus, Wreckfest is simple enough And fast enough not to waste a minute to touch up your car and place yourself on the starting grid.

The result is an experience on the road that despite being mostly made up of muscle cars, ranches and the occasional exception, seems very similar to the rallycross, with skids taking advantage of the mixed surface of the land and the advantageous paths. You can select a wide assortment of cameras, but if my experience asks me to select the cabin view, it is that the game has enough complexity in this section to require me a more personal driving.

I cannot speak only of wheel physicists, because after all, we are talking about a video game based on the famous demolition derby competitions, so collisions are more important than ever and one of the differential factors of the game. Here, the idea is that you crash and even take advantage of these accidents in your favor. If you are one of those who always “helped” you from hitting the opponent in a racing game, even if it was practically cheating, Wreckfestyou will love it, because it encourages you in the destruction races. The festival of destruction is assured in both clashes and races and it won’t take long to see some of the craziest and most amazing accidents, at which point the game starts to win the whole. No detail is lost when deforming the vehicle (although sometimes with spectacular results in the pilot) and they all influence when trying to dominate a car in ruins that deserves to go straight to scrapping.

His progression system by purchasing vehicles parts and works very well take you to grind without excess

The race’s destruction are circuits where the first thing is to reach the finish line, and that you can get for your driving skills as when it comes to besieging your rivals. In the first games I may not have noticed it so much, because three laps are not enough to bust your rivals, but when the number of laps grows, it is as important to fight for first place as to cause a good chain of accidents, always with Be careful not to end up ruining your car. There is even an option to activate realistic damage, which puts our vehicle even more at risk. Even so, the championship does not let this modality shine at all, since it is difficult for the car to always break down, while with human players, good driving is as important as fighting to keep your vehicle intact.

The other game mode is the demolition competitions themselves, where the important thing is to be the last car to break. There are some variants that ask us to destroy a certain number of vehicles, but this is the main modality. Although funny, I would have liked more to win the one that destroyed more vehicles, because sometimes it can be something unfair to win a competitor who has barely caused destruction and has directly avoided conflict.

Destruction festival

The available championships are unlocked as we score in the previous one, and as a general rule, they are quite demanding in their entry requirements, forcing them to be in the first position in practically all if you do not want to lose points by the path you need to advance to the next category. That’s when he doesn’t ask you to save for a new vehicle. It does not matter, you will need to buy all the cars you can to enter the servers with force. I will not deny that as you progress in your career mode, things are becoming somewhat repetitive, but for this, there is the multiplayer mode, one of the factors that fans are most liking and that I have personally enjoyed.

Here are the guidelines of the tournaments, but it allows you to configure some crucial aspects that make the competition much more interesting. First, the number of laps allows destruction races to live up to their name, so it will be important to have a car both fast and safe, or you won’t finish the race. The demolition tests take on a different aspect when confronting human competitors where real mountains of junk are formed, having to be very careful when choosing your crashes. This modality is one of the aspects that end up embroidering the experience that Wreckfest offers.

However, to make things more interesting in the competition, a system of progression through parts and purchase of vehicles has been included. It is something that I find more and more in all kinds of games, for that attempt to introduce RPG mechanics to all kinds of experiences. In Wreckfest, yes, I think it has been done with you, because it works in a very challenging way, without taking you to grind too much. First, all the pieces are bought with game money, and reward your ability. If you are good, you can get better rewards and do not automatically level your opponent’s vehicles. If you arrive too short, you will have to repeat some races to get some money and improve your vehicle or buy a new one. In any case, the system is always fair and serves to mark slats and peaks of difficulty, not to try to create a random loot box system on which you depend completely.

In the long run, the greatest repetition sensation may come from the circuits. Some of them seem quite similar to each other and abuse some of the repetition throughout the championships by reversing the meaning of it. That’s why they stop surprising because they always create a show when you see the stacked tires jump through the air or, directly, the bodies of your opponents. The scuffles of a circuit in eight where the track meets at the center point is a cruel and spectacular lottery. In addition, the artificial intelligence of the competitors is quite functional. They drive regardless of your position, make mistakes, sting if you transform them into your rivals and do the same between them.

Wreckfest is one of these games that if you know of its version of PC you will be glad to know that it has had a happy ending in its launch. But if you had not even heard of him, I recommend you take a look at a little that catches your attention, it is one of those classic bets that have managed to catch up by moving that chaotic fun to the formulas and structures of today day.

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Racing, destruction and good physics. Wreckfest is casual, but also challenging and perfect to give a little variety to the driving genre inspired by classic formulas such as Destruction Derby or FlatOut, but adding their own personality and a good progression system.

  • Good physics, both wheels, and destruction.
  • Fun career mode with a good progression system.
  • An excellent multiplayer was to unleash chaos and exercise caution.
  • Circuits can become somewhat repetitive.
  • Some solo demolition competitions are not as fun as the other modes.

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