WWE 2K20 analysis. Transition Champion: from Yuke’s to Visual Concepts

Written by Kamran Haider

A transition champion is a figure in the WWE that serves to execute a clean title change among fighters. What’s new in Visual Concepts is exactly that, a transitional chapter between Yuke’s past and the future of the saga. How long will the transition last? How was Mahal’s in 2018 or like Backlund’s in 1994? We tell you in the WWE 2K20 analysis.

Was the new installment of the saga being concealed on purpose? It seemed to come that there was something suspicious with WWE 2K20 from the moment that WWE or 2K did not seem interested in promoting it as it usually did in the shows of the world’s leading wrestling company or the videogame publisher’s channels. A few months ago it was learned that Yuke’s left the franchise to Visual Concepts, breaking an alliance that had been effective since the saga came to Take-Two. Traumatic or friendly break? Bedroom secrets of two partners who now work separately and it seems that they will soon be rivals in the virtual wrestling sector.

In Visual Concepts, we were told that the absence of Yuke’s could translate into something positive in the future, but it is impossible not to think about the present code when you put yourself at the controls of WWE 2K20. Reviewing the past analysis of the WWE 2K saga, I’ve been dragging a mantra that has filled the glass for years: the playable model of the saga is completely sold out, and it seems that even in the company after NBA 2K they already know how to continue evolving in the playable its mechanics. The firm’s bet (and applauded by regular WWE players, in fact) has been based on the commitment to the quantity and not quality. Unfortunately, the balance no longer gives of itself.

WWE 2K20 can only rely on the content it offers. Renewed game modes, general improvements on the online and an army of challenges to access to win coins that allow you to access new aesthetic elements and unlock some legends of American wrestling. Unfortunately, the wear on the ring is there, and it is increasingly difficult to camouflage it with content. Do you remember Shawn Michaels on Super Showdown? I can’t think of a better parallel with the title of the new season.

WWE 2K20, December to Dismember 2006

Yes, okay, wrestling is not much more real than Game of Thrones, but fans know that the industry has changed a lot in the last five years, and fighters like Ricochet, Aleister Black or Johnny Gargano confirm the new trend. The WWE 2K20 base responds to that of very different wrestling, five or six years ago, when John Cena, Randy Orton and The Shield offered a face more focused on strength than agility. It is ironic that the representation of new generation fighters is controlled like the referents of yesteryear, and that their ability on the ring is limited to automatic animations in which the player has nothing to do. He only attends the show as a spectator.Dismember

Beyond slight touches in the game system, the novelties are testimonials

WWE 2K20 confirms the trend of previous deliveries: it puts on the ring awkward, slow battles that rely too much on cons. The most spectacular sets of the real fighting are at the end of the match; In the WWE 2K saga it’s the opposite for a long time. Each year, something new was launched that refreshed the mechanics and offered new perspectives to the system, but in 2019, beyond very slight adjustments to the game system, the novelties are merely testimonial. There are times when, incomprehensibly, the title seems to have a worse response than in WWE 2K19(work that, as I told you, touched the playable ceiling of the saga). It is difficult to justify the practically null inclusion of novelties.

In Visual Concepts, we were told that competition is not expected as the challenge of the million dollars last year and that if they made the leap to eSports it would have to be with a playable style different from the current one. Certainly, it is difficult to create a fair and balanced competitive experience with the current foundations, and that is not something that affects the most bombastic trends in the industry; It affects the merely playable. And yes, WWE 2K may rely more on WWE’s spectacularity than purely mechanical fun, but whoever doesn’t see that both branches are perfectly compatible fools himself. I think nobody asks the franchise to be a traditional fighting game, but I do believe that developers can take very useful things of the genre in order to create a better video game in the future.

Halloween Havoc 98

What WWE 2K20 cannot face is the number of fighters it has. One more year he has been able to recreate virtually all Raw, Smackdown and NXT stars, returning Hulk Hogan to the squad and correcting the historical error with Chyna if you are one of the holders of the 20th-anniversary edition of Smackdown. The recreation of the main arenas and PPV is only overshadowed by its clumsy and repetitive audience, which you end up ignoring once the game hours pass. New scenarios have been added for MiCarrera that are also enjoyable in the rest of the way, expanding the already wide-ranging scenario options.

Speaking of MiCarrera … the main novelty of the model is that of simultaneously taking a fighter and a fighter who narrates his career a few minutes after entering the WWE Hall of Fame. A collection of flashbacks on the journey of two authentic cretins with which it is difficult to empathize in any set of history. However, wide and able to combine blushing scenes with some very inspired moments of the plot, but far from the best modes seen in NBA 2K. And it’s a shame because away like this would offer more possibilities in a world like Vince McMahon’s company than in the American basketball league. Hopefully, developers share knowledge next year.

What Visual Concepts show again is in the Showcase. The story of the Four Horsewomen in full, with the main fiefdoms that have lived in NXT, Raw and Smackdown, including interviews, statements by the protagonists themselves and content taken from the main battles of the protagonists. A playable luxury in which users can follow step by step the path that has led Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and Bayley to become a true contemporary legend of world wrestling. It has numerous episodes and a lot of content to unlock based on the wrestlers.

Wrestlemania XI

The dogma of betting quantity for quality is what it has: that you have a list of more than 100 WWE Superstars and it is impossible to work equally for all fighters. The engine does not give more of itself: it is so absurdly corseted that the problems with long hair or certain animations and facial expressions are already difficult to justify. The treatment of the most famous fighters is remarkable, but as we get off the mid-card we enter a museum of nightmare horrors. To highlight, for example, the quasi-monstrous appearance of Peyton Royce in the MiCarrera mode. The sound highlights the usual appearance of many of the company’s Superstars and a new narrator. An update to the soundbank would not hurt: It seems that WWE 2K has been sounding the same for eight years.

The battles over the ring are still slow and rely heavily on the cons

WWE 2K20 is a disappointing delivery that can only rely on the new content and the Originals, a new idea of ​​the developers that, surely, can bring freshness and stories away from the most realistic factor of the company in future deliveries. What concerns us at present, unfortunately, are terrifying skins of some fighters of the company, but the concept is easily evolvable and profitable. However, it is clear that in Visual Concepts they have more urgent problems than adding skins to fighters. It is far from the WWE 2K20 suspense because in the content factor it is part of what the community has been demanding from developers since its landing in 2K, but it is surely the worst delivery since it landed in the Take-Two catalog.

Of course, I am convinced that there must be more players who like your server prefer quality to quantity. The future of the saga is uncertain, the new installment is unquestionably a step back. To take a run and end a Moonsault in the new generation next year with WWE 2K21? Hopefully, it doesn’t end in a botch. In any case, and for the credit of NBA 2K, we can only rely on the good work of Visual Concepts. In his hands is to return to the saga the brightness of the times of Smackdown VS. Raw.

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Visual Concepts saves the belt by count-out and by offering, again, a huge amount of content that will lengthen the use of the title for months. Unfortunately, the playable news is practically testimonial, which leads WWE 2K20 to become a transition game that can only offer news on content and updating the current templates. There he shows his muscle with an extensive MiCarrera mode, one of the best Showcase made by the firm and more than a hundred fighters available. The playable formula cries out for a change, and it is difficult to sustain another year of the fighting system so clumsy, so slow and so unrepresentative of many of WWE’s contemporary Superstars.

  • A list of unsurpassed Superstars
  • Flowing content, house brand
  • Magnificent Four Horsewomen Showcase
  • 2K Originals can offer freshness to the saga in the future
  • Testimonial changes as playable in a system where changes are urgently needed
  • Unequal treatment in the representation of fighters
  • Unlocking content slows the game’s progress considerably
  • The commitment to quantity no longer covers your problems

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