Xenon Racer Analysis: Futuristic and extreme speed racing with arcade style

Xenon Racer
Written by Kamran Haider

The most frenetic and exciting races in the futuristic plan return to the present after a long time of drought. We analyze everything that the new speed arcade of the 3DClouds team that is called Xenon Racer offers us.

I love speed arcades, a subgenre that usually gives me more rewarding times than those that are able to offer me the most realistic simulators. And within this type of driving video game, I confess that I feel a true passion for Futuristic-oriented speed arcades: I suppose that the original SNES F-Zero marked me for a lifetime.

Unfortunately for all those who, like me, enjoy this type of proposal very much, this style of titles has been ignored by companies for many years. Gone are the times when Xtreme G, Wipeout, the F-Zero saga, and other similar productions monopolized praise and attention from the media and the players. Now we have to settle for, from time to time, throwing the glove at works of a more “modest” character (to put it in some way) that some study dares to undertake. That is exactly the case of the video game that goes through our analysis, Xenon Racer, which is available for all current game formats.

The premise that this title offers us is to enjoy the fashionable sport of the year 2030: the World Federation Racing. Motorsport more or less “vintage” for the time given that hybrid vehicles (they work thanks to electricity and xenon gas) that participate in it have wheels. A sport to which we have been invited by courtesy of the studio 3DClouds, who have been able to sign a remarkable work … but that could have been even better if they had taken care of a couple of important aspects related to its playable aspect. But I’ll talk about that later.

Xenon Racer and its hybrid powerhouse

users who are familiar with the mythical saga of Namco Ridge Racer will feel at home with this game because, as I’m sure many in this with this paragraph, much of the grace that gives us the gameplay is a close link to the art of the skid.

The basic premise presented by Xenon Racer is as simple as participating in races in which eight drivers must demonstrate their expertise trying to reach the finish line in the first position. And for this, it is necessary to master the skid better than the rest, since thanks to this technique it is possible to fill a turbo bar (called ERS ) that is essential to achieve victories, I assure you.

The control is therefore totally arcade and it is quite easy to get hold of it. Does this mean that it is an easy title in which it is possible to record a high number of victories? Not at all, but not because the management is bad nor, either, very demanding … what is going. The big problem that Xenon Racer presents has to do with the very strange artificial intelligence that the pilots have controlled by the CPU. On many occasions I have spent winning a race comfortably during the first two laps … and finish almost in the last position at the end of the third and final. And not for having relaxed or making mistakes in driving, at all, but for the absurd “active handicap” really poorly adjusted that holds the game. In other words, suddenly the CPU decides to “cheat” the rivals and it is over what was given, it is impossible to catch them for very well that piles.Send the arcade spirit and as such the basis is to master the skid Is this defect sufficient to ruin the game experience offered by Xenon Racer

Send the arcade spirit, and as such the basis is to master the skid

Is this defect sufficient to ruin the game experience offered by Xenon Racer? Fortunately not because it is not something that happens continuously in all tests. Moreover, sometimes the opposite happens, that is, if we go badly, it almost seems that they are waiting for us, which does not help the gameplay at all. But it does reduce interest in offline competitions in which we can participate, which is unquestionable. And it’s a shame because otherwise, it is a really estimable game global.

To begin with, the number of game modes it houses is more than estimable. Xenon Racing Championship, multiplayer to doubles to split screen, Quick Match or Advantage are some of the options presented by Xenon Racer. And to all of them is added the online mode, which allows the participation of up to eight players, although during my game sessions and for obvious reasons I still did not enjoy too much activity.

It is also remarkable the succulent offer of circuits in which it is possible to tread thoroughly, all of them located in places as diverse as Miami, Tokyo, Canada, the French blue coast and other exotic locations. Sumad to this a number of vehicles available more than decent (vehicles that are also customizable) and get a pretty full arcade … that above has a convincing aesthetic finish.The Unreal Engine has been used with sufficient solvency and has allowed developers to recreate rather detailed scenarios and modeled cars with great pleasure

The Unreal Engine has been used with sufficient solvency and has allowed developers to recreate rather detailed scenarios and modeled cars with great pleasure. But the most impressive thing is the sensation of speed that each race has for us, especially if we play through the interior views (there are three of them available and two outside)

A worked technical aspect that has been supported by a solvent sound section but that does not stand out for anything, in particular, especially its unset soundtrack (I expected something more from it).

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Lovers of futuristic speed games can taste a new title belonging to said (and somewhat battered lately) subgenre. Xenon Racer is a game that is not the best representative of its category due mainly to its unbalanced and unbalanced AI, which greatly reduces the fun of its various offline game modes. However, important aspects such as control, the variety of circuits available and the graphics arrangement do reach remarkable levels, partially compensating for this impairment.

  • It is a very bright title in general lines
  • The handling responds well, including everything related to skids
  • Good range of game modes, routes and other options.
  • The artificial intelligence of the rivals is badly adjusted.
  • It does not pose anything new within its genre … nor does it even attempt it.
  • Certain playable aspects have not aged well at all.
  • The soundtrack does not blunt as it should.


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